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9th Wonders!
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Issue 14 of 9th Wonders! by Isaac Mendez

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: Issue #31 published, final complete issue
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9th Wonders! is the name of a prophetic comic book, created by the New York, NY artist Isaac Mendez.



Micah Sanders is reading Issue #13 which has a large blue monster on the cover and is subtitled I Fought Uluru!

Don't Look Back

Hiro Nakamura notices himself on the cover of a copy at a newsstand in New York City. It's Issue #14 of the comic, subtitled "Hiro arrives in New York." It tells the tale of Hiro as he travels to New York and back, up through his departure with Ando for Las Vegas, NV.

One Giant Leap

Hiro uses the book to convince his friend Ando of his powers when he saves a little girl from getting hit by a truck in the exact same manner as is written in the comic book. The comic book also depicts Hiro and Ando's flight to LAX seated on opposite sites of another passenger, and their rental of a Nissan Versa.

Better Halves

At the Sanderses' home, Micah shows D.L. his comic collection, including 9th Wonders!, Issue #9.

Nothing to Hide

When Hiro and Ando meet D.L. and Micah, Hiro shows Micah his copy of Issue #14 from the future, and tells him about his powers.


As Claire Bennet walks with Zach through Union Wells High School, she's congratulated on winning Homecoming Queen by various unpopular kids, including one male student who is reading Issue #13 of 9th Wonders!.


Hiro and Ando finally meet up with Isaac Mendez in Midland, TX. Hiro shows Isaac Issue #14. Isaac is amazed, claiming the issue hasn't even gone to the publisher yet.


Simone is incredulous that Hiro is truly the character from Isaac's graphic novel.


In his gallery, Mr. Linderman shows Nathan a painting of Hiro saving a Japanese schoolgirl--an image very similar to one from 9th Wonders!, Issue #14.

Isaac gives the line art for the final issue of 9th Wonders! to a courier, who is excited to learn that Hiro will be time traveling to the future.

In Mohinder's apartment, Sylar picks up a piece of the back page of an issue of 9th Wonders! that lists Isaac's address.

Five Years Gone

After realizing Future Hiro's ability to travel through time, Mohinder picks up a copy of 9th Wonders! and comments to Matt that Isaac's comics were irregularly predictive in nature, with the exception of the particular edition in Hiro's loft. Later, Mohinder lethally injects the Haitian, killing him and allowing the use of abilities for Hiro to escape. Mohinder points to the comic and tells Hiro that he was supposed to save Hiro. He gives him the comic and tells him to leave. Future Hiro, after being shot, gives Ando a page from the comic that he kept in his coat. Hiro and Ando teleport to the past, where Hiro looks at the cover of the 9th Wonders! edition.

The Hard Part

While standing atop Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Hiro and Ando look at drawings from the final issue. They hit a setback in reading the prophecies because the captions have not yet been filled in. Later, outside Virginia Gray's apartment, the men look at more images from the last issue. Ando uses a panel that depicts his own gruesome death to encourage Hiro to kill Sylar.


Bob reads an issue of 9th Wonders! in Isaac Mendez's apartment just before briefing Mohinder on his new lab.

Fight or Flight

Micah shows Monica issue #10 of 9th Wonders!; on the cover is the picture of a muscle woman called St. Joan, and Micah compares her to Monica, saying they are both "muscle mimics".

Four Months Ago...

Micah's birthday cake is decorated with the cover of issue #10 of 9th Wonders!; on the cover is the picture of a muscle woman called St. Joan.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro finds a French version of Issue #7 in Daphne Millbrook's apartment in Paris.

One of Us, One of Them

A turtle crawls across Issue #7 in Usutu's hut.

It's Coming

Hiro teleports Ando to Sam's Comics. There, they find Issue #16, among several other issues. The cover of Issue #16 shows Hiro shouting "Yatta!" and shows a younger Hiro eating waffles. Ando, knowing the art is prophetic, flips through and uses the story to prove to Hiro that what he is saying is true and has been foretold. He shows Hiro images of Arthur in Botswana, images of them at Bowl-A-Rama, and images of the coming eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Hiro and Ando come to Matt for help following issue #16 which indicates he can help Hiro regain his memory (presumably using his telepathy somehow). Matt is unable to help as all of Hiro's thoughts are in Japanese which he doesn't speak, but when Daphne runs away, they are able to use a picture in the comic to teleport to her father's corn farm where she went. After that they reach the end of issue #16, but Hiro and Ando head to a Sam's Comics nearby to pick up the next new issue which Hiro figures would be coming out that day as that's when new comics arrive. At the comic book store, many, if not all of the 9th Wonders comics are displayed and the two owners are surprised because when they look at the new issue of 9th Wonders, its cover shows them looking at it with Hiro and Ando standing in the background, and it is numbered #31.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Hiro and Ando ask for the new 9th Wonders! and Sam thinks its a joke while Frack thinks its cool. Hiro starts going through the old issues of the comic book and Sam demands he pays for them which he does with a credit card. By reading the issues he learns about many of his adventures, but after learning of his stabbing Sylar, his father's death and his fight with Adam Monroe, he runs into the bathroom to hide. Sam gives a speech that convinces him to come out and Frack finds a clue as to where Hiro needs to go next in issue #1 of 9th Wonders!. He finds in one of the pictures showing the scene where Kaito Nakamura gave baby Claire to Noah Bennet, present day Hiro and Claire hiding in the greenhouse. Hiro takes that issue and using a picture from issue #31, teleports to Claire. Afterwards Sam reveals that issue #31 is the final posthumous issue of 9th Wonders!, but that there may be a final story in Isaac Mendez's sketchbook that he gave to the bike courier the day he died.

Our Father

Daphne, Ando, and Matt travel to New York City where they mange to get Isaac's sketchbook. Isaac's book holds the last, apparently unfinished edition of 9th Wonders! called Hiro Lost in Time. This comic depicts Hiro getting trapped in the past after his powers are stolen from him by Arthur Petrelli. This caused the group to seek out the genetic modification formula in order to try to give Ando powers.

Shades of Gray

Several posters for 9th Wonders! hang on the wall at Sam's Comics.

Upon This Rock

Hiro thumbs through Issue #5.

The Wall

Trapped in a nightmare for what seems like years, Sylar gives Peter a copy of 9th Wonders!, Issue #13, with Uluru on the cover. Peter, angry with Sylar, tosses the peace offering off the roof. Later, Sylar wonders how Matt could have created the world in which he trapped Sylar--especially books. Peter suggests that perhaps Sylar read the books and retained their words in his subconscious, but Sylar counters that he never read 9th Wonders! Peter says that he did read the comic.


  • Many covers have alternate versions, alternating between showing an icon of the Helix or an icon of Uluru in the publisher stamp, showing nor not showing the issue #, and many having alternate versions published under the promo title Helix Comics.
  • Three issues bear the Uncle Burk's Fine Comics publisher stamp, but have not appeared in any episodes.
  • Issue #5 of Nathan flying is the only issue that varies in artwork and coloring.
  • It's interesting to note that Issue #14, on newsstands five weeks in the future, contains events from both the present and future timelines. Therefore, depending on when Isaac drew it, it's possible that he accurately depicted both past (or at least present) and future events. Simone does mention that the comic is late; she must mean Issue #14, because #13 is already published and Isaac later tells Hiro #14 hasn't gone to the publisher. Therefore, the issue does in fact depict both present and future events, and Isaac's power is perhaps broader than imagined.
  • It's also unclear whether Isaac realizes the comic is predicting future events, or whether he uses heroin when he produces it.
  • In multiple interviews, the writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite have said that 9 is an important number in the world of Heroes.
  • The name is also used by 9thwonders.com, "The Official/Unofficial Fan Site for Heroes".
  • As Micah chats with Hana, one of the tabs on his computer says "9th Wonders" (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2). Jason Badower has said that this was to pay tribute to the 9thwonders.com message board posters who help keep his spirits high.
  • The graphic novel The Trial of the Black Bear is listed as being presented by "9th Wonders! Manga Classics".
  • A French version of the comic, entitled Les 9èmes Merveilles!, can be found in Paris.
  • A Japanese version of the comic, entitled 9つめの不思議!, can be found at Sam's Comics in Tokyo.
  • Isaac told a courier that he wrote his final issue (.07%). The final issue's number is currently unknown. It should be noted that months after Isaac talked about his final issue, Issue #16 was found in Tokyo. Later, Issue #31 arrived at Sam's Comics in Lawrence, Kansas.


  • In a forum post, Tim Sale said that, in general, he draws the 9th Wonders! comic panels from screen captures of scenes that have already been filmed.
  • At least 4 Issue covers have appeared within (or on the cover) of 9th Wonders issues. Issue #14's cover is shown within Issue #14 and within the Final Issue; Issue #16 is shown within Issue #16, and Issue #31 is shown on the cover of Issue #31.


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