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Charlie's Aneurysm.jpg
Charlie's aneurysm is removed by Sylar.

First reference: Six Months Ago
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An aneurysm is a blood clot or dilation in a blood vessel. They usually form in the arteries at the base of the brain, though they can occur in other parts of the body, as well.

Afflicted Characters


Six Months Ago

Hiro, who has teleported six months in the past, becomes friends with Charlie whom he has set out to save, just in time for her birthday. She invites Hiro to come and join the birthday photo. He begins to fall for her, which further encourages him to save her. Though, when he suggests they leave town because of Sylar, she tells him she doesn't want to get close, because she has a blood clot in her brain inches away from an aneurysm. She tells him she's dying and that before Hiro got there, she had decided to give up. She says that Hiro has made her feel "more alive, and more full of joy" than she could have ever imagined. As they're about to kiss, Hiro is forced back to his own time.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Charlie serves Sylar and he detects her blood clot. Sylar suggests that the clot may be what allows Charlie's ability to work and claims he can fix it. Hiro manages to save Charlie from Sylar, but her blood clot starts to rupture into a fatal aneurysm. Hiro is distressed that after all he did to save her, Charlie is going to die anyway, but then he remembers Sylar saying he could fix the blood clot. Hiro makes a deal with Sylar: fix the blood clot and he'll tell him his personal future. Sylar agrees to the deal and uses intuitive aptitude to detect the blood clot and uses telekinesis to remove it through Charlie's eye, curing her and saving her life.

Brave New World

Charlie, now elderly, reveals that her blood clot never bothered her again after Hiro's "doctor friend" fixed it. As a result she was able to live a full life, albeit in a different time.

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