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Angela Petrelli
Angela petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose,
Alexa Nikolas (in 1961)
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive dreaming
Nicknames Angie,
Mama Petrelli,
Age 64
Date of birth 1945
Date of marriage 1964
Home New York, NY
Residence Apartment in New York City,
formerly a large mansion in New York City
Occupations Founding member and former chairwoman of the Company,
Yamagato Industries major shareholder
Significant others formerly Arthur Petrelli (deceased),
formerly Kaito Nakamura (deceased)
Parents Mr. Shaw,
Mrs. Shaw
Children Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Peter Petrelli
Grandchildren Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Sibling Alice Shaw
Other relatives Mrs. Petrelli (mother-in-law),
Tim Petrelli (brother-in-law)

Angela Petrelli (née Shaw) is the last surviving founding member of the Company who, following the death of Bob Bishop, went on to become the head of the organization. She is the wife of the late Arthur, and mother of Nathan and Peter. She is an evolved human with the ability to see the future in her dreams.


Angela has kept the majority of her past and personal life a secret, but makes it clear that her family means everything to her, and as such suffered greatly following Arthur's "suicide", and aids her children, and grandchildren, in their respective quests to save the world. In certain episodes, however, a more darker and cold-blooded side of Angela's personality was revealed to exist, though generally she is working for the greater good.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Angela Petrelli: Season One History.

Angela is taken in by the NYPD for shoplifting socks. In doing this, she worries her son Nathan, while Peter, her younger son, sees it as a cry for attention. The next day, she sees Peter in the hospital and confesses to him that his father died of suicide, telling him she is worried he may be developing the same condition. She tells Peter that he always was her favorite son. Later, she expresses concern for Peter when Nathan claims his jump was a suicide attempt.

Angela reveals to Claire she is her grandmother.

A few days later, Angela plans a family brunch with Heidi to help Nathan's campaign. The brunch is interrupted by Peter who suggests that he is not good enough to attend, but eventually saves Nathan in the interview with Oliver Dennison.

During the next two weeks she spends her time worried about a comatose Peter, fearing he may die of a heart attack. When Peter awakens and leaves in a rage, she is upset that Peter would keep her worried for these two weeks and just leave. Within the next few days, she persuades Nathan not to meet his long-lost daughter and bribe Meredith to end the situation.

When Claire comes to New York City to find Peter, she is instead greeted by Angela. She reveals she is Claire's grandmother. She explains to Claire about her biological parents and the fire, urging Claire to come with her to Paris, but then Mohinder arrives with Peter's dead body. When Peter is revived, she tells Peter she has long known about his abilities. Later on, she claims to also know about Linderman's plans. When Peter dreams of his mother talking to the late Charles, she states she thinks Nathan will be who people turn to after the explosion. Angela tries to get Claire out of the city, saying the bomb is inevitable; however, Claire disagrees and flees from Angela.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Angela Petrelli: Season Two History.

Angela receives a death threat.

Angela regularly visits Nathan at his hospital room while he recovers from the effects of Peter's explosion. When Nathan later blames her for Peter's presumed death, she finds a death threat targeting her. She meets with Kaito Nakamura at Charles Deveaux's rooftop to discuss the threats. After Kaito is murdered by a hooded killer, Angela is interrogated by Matt Parkman, but she recognizes his interrogation techniques. She is attacked in the interrogation room when the lights mysteriously go out, and in her hospital room she falsely confesses to murdering Kaito.

While in jail, Angela is interrogated again by Matt Parkman, who manages to make her reveal information about Victoria Pratt. After her "early release" from jail, she is confronted by Matt and Nathan about Adam Monroe. She explains how the group of twelve came together, and why Adam is killing the Company's founders, while also secretly commanding Matt to kill Peter if he causes any problems. After Nathan is shot moments before revealing the truth about the Company, we see Angela talking on the phone saying it had to be done, but that Pandora's Box has been opened.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Angela Petrelli: Season Three History.

Peter stops Angela in her tracks.

Angela confronts her son at the hospital where Nathan is staying. She reveals her ability and demands that he brings her son back. Following the death of Bob Bishop, Angela receives control of Primatech and as her first act, fires Elle Bishop for releasing 12 dangerous individuals. Angela then tricks Sylar into believing that she is his mother and wins his trust by feeding him Bridget Bailey. After Noah Bennet returns to the Company, Angela assigns him as Sylar's new partner and has them hunt down the villains.

Angela continues to lie to Sylar, and soon finds Peter attacking him within his cell. Peter snaps Sylar's neck and attacks Angela, attempting to slice open her skull. Sylar saves her and Angela has Peter drugged and soon meets with Nathan and Tracy Strauss. Angela reveals that The Company gave Niki, Tracy, Barbara, Nathan and many other people their abilities via a synthetic injection. Angela has another dream, during which she witnesses the deaths of Tracy, Nathan and Peter at the hands of her thought to be dead husband. Arthur then causes Angela to go into a coma.

Via a spirit walk, Hiro learns that Angela attempted to kill Arthur after he used his telepathic powers to manipulate her mind and make her agree with the plan to murder Nathan. Angela also somehow enters Sylar's dreams and manages to wake him up from his induced coma. Matt Parkman uses his powers to enter Angela's comatose mind and battles Arthur to free her. Finally Angela is able to use Matt and Daphne's love for each other to remind Arthur of their own love and he lets her go allowing Matt to bring her out of her coma. Once Angela awakens, she is rejoined with Claire, Peter, Nathan, Matt and Daphne. Angela takes Claire to Noah and prepares the Company for war with Pinehearst. Before Angela, Noah, Meredith and Claire can leave for Pinehearst, Sylar arrives and locks them inside Primatech. Sylar manages to capture Angela and interrogates her on the fact that she is not his birth mother. As Angela confesses her true knowledge of Sylar's parents, Claire shows up and kills him.

Angela, as she was in 1961

After the destruction of both Primatech and Pinehearst, Angela and one of her employees abduct Rachel Mills and interrogate her to learn the location of the last vial of The formula. After locating it, Angela returns to New York and spends a few months looking at colleges with Claire. Angela is contacted by Nathan, who tells her to keep Claire away from Peter and Matt. After the crash of Flight 195, Nathan calls Angela again and recounts exactly what happened. Angela refuses to help Nathan. Through the memories of Noah, it is revealed that Angela shut down the Company in order to rebuild her family. In present time, Noah and Angela meet and discuss plans to stop the hunt for evolved humans from the inside.

Nathan suspects Angela of being Rebel but she denies the claims. She soon receives a visit from Emile Danko and is questioned about Nathan's possible powers. After Danko takes over the operation, Angela becomes a target of the government. Using her dreams, Angela avoids capture and receives help from one of her friends. Peter rescues Angela and takes her to the church where she was married. Angela reveals details about her past, including the manifestation of her dreams and existence of a sister. Angela has Peter take her to the Coyote Sands, a location which she also gets Nathan, Claire and Noah to travel to. Once everyone is gathered, Angela has everyone start to dig up the shallow graves of the former prisoners.

Angela recounts her time at Coyote Sands, arriving there with her family at the age of 16. She remembers how close she was to her sister and her first meeting with Charles Deveaux, Linderman and Bob. She tells her family what happened at the camp and reveals that she escaped with her friends and when she returned, everything was gone, including her family. A vicious storm arises, caused by Alice's power, and Angela is taken to her sister’s bunker. Angela reveals to Alice that she lied to her and Alice leaves her, refusing to rejoin Angela’s family. Angela, Peter, Nathan, Noah and Claire go to the diner and all agree to form a new company.

After learning that Sylar has taken Nathan's appearance, Angela, Noah and Claire attempt to drive to Washington. Noah has the ladies get out of the car as he suspects a government ambush to be coming. Angela and Claire arrive at Washington and the two part ways. Angela makes her way to a bus stop where she meets with Matt. She reveals that she had a dream that Nathan was in danger but that Matt would save him, and eventually convinces Matt to follow her. After finding Nathan's dead body at the Stanton Hotel, a distraught and grieving Angela has Matt use his powers to force Sylar to think he is Nathan, effectively "recreating" her son and "killing" Sylar.

Five weeks later, Angela visits the new "Nathan" in his office. She expresses her worry for him, a worry which is furthered when Sylar/Nathan ignores her and unwittingly uses his ability to fix a clock.


Angela calls Noah and gives him the assignment of killing Tracy Strauss as she has been responsible for the murders of several Building 26 agents. She asks him why he has been avoiding "Nathan"'s calls and Noah corrects her, asking if she means Sylar. Angela claims they did what they had to do but Noah admits he thinks it was the wrong move. Angela ends the conversation by telling him to get the company started again.

Angela has lunch at Kojin Sushi and is shocked to see Sylar walk in, dressed like Nathan. He kisses her on the cheek and apologizes for his lack of manners. Angela awakens from this dream just as her car arrives at the restaurant. "Nathan" walks in and apologizes for being late, just as he did in her dream. Angela discusses Noah's lack of cooperation with them and Nathan tells her that he will take care of it. He then confides in Angela that he hasn't been feeling like himself and Angela tells him to get a sports car and a younger woman just like his father did.

Knowing something is wrong with "Nathan", Angela calls Matt Parkman and pleads with him to reinforce the Nathan persona onto Sylar. Matt refuses and tells her that he has quit using his ability. Angela tells him that there is no such thing as quitting and hangs up after Matt once again refuses her request.

Jump, Push, Fall

Noah tells Peter that he should call his mother instead of alienating himself from his family.


Angela brings a box of old possessions to "Nathan" in his office and invites him to relive some childhood memories. She watches as he examines the items and smiles. After learning that he has been talking to Millie about Kelly, Angela goes to speak with "Nathan". He tells her all he knows about what happened the night she died and Angela tells him that she made the Haitian erase his memories so that he could forget. "Nathan" asks if Angela is going to let Millie think that Kelly ran away because she was a horrible mother and Angela tells him that if it protects her family then yes, she will.

Angela later has dinner with Millie and apologizes for "Nathan"'s behavior. She tells her that he hasn't been himself lately and Millie tells her not to worry about it. She receives a phone call but then tells Angela that it wasn't important and proposes a toast, to "closure".

Hysterical Blindness

Angela meets Peter at his apartment for dinner. While Peter is talking to her, she seems distant and preoccupied with thoughts of Nathan, who has failed to join them. The two eat dinner and Peter tells her that he has to go to work. Angela tells him that she will stay in his apartment a little longer in case "Nathan" is running late.


When Matt tells Sylar what happened to his body, Sylar correctly ascertains that Angela was one of those responsible, and vows his revenge.

Brother's Keeper

At Nathan's office, "Nathan" asks Peter why nothing happened when he disappeared for a week and why Angela didn't say anything. His secretary Elizabeth says that Angela told her he was going on vacation and asked to clear his schedule. René arrives and asks to speak to Peter alone. He tells Peter that Angela wants him to remove his and Nathan's memories, but René says he will not do it. Saying that Angela is blinded by her emotions and that there are some lines that should not be crossed, he gives Peter the key to a storage facility and tells him to go alone.


Angela arrives at Peter's apartment and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving. She has caterers come in and set up their food while she talks with Peter. Peter informs her that he went to her storage locker and saw Nathan's dead body, and Angela guesses that The Haitian told him about it. She creates a lie about a shape shifter who stole Nathan's appearance but Peter insists that Nathan is dead. "Nathan" appears, also wanting to know the truth, but Angela tells them that all she wants is to have Thanksgiving dinner together as a family. Nathan puts out his arm, blocking Angela's path and startling her, but Angela warns her sons that if they don't eat with her, then she will leave and they will never, ever, hear from her again.

The three of them sit down and Angela asks Nathan to say grace. He tells her that he knows that he is dead and demands to know what happened. Angela gives in and explains that she had a precognitive dream that Nathan's life would be in danger, and tried to get Matt to save him, but they were too late. On her orders, Matt transferred Nathan's mind into Sylar's body but Angela insists that "Nathan" is still Nathan in the eyes of the world, and offers her sons some pie. As she goes to pick up the knife, Nathan grabs her hand. He tells her that he knows she only sees Sylar when she looks at him and wishes that he had never gone to Texas. As his body begins to release electrical arcs, Peter grabs Angela and she cowers behind him as Sylar regains control of his own body.

Sylar telekinetically holds Angela and Peter down in their chairs while he eats and mocks them. He praises Angela for her efforts in raising the evil bar a little higher and kisses her on the mouth, to her disgust. He then begins to slice open her skull and Angela screams in agony. Suddenly, Sylar stops, and Angela calls out for Nathan to overpower Sylar and protect his family. He regains control and asks Angela what she has done to him, before running out and flying away. Peter tells Angela that he is going after him and will to bring Nathan back, but Angela does not believe that this is possible.

The Fifth Stage

Angela comes to visit Peter at his job. She tells him that there are five stages of grief and that Peter needs to skip the denial phase and move to the final phase: acceptance. Although Nathan died months ago, she knows that Peter still thinks that Nathan is alive in Sylar's body and asks how Peter is planning to bring Nathan back. René comes in behind Angela, and Peter explains that he intends to borrow René's ability to stop Sylar. Angela tells Peter to think about what he's doing but his mind is made up. When Angela asks what will happen if there isn't a Nathan to get back, Peter says that he will settle for revenge.

Later when Nathan is saying goodbye to Peter, Nathan gives Peter a message of love to pass on to Angela. In the evening, Peter and Angela share their grief over Nathan's death.

Upon This Rock

Angela attends Nathan's funeral and listens on as Peter presents a eulogy. Claire arrives and stands by Angela. Once Peter finishes his eulogy, Angela is presented with the American flag by a funeral lieutenant in Nathan's honor.

Let It Bleed

Angela talks to Peter at Nathan's wake. He says he's doing okay, but she doesn't believe it. He snaps at her briefly and then admits that he is full of anger. She figures that he wants revenge on Sylar, but warns against it, saying that she couldn't bear to lose him, too.

Later she sees Claire looking at some family photographs, and Claire comments that there is no photo of her because Angela didn't want Nathan to acknowledge an illegitimate child. Angela admits to Claire that she's worried about Peter and feels that he needs Claire to lean on. She tells Claire that Peter is on the roof listening to a police scanner, and asks Claire to help him.

Close to You

Angela walks into Peter's apartment and begins to ask him where he would like to go to lunch. She stops talking when she sees Emma in the room. Peter tries to introduce them but Angela does not respond. After Emma makes a quick exit, Angela warns Peter about Emma. She says that she will kill thousands of people, and that it would be a "bloodbath". Peter presses her for details, but Angela claims that her dream was foggy, but tries to impress upon Peter that he is not the one who can save her. As she begins to leave, Peter replicates her ability. She stops, and tells Peter that although most people would view dreaming the future as a blessing, it is in fact a curse.

The Art of Deception

Angela lets Peter into her apartment and says that she is sorry that she had to call him over. She tells him that Nathan's epitaph is needed, but she can't bring herself to write anything solid, knowing that it will be etched in stone. Peter talks more about Emma and the prophetic dream they both shared. She tells him that, even if Sylar appeared to help Emma, that doesn't mean that he's changed. She warns him about what happened to Nathan, but Peter tells her he must go, regardless.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Angela meets with Tracy Strauss at the Coyote Sands and admits that she is shocked that Tracy disappeared to teach the younger generation about how to use their powers. Tracy retorts that if Alice knew how to control her power, then things would have been very different. Angry, Angela hands Tracy a check and tells her to never contact her.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela dreams that Samuel succeeds in his plan to destroy New York. When Angela awakes, she notes that however many times they save New York, something else will always come along to try to destroy it. She thinks about how she has detached herself from her family by trying to save them and that every action has a consequence. She then thinks about Claire on television exposing abilities to the world, noting that they saved it, but it still changed.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, in West Greenwich Village, New York, Angela sits in Uncle Ira's club with Charles, Daniel and Bobby. Angela tries to explain a metaphor to Bob before Charles tells them he is trying to listen. When they discuss a musician's musical talent, Angela tells them that her dreams rarely make sense and that they were the reason she was brought here. A man approaches and asks in Japanese, if Angela would like to dance with him. Charles, who speaks a little Japanese, translates and tells her that his name is Kaito Nakamura. Angela accepts the offer and the two dance. Angela tries striking up a conversation with Kaito, but he does not understand her, nor her him, so the two just dance. When police enter and try to close down the club, the musician, Chris Coolidge, begins to attack. Angela registers her displeasure with strong language.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Angela stands with Daniel, Charles, Kaito and Bobby and watches the riot unfold with horror. After Bobby enters the fight, Angela splits from the group and manages to pull an injured woman from the fight. After Charles is knocked out, Angela brings the woman to Daniel, who is healing Charles. She says that the fight will get worse and the three of them convince Chris to stop the fight. However, Kaito tries to stop Chris from doing so and he pushes Angela out of the way when she tries to get in his way. Seconds later, Chris is shot dead.

After the group purchases Primatech Paper, Angela offers Kaito a job and she says that she noticed that Kaito knew something bad was going to happen.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

Angela visits Mindy Sprague in order to evaluate her on her recent TMI assignment. Angela tells Nathan to take Ted into another room, which he happily does. Mindy expresses her dislike for Alfred Washburn as he continuously mistakes her name for someone else's. Angela reassures her that everything will be alright.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

Angela reads a file on Mindy Sprague.

Later, following Mindy's energy overload and the sudden change in weather, Angela calls Alfred Washburn in order to know how Mindy and Ted are doing. Later, Angela discusses Mindy and her ability with the other founders. Angela states that bringing in Mindy would be worthless as she and Ted have gone off the grid and no one has been able to find them. Angela is then introduced to Maury Parkman.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

Thompson gives a note to Noah and tells him to take it back to Angela, instructing him to tell her it's the latest from Teufelsberg.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

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Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

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Heroes Evolutions


In chapter 4 of Purpose, Angela calls John Mulligan and arranges a meeting for him. He comes to her apartment and gives his condolences about Nathan's death. Angela comments that the world suffered when Nathan died and John wonders what really happened. Angela refuses to go into details about her son's death and instead asks John for a favor. She asks him to help Peter and notes that John has been seeking a purpose. She tells him that she knows about his crush and asks him to help her. John wonders if he has a choice, as he knows that Angela has probably dreamt of his response.

Evolved Human Abilities

Angela has the ability to see the future while dreaming. She also seems able to appear in other people's dreams, as she used this aspect of her power to wake Sylar and get him save Peter, even while she was trapped in her own mind (Eris Quod Sum).

In order to use this ability, Angela's sleep must come naturally without the aid of drugs or other forces. (Into Asylum) She also claims that her dreams always come true and can't be changed, though this may be a mistake as Peter has been able to change the outcome of his dreams. While in a dream-state, people with telepathy are able to enter the dreams and interact with her as seen with Arthur.

Memorable Quotes

"I need you to tell me the truth."

"The truth? The truth is that our generation mortgaged our souls to protect yours. Show a little respect for that!"

- Matt, Angela (Cautionary Tales)

"I have worked for this company my entire life. What am I supposed to do now?"

"I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life."

- Elle, Angela (The Butterfly Effect)

"This is Bridget, and she has a very special ability. Any object she touches she can see its history. Everywhere it's been, everyone who's ever touched it."

"What's she gonna do to me?"

"Feed you."

- Angela, Sylar (One of Us, One of Them)

"You were flawed, weak, malleable. Someone I could manipulate because that's what I do, because you're right. I'm a monster too."

- Angela (to Sylar) (Dual)

"I was just like you, my head in the clouds, full of hope. I was gonna be a teacher. And then my power manifested and the dreams came, visions of a bloody future of deceit and death, the Apocalypse. And when I awoke, I tried to warn everyone, but no one would listen."

- Angela (to Peter) (Into Asylum)

"Einstein said, that the life of the individual has meaning-"

"Only in so far as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."

"You've read Einstein!"

"No. I dreamt you would say that."

- Chandra, Angela (1961)

"Okay, somebody please say something."

"How're the fries?"

- Claire, Angela (1961)

"You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for."

- Sylar (to Angela) (Thanksgiving)


  • Angela speaks French: «Au moins maintenant elle sera en sécurité. Mais pas grâce à vous!», which means : "At least now she's going to be safe, no thanks to you!" (Parasite)
  • In Cautionary Tales, Angela showed great resistance to Matt's telepathic abilities. This could be the result of undergoing the same mental strain before.
  • A deleted scene on the Season 2 DVD shows several dead characters (including Hiro, Peter, and Matt), then shows an individual chopping Claire's head off. Several other individuals approach Angela as Sylar stands behind her. The end of the clip reveals that the entire scene is Angela's dream. The scene was later repeated in The Butterfly Effect, excluding any shots of Micah and Monica.
  • She is the last living Company founder.
  • Angela claims not to be good with computers.
  • Angela describes to Peter how after gaining her abilities, she tried to convince people about the terrible things she saw in her dreams, but nobody believed her. In Greek mythology, the character Cassandra [1] is similarly blessed with the gift of prophecy and was also cursed with people not believing her visions.


  • Angela Petrelli's character was named for Angela Lansbury. In the commentary for How to Stop an Exploding Man, Tim Kring said he wanted to name Angela's character in honor of "Mrs. Iselin" from The Manchurian Candidate. However, Tim couldn't remember the character's name (Eleanor), so he named Mrs. Petrelli after the actress who portrayed "Mrs. Iselin"--Angela Lansbury.
    • Eleanor Iselin was renamed Eleanor Shaw in the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Coincidentally, Angela's maiden name is also Shaw.
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Angela was named "Alice Cambell", a 76-year-old woman.
  • Angela was the first character to appear in an episode, a graphic novel, a webisode, and an iStory chapter. Her first episodic appearance was in Genesis, her first graphic novel appearance was in War Buddies, Part 5, her first webisode appearance was in Going Postal, Part 3 and her first iStory appearance is in chapter 104 of Operation Splinter.
  • In Genesis, Angela Petrelli is arrested for stealing a pair of socks. The reason for this is only explained after an interval of 56 episodes, in 1961, when Angela tells her sister Alice Shaw "whenever I feel lost... whenever I don't know what to do... I steal socks for you. To remind myself there are simple ways to protect the ones we love." For a time, this was the plot mystery that took the longest to be resolved in Heroes.

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Company Chairperson
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Bob Bishop
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