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Portrayed by Luke Massy
First appearance Hard Knox, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname B
Date of death 2006
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Criminal & Gang Leader

Bartell was the leader of a Los Angeles gang.

Character History

Webisode: Hard Knox, Part 1

As Knox and Matt Parkman are eating tacos together, Matt tries to convince Knox to leave the gang he is running with; which is headed by Bartell (who is called a "thug"). They part ways, and later the gang, in a room in an unknown location, are planning a job and selecting guns. When Knox mentions he wants to "sit this one out", Bartell doesn't comply. Bartell does a "confidence check" on each member (by holding a gun to their throats), except Knox, who begins sensing their fear, which allows the surprised Knox to effectively bend a steal crowbar into a pretzel. When no other gang member asks to skip out on the heist, Knox reluctantly agrees to participate.

Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 2

Matt again tries to encourage Knox to leave the gang and turn Bartell in to the police.

Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 3

Bartell confronts Knox about talking to a cop. Bartell begins punching him, and then threatens him with a gun. He then prepares to beat Knox up with a baseball bat, but Knox, empowered by the fear of the other gang members present, breaks the bat in half. Knox proceeds to throw Bartell around the room, before punching a hole through his chest; killing him. One of the gang members, in shock, tells him that he killed Bartell, with Knox answering that he is "the main man" (new leader) now.

Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 4

When Matt asks what happened to Bartell, Knox merely replies that he heard he "got eaten by a shark".

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