Borno Industries

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Borno Industries
Borno Industries.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Industrial use

Cushing is killed at Borno Industries.

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr., Devin, and Gael Cruz track Cushing to the Borno Industries building. There, they find that another agent, Jamie Wu, is dead and Cushing is standing next to the body. After the three accuse him of her murder, Cushing uses his ability to create a hole in the floor and flee, but is pursued by Thompson, Jr. and Devin. Thompson, Jr. catches up to Cushing and begins to spar with him. When Cushing is about to kill Thompson, Jr., Devin arrives and shoots Cushing dead. The three then move Cushing's dead body next to Jamie's and place a gun in Jamie's right hand.

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