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Portrayed by Ronald Lawrence
First appearance The Recruit, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Works for the Company

Carlos guards Rachel Mills at a Company facility in Tappen, NJ.

Character History

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 2

Carlos stands in the doorway of the Tappen facility, facing Rachel. She asks him where Angela is, and he says that she will return when Rachel is ready to cooperate. Rachel tells him to go to hell, and struggles to free herself from her restraints. Carlos gets closer and tells her that the restraints are for her own protection, and that the drug in the IV is to neutralize her ability. Rachel tells him that she is not special, and Carlos taps his finger on the table and leaves.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 4

Carlos stands guard in the Tappen facility as Angela Petrelli interrogates Rachel.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 5

In the Tappen facility, Angela instructs Carlos to remove the IV from Rachel. Angela tells Rachel that they are letting her go.

Later, when Rachel leaves the Pinehearst lab with the serum, Angela takes it from her and Carlos wraps a black cloak around Rachel's head and carries her away.


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