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Powers molly clairvoyance1.jpg
Molly locates people's positions on a map.
Held by: Molly Walker,
Adam Soo Hoo
Ability to: See and locate distant people
Examples of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to discern people who are not in the observer's presence.





Molly can see visions of people by thinking about them. She can also see glimpses of what that person is doing. It is suggested that she can only located evolved humans. (Heroes Reborn app)

Molly can locate people by concentrating on them. She can then indicate the person's location on a map. She was able to pinpoint Matt's father to a specific room in an apartment building. Molly apparently needs to know something about a person before she can locate them. She asked Maya for a picture of Alejandro that she could use to search for him (Powerless), but Noah believed that she could find West given only his name (Cautionary Tales).

The manner in which Molly uses her clairvoyant powers to locate Maury Parkman's apartment suggests that she actually has an "out-of-body experience" while using her powers, although she is able to maintain consciousness in two places at once. (The Kindness of Strangers)

Molly was unable to find the late Alejandro, showing that she is unable to detect dead bodies (Powerless). It is unclear whether she is able to locate other non-living objects; she has not yet attempted to do so. However, she did describe her ability as finding people. Molly is capable of detecting other people near the ones she is looking for: she was able to detect Sylar not far from Monica Dawson (Rebellion, Part 7).

When Rebel needs to find their family members and are unable to locate them, they enlist Molly's help to find them using this ability. She is able to find them all instantly with the aid of pictures shown to her. However, while during the rescue she detects Monica nearby, they are unable to locate her despite Molly still seeing her tied to a chair where they are. When Molly gets worried about West and Sparrow she uses this to look for them and apparently sees what they're up to as she instantly gets worried. Later, as everyone's trying to escape, she figures out where Monica is with her power. She realizes Monica is not there but in a hospital in Washington, D.C. After she gives Micah the address, the team use it to find and finally rescue Monica.

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"Well, you know who can stop the boogeyman? You. I hear you have an amazing ability."

"It's not so amazing. They ask me where people are, and I find them."

"You find them? Anywhere in the world?"

"Yeah, I just think about them, and then I know where they are."

- Mohinder, Molly (The Hard Part)


  • Chandra Suresh assembled a folder in the Genesis files about this power.
  • Peter has been in close proximity to Molly, but has not displayed this ability.
  • In an interview, Adair Tishler said that her character has the power to locate anyone or anything.
  • In a deleted scene from Our Father found on the Season Three DVD, Arthur says that Molly can "find anyone, at any time". Indeed, Arthur steals the ability and uses it to find Hiro, stuck in 1992. However, Since Molly still had her ability during the Rebellion arc, this scene is not considered part of the Heroes canon.
  • The Heroes Reborn app refers to this ability as "locational clairvoyance". The character summary for Molly also suggests that she can only locate evolved humans, as it describes the ability as "Molly's power to find other evolved humans".

See Also

  • For the ability to know the emotions, thoughts, and motives of others, see empathy.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Clairvoyance for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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