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The following memorable quotes were said by Daniel Linderman. For other memorable quotes, see here.

Season One

"Voilà! A pot pie. Wholesome, warm, healthy. That's of course if you can live without the cream sauce. Personally, I can't. I mean, what's the point? You know, people can sleep, or they can gamble. Or they can even make love when they're miserable. But I think that most people eat when they're happy. I like to see people happy. Are you happy, Nathan?"

- Linderman (to Nathan) (Parasite)

"Now you can't have any of my pot pie."

- to Nathan (Parasite)

"I know this man."

"Great. If you see him, tell him I want my sword back!"

- Nathan, Linderman (.07%)

"Chocolate milk, all the cookies he can eat, and I'll tell you what--I'll even make him a fresh sandwich myself."

- to Jessica (.07%)

"Like most women whose lives have been ruined by men, all Jessica really wants is security, and money buys that. Money's all she's ever really cared about."

- to Jessica and D.L. (Landslide)

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