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Dead crew.jpg
A member of D.L.'s crew is buried.

Many people have died in the world of Heroes.

Episode Deaths

Webisode Deaths

Possible Future Deaths

Explosion Future

Outbreak Future

Exposed Future

Graphic Novel Deaths

iStory Deaths

Temporary Deaths

Averted Deaths

These characters were confirmed dead in past timelines, but are now alive in the current timeline after Hiro altered history.

Other Deaths

Presumed Dead

These are characters who are currently believed to be dead because they have suffered deadly events, yet their death can not be confirmed for one reason or another (body not accounted for, known to be able to regenerate, etc.).

Forms of Death

Adam shoots Victoria.

Gun Shot

Sharp Force

Derek receives a blow to the head.

Blunt Force

Automobile and Other Technology



Christopher in a pool

Natural Causes



Knox is frozen and killed by Tracy.


Enhanced Strength

Poison Emission

In a alternative timeline, Charlie is a victim of Sylar's telekinesis.
Peter and "Nathan" find Nathan's corpse in storage with a sliced neck.


D.L. phases through Mr. Linderman's skull, effectively killing him.

Other Abilities

Eden committed suicide.



Memorable Quotes

"Death is the one thing that connects us all. Reminds us that what's really important is who we've touched, and... you know, how much we've given. Makes us realize that... we have to be good to one another."

- Peter (to Simone) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

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