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The following memorable quotes were said by Eric Doyle. For other memorable quotes, see here.

Season Three

"Leave her alone!"

"What are you, her mother?"

- Sandra, Doyle (Dying of the Light)

"Meredith is mine. Mine to love. Mine to kill."

"You really think you... can control me?"

- Doyle, Sylar (Dual)

"Hi, Barbie."

- Doyle (to Claire, after appearing in her family's kitchen in the middle of the night) (Exposed)

"But if there were agents outside... why aren't they kicking in the door, looking to collect a comes-back-to-life Barbie?"

- Doyle (Shades of Gray)

Season Four

"It is amazing living here. I finally belong someplace. I can be completely myself. You have no idea what that's like."

- Eric Doyle (to Claire, about Sullivan Bros. Carnival) (The Fifth Stage)

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