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Flight 195

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Flight 195
Flight 195.jpg
Flight 195 prepares for takeoff.

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Current status: Crashed

Flight 195 is a transport plane that carries captured evolved humans.


A Clear and Present Danger

At an airplane hangar, Tracy, Mohinder, Matt, Peter, Hiro, an unknown female fugitive, an unknown male fugitive, and an unknown masked fugitive are loaded onto the plane as prisoners. Claire sees the plane departing and runs to it, then climbs into a landing wheel bay. As the plane lifts off, Nathan looks on and then walks away.

Aboard the plane, Claire emerges into the cargo hold and unhoods one prisoner: Hiro, drugged and unconscious. She finds Peter and Mohinder and removes the drug feeds from both of them. Peter manages to touch Mohinder and take his power, using it to break his shackles. As Claire frees Tracy, Peter attacks the guards. Claire grabs a taser and goes to the cockpit, stunning one guard and threatening the pilot. She discovers, to her surprise, that Noah is in the co-pilot's seat.

Peter tries to free Tracy as another guard attacks him. He gains Tracy's power and inadvertently touches the side of the plane. It freezes and shatters, and the guards and at least one prisoner are swept out due to the depressurization. As the plane starts to go down, the netting Peter is holding onto comes unfastened and he starts to get swept out as well. Mohinder grabs him but starts to lose his grip.

Trust and Blood

The plane crashes, although most, if not all, of the passengers survive. Danko authorizes air strikes to destroy the plane in order to erase any evidence of what occurred.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

From the computers at his middle school, Micah watches as the prisoners are loaded onto Flight 195, which then takes off. He pulls up the Flight 195 passenger manifest of evolved human fugitives showing: Claire, Monica, Nana, Flint, Sylar, Hiro, Matt, Peter, Sparrow, Micah, Mohinder, and Tracy.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 2

Sparrow Redhouse is revealed to the the fugitive sucked out of the plane. She survives by using her power to break her fall. Flint is also one of the survivors and initaly gets away, but is killed by a sniper.


  • According to co-executive producer Greg Beeman's blog, Flight 195 was actually shot using two different planes: A C-123 was used for the exterior shots of the plane and a C-130 for the cockpit work.

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