Flight 195's security footage

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Flight 195's security footage

First mentioned: Exposed
Owned by: United States government
Current status: Released to the public

Flight 195's security footage is the video footage from the security camera's in Flight 195's departure site, which shows the plane being loaded with evolved humans.



Inside Building 26, Matt and Peter, with the help of "Rebel" discover footage of evolved humans in orange jumpsuits and black masks being loaded inside Flight 195. Peter copies the files onto his flash drive with the intention of exposing the operation if they don't release Daphne and he and Matt run from the building. Matt gets caught but Peter escapes. He calls his brother threatening to expose them if they don't release Matt and Daphne. After being double-crossed by him, Peter releases the footage to the media. News anchor Brian and correspondent Andrea Charles reveal the footage to the public.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Micah forces cameras to record the footage, but notes that he will have to find a way to retrieve the file later.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

While Peter is downloading the video footage, Rebel is trying at the same time free the Dawson family members.


  • The footage shows the final appearance of any Heroes character being hooded (though Tracy is the final character to be shown hooded in person in Trust and Blood).
  • When shown to the public, the footage includes a hooded Tracy (the hooded prisoner who wears gloves), Hiro (the prisoner in front of Tracy), and Sparrow (the prisoner at the end of the chain gang).

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