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Hiro Nakamura
Portrayed by Masi Oka,
Sekai Murashige (in 1990),
Garrett Masuda (in 1992),
Mikey Kawata (in 1995)
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known abilities Space-time manipulation (lost, restored)
Formal name 中村広, Nakamura Hiro
Aliases Takezo Kensei,
Hiro the Magnificent,
Nicknames Spock,
Super Hiro,
Japanese Nazi,
the Chinese guy,
Samurai warrior,
the Japanese guy,
Little Man,
Master of time and space.
Age 30-31
Home Tokyo, Japan; New York, NY
Residence formerly a penthouse apartment at the top of the Deveaux building,
a small apartment in Tokyo
Occupations CEO of Yamagato Industries,
former Agent of Pinehearst Company,
former Yamagato computer programmer
Significant others formerly Charlie Andrews,
formerly Yaeko
Parents Kaito Nakamura (deceased), Ishi Nakamura (deceased)
Sibling Kimiko Nakamura (older sister)
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Hiro Nakamura (中村広, Nakamura Hiro) is a former computer programmer for Yamagato Industries. Hiro succeeded his late father as CEO of the company, but lets his sister do the job for him as she has always wanted. Hiro is an evolved human who had the ability to bend space and time. After discovering that he was dying, Hiro attempted to use his power to fix all the wrongs in his life by using his ability. This however, came to haunt him before the situation was resolved in the form of an imagined court-room case involving various important figures in his life. Hiro learned to leave certain things alone in the aftermath of this experience, and was also cured of his life-threatening condition.


Bored with the monotony and conformity of his job as a salaried employee, Hiro Nakamura turns to his love of science fiction and fantasy as an escape. A bit of a dreamer, Hiro loves the idea of possessing powers, but the reality of it all becomes more than what he expected. Initially a happy-go-lucky fellow with an innocent view of adventure, Hiro's experiences force him to become more serious and determined. Hiro possesses a very strong sense of purpose and a solid moral foundation, and the events of the series only strengthen them. Dying from a brain tumor, Hiro has decided to use his restored time travel power to fix past mistakes and make life better for others around him.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Hiro Nakamura: Season One History.

Hiro works at Yamagato Industries when his power manifests. He tries convincing his friend, Ando, but fails. Growing tired of Japan, he teleports to New York, only to be five weeks in the future. Collecting 9th Wonders! and seeing Isaac's dead body, he escapes an explosion and returns to the present. He convinces Ando of his ability, and they travel to Las Vegas. After cheating at gambling, the friends part ways after an argument, and Hiro meets Nathan in a diner, telling him about the future. Returning to Las Vegas and meeting with Ando, they end up helping the high roller they cheated until he is killed. They then help D.L. save a woman, and reach the Burnt Toast Diner, where Hiro hits it off with a waitress. She is soon killed, and Hiro time travels to save her.

Hiro proves his power to Charlie.

He arrives six months in the past, and continually tries to tell Charlie of her impending fate. However, he falls in love with her, and visa versa, and Hiro proves his power by folding 1,000 origami cranes. They prepare to leave for Japan, when they lean in for a kiss - only for Hiro to appear on the rooftop of Yamagato Industries.

He returns to the Diner, and thinks he has failed in his task when the cheerleader Peter told him about is believed to have been killed. They meet with Isaac, and he paints Hiro facing a dinosaur. Hiro vows to get the sword, and goes to the Museum of Natural History with Ando. Finding his power rapidly diminishing over two weeks, Hiro finds the sword is owned by the Linderman Group and gets help from both Nathan and Simone to find it.

However, his father and sister try to stop him, but Hiro overcomes this. He and Ando reach Las Vegas once more, where they are further sidetracked when Ando decides to help Hope--a criminal who is using them. Afterward, Hiro tells Ando to return to Japan, and goes to the Corinthian Casino himself. Tricking the curator, he gets the sword with a returning Ando's help, and travel to the future, where they meet with Hiro's future self. He is caught by Future Matt, and is consistently attacked for information. He is almost killed, but Future Mohinder saves him, and he meets with Ando, Future Hiro and Future Peter. Hiro and Ando return to the present day.

Returning to Isaac's loft, they find Isaac's body, as Sylar hears them. They escape, and continue following him, watching his home life and his visit with his mother. Hiro almost kills him, but escapes when Sylar gets the upper hand by breaking Hiro's sword. Hiro and Ando go to Jittetsu Arms, where Hiro trains with his father - only to find that Ando has left to fight Sylar. Hiro saves Ando from Sylar, and drops him off at Japan. He returns to Kirby Plaza, and stabs Sylar. Before he can kill Peter, Sylar throws Hiro at a building--causing him to appear outside Kyoto, Japan in 1671 between Whitebeard and Kensei as an eclipse occurs.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Hiro Nakamura: Season Two History.

Hiro lands in feudal Japan in between a battle between Whitebeard and his men against Takezo Kensei. He freezes time and teleports Kensei away from arrows, only to find the man is not Kensei. After the man runs away, Hiro his held at crossbow-point by the real Kensei, who is a white, Englishman. Hiro finds that Kensei is special, and can heal his wounds. Hiro attempts to make Kensei into the legend he was told as a child, but finds the task challenging. The two help Yaeko find her father and battle Whitebeard.

Hiro writes of his adventures in Feudal Japan.

During their adventures, Hiro writes on scrolls and stores them in the hilt of Kensei's sword. Hiro falls in love with Yaeko, and she loves Hiro when disguised as Kensei. Conflict brews between Hiro and Kensei when he sees Yaeko kiss Hiro after they save the swordsmith. Hiro and Yaeko are kidnapped by Kensei, who turns them over to Whitebeard so he can lead Whitebeard's army to conquer Japan. Hiro escapes and tries to destroy Whitebeard's cache of guns, which would make conquering Japan easy. While trying to destroy the guns, Kensei fights Hiro, and the tent explodes just after Hiro teleports away. Hiro later finds a charred body, then teleports to the present, when Ando tells him that Kaito was murdered.

At Kaito's funeral, Hiro refuses to eulogize his father, and teleports to the day Kaito was killed. On a rooftop, Hiro tells his father that he is going to be killed, but Kaito accepts his death. Disappointed, Hiro takes his father back in time to when his mother was buried, but while there, Hiro realizes that he cannot prevent death. Instead, he teleports his father back to the rooftop and waits to see who kills him. While time is frozen, he sees that Kensei killed his father.

Hiro and Ando go through Company files and Hiro finds a picture from 1977 with his father and Kensei, who goes by the name Adam Monroe. Hiro teleports in time to find that Adam tried to release the Shanti virus to wipe out humanity. Hiro teleports to the present, only to tell Ando he is going to Texas to stop Adam. Hiro stops time and finds Adam with Peter, who isn't frozen with everyone else. Hiro tells Peter he will avenge Kaito's death, and draws his sword. Peter, however, threatens Hiro and shocks him, unfreezing time. Adam sees Hiro and comments that they must move fast. Hiro, defeated, walks outside, but finds Nathan and Matt. Together, they go to stop Peter and Adam before they can get the virus, but Peter stops Hiro again. While Matt and Nathan deal with Peter, Hiro goes into the Company vault to stop Adam. Hiro teleports Adam away, where he is buried in a coffin in Japan. Hiro returns to Yamagato Industries, where he joins Ando.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Hiro Nakamura: Season Three History.

Now CEO of Yamagato Industries, Hiro and Ando view a video message left behind by Kaito. Kaito informs Hiro of a sacred duty to protect the formula, but Hiro quickly fails this task when Daphne Millbrook steals it from him by using her super speed. Hiro travels to the future to see the consequences of his failure and learns that Ando is a villain. This causes tension between the two friends and ultimately leads them to be captured by The Haitian while attempting to recover the formula.

Hiro's memories are restored by his mother.

Instead of being held prisoner, they are recruited by Angela Petrelli, who gets them to dig up Hiro's arch enemy, Adam Monroe. Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a "special's" bar, where the pair lose him. Suffering yet another defeat, Hiro and Ando are approached by Daphne and Knox, who offer them jobs at Pinehearst. Hiro "fake kills" Ando and when the coast is clear, the two of them teleport to Africa to find the precog. They meet with Usutu, who gets Hiro to go on a spirit walk to learn how to stop Pinehearst. After awakening from his dream, Hiro is attacked by Arthur Petrelli, who makes him believe he is ten.

Under the supervision of Ando, Hiro relearns how to use his powers and the two of them meet up with Matt Parkman and Daphne to try and restore his memories. Hiro, after reading a 9th Wonders! comic, teleports back in time to meet with his mother, Ishi, who restores his memories and gives him the Catalyst. Unfortunately, Hiro's powers are stolen and he is trapped in the past. Through the combined efforts of Daphne and Ando, Hiro is rescued and destroys the formula.

Two months later, Hiro tries to get Ando to embrace a life as a super hero. He is quickly captured by the American government and becomes a fugitive. After seeing a precognitive painting made by Matt, Hiro and Ando travel to India, where Hiro learns that he does not need powers to be a hero. The two friends are contacted by Rebel, who gives them the mission to save Matt Parkman. Hiro and Ando soon discover that the Matt they have to save is in fact Matt Parkman Jr., the infant child of Matt Parkman Sr. During an attack from the government, baby Matt partially restores Hiro's powers.

Hiro's powers are causing him pain.

Hiro and Ando rescue the baby from being captured by agents and begin a cross country journey to return him to his father. After doing so, Hiro and Ando team up to bring down Building 26. Before doing so, the friends discover that stopping time has several ill effects on Hiro's health. The two of them try to overcome this and manage to free all of the prisoners within the building. Working together, they capture all of the agents and successfully sedate Danko. While at the funeral of "Sylar", Hiro confesses to Ando that he is not okay and needs help with his powers.

After the fall of Building 26, Hiro and Ando are searching for guidance. They go to Claire and meet Rachel Mills. Together, Hiro, Ando and Rachel help Claire save Alethea Thorn and Magdalena Muller, making Hiro discover that helping people with his powers is his new path.


Hiro and Ando, having returned to Japan, are now running a special Dial a Hero phone service. Hiro claims that the idea will work and Ando finds a photo of a younger Hiro, Ando and Kimiko at a carnival. Hiro remembers the night but the two of them are interrupted by Kimiko, who is furious about how much money is being wasted on Dial a Hero. Hiro tells her not to worry and she leaves angrily. Ando then comments that maybe Kimiko is right but the phone rings and they receive their first call for help. During the mission, Ando falls from a roof and Hiro stops time to save him. After returning time to normal, Hiro is suddenly frozen in time himself. Ando takes him back to Yamagato and Hiro returns to normal, saying that he is dying. He then accidentally time travels back to the night of the carnival.

Meanwhile, Samuel is seeking a replacement space-time manipulator for his traveling circus troupe and uses his ability to discover and track down Hiro. Arnold then transports Samuel fourteen years into the past at the same Carnival a young Hiro, Ando, and sister are attending.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hiro meets Samuel who reveals that he is quite interested in Hiro's ability, while Hiro is very fearful of altering the past due to butterfly effects and the previous catastrophes he believes are a direct result of his actions. Samuel convinces Hiro that the unique ability to right his past wrongs can be done without disrupting the space-time continuum by throwing a ball at a stacked milk jug unevenly without the stack falling.

Hiro then begins his mission of fixing his past and the lives of his loved ones by preventing the catalyst of his sister's dislike of Ando. Upon returning to the present, he discovers that they are in love and have been dating for years, despite his incomplete control over his restored time travel ability.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

Fourteen years ago, Hiro meets with a fortune teller who tells him that he is destined for great things. Hiro is thrilled and leaves the carnival tent happily.


Hiro speaks with Kimiko, who tells him that she and Ando are getting married and that she would like him to give her away. Hiro says that he will and goes to speak with Ando, who is worried that Hiro may not be alive to attend the wedding. Hiro tells him that he will be fine and there is a call on the Dial a Hero line. A man named Tadashi tells Hiro that he is going to jump from the Yamagato building and Hiro rushes to the roof. He recognizes Tadashi, who tells him that he was fired for inappropriate behavior at the New Years Eve party. The man jumps before Hiro can save him.

Hiro time-travels back a few minutes and rushes to save Tadashi. Tadashi once again jumps and Hiro once again goes back to try and save him. After 46 failed attempts at saving Tadashi, Hiro tries a different approach and sits down and talks with him. He tells Tadashi that he should find a different job if he is unhappy and Tadashi thanks him. Hiro then speaks with Kimiko and tells her the truth about his condition. Kimiko hugs him and as Ando enters the room, Hiro is gripped by one of his migraines and then disappears having teleported away.

Hysterical Blindness

Hiro's unexpected teleportation from Yamagato takes him to Peter Petrelli's apartment. Though both are surprised to see each other Hiro is excited to see Peter, until he suddenly passes out and Peter catches him.

Tabula Rasa

Hiro awakens and finds himself in a hospital bed. Peter tells him that he is dying and Hiro tells him that he already knows, and that he believes he teleported to Peter to help with something. Peter tells him that he is going to help Hiro and replicates his ability. Soon after, Hiro receives a visit from Emma, who asks him how they can live with their powers. Hiro tells her that those with abilities must answer their call to destiny but Emma refuses to do that. Hiro finds her in her office and she tells him about her ability to see sound and Hiro explains about his ability. Emma claims that she wants her power gone but Hiro insists that she cannot do that and that she must embrace her powers.

Hiro performs in a talent show, acting as the "Amazing Hiro". He spots Emma and calls her his assistant and touches her shoulder, freezing time. He explains that their abilities make them special and that there are no bad powers. Emma realizes the beauty of her ability and helps Hiro with his act. Hiro returns to bed and Emma tells him that he must not use his power anymore, or else he will die. Hiro tells Emma about Charlie and then realizes that she is not on his list. He puts her down and Emma tells him to rest. Hiro soon hears Emma's music and goes to investigate. He listens happily and Emma spots him. She escorts him back to his room but before he gets there he suddenly teleports away.

Hiro appears in Texas, three years ago. He turns to look in the window and smiles, saying "Charlie".

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro accidentally teleports back to the day of Charlie's death and steals clothes from a nearby clothes line as all he's wearing is his hospital gown. After explaining his mission to a boy who catches him, Hiro and Petey head for the Burnt Toast Diner where Petey gives Hiro his white sheriff's hat, saying "good guys wear white hats, bad guys wear black hats", right before Sylar shows up wearing a black hat. Hiro protects Petey, but Sylar simply asks him to move out of the way so he can enter the diner, which Hiro does.

In the diner, Hiro hides behind a newspaper and observes Sylar's interaction with Charlie. He watches Sylar detect Charlie's blood clot and claim he can fix it. Hiro is interrupted in his watching by Samuel, who warns him that changing things here could drastically alter the future as this is such a pivotal moment for many people. He asks Hiro if saving Charlie is absolutely worth it, and Hiro says that this is the biggest butterfly he has to squash. Hiro, realizing what's about to happen, freezes time and stops Sylar from killing Charlie. Hiro wheels Sylar out to a bus to Odessa on a dolly and traps him in a bus compartment before returning to the diner. At the diner, Hiro realizes that he isn't in Charlie's birthday photo and remembering what Samuel said, heads into the bathroom where he encounters his past self. Hiro introduces himself as Future Hiro and tells his past self that Charlie is dead and his mission now is to "save the waitress" and that the cheerleader will be fine. Hiro convinces his past self who teleports six months into the past and Hiro calls him a moron. Hiro is back in the photo of Charlie's birthday party and after being reminded by Samuel, Hiro tells Past Ando what Past Hiro has done and convinces him to stay and wait for Past Hiro at the diner.

Charlie is Hiro's true love.

Hiro then visits Charlie who remembers him and is glad to see him. Hiro offers to take her on the world trip she wanted and she agrees and decides to go to Otsu, but her blood clot starts to turn into a fatal aneurysm that will shortly kill her. Hiro, not wanting this and remembering what Sylar said about being able to fix it, travels to the Odessa Bus Station via motor scooter as he still can't control his teleportation. There he finds Sylar missing and is pinned to a bus by him, but Hiro escapes by stopping time, which releases Sylar's hold on him. Hiro tries to make a deal with Sylar: save Charlie in exchange for information about Sylar's personal future, but Sylar keeps trying to get him with telekinesis. Hiro keeps stopping time and moving around, but it takes a toll on him and he develops a headache each time he does it. Sylar detects Hiro's brain tumor and is finally interested enough to agree to the deal and Hiro takes him back to the diner.

At the diner, Sylar uses his telekinesis to get rid of the blood clot while Hiro comforts Charlie. It works and the dissolved blood clot leaks out of Charlie's eye, saving her. Hiro keeps his end of the deal and tells Sylar that he becomes a killer with a lot of powers that a bunch of people teamed up to stop and he dies alone and that no one will miss him. Hiro then stops time and returns Sylar via motor scooter to the place where he made the deal with him. Hiro returns to the diner, but Charlie is horrified about the deal he made with Sylar and the fact that he saved her out of the many people Sylar killed, but did nothing about them. Hiro tells her that it's because he loves her, but she says it's she had made peace with dying, calls him selfish, just runs off, and Hiro has to send a curious Past Ando back into the diner. Later, Hiro orders a root beer and converses with Noah Bennet about how complicated love is before Noah leaves and Charlie returns. Charlie and Hiro reconcile, but when Hiro follows Charlie outside, he finds her gone and Samuel Sullivan waiting for him. Samuel reveals he had Arnold take her forward in time to his carnival and if Hiro wants to see her again he has to take control of his power and teleport them back there. In anger, Hiro tackles Samuel and manages to teleport them both back to the present carnival.

At the carnival Samuel is happy as Hiro teleporting them back on purpose means that Hiro is regaining control over his power. Hiro demands to know where Charlie is, but Samuel says she's not exactly there and after seeing the carnies and Samuel look at a specific trailer, Hiro goes there, finding Charlie's name tag outside it. Inside he finds a dead Arnold, but no Charlie. Samuel explains that he had Arnold trap Charlie somewhere in time in order to gain a hold over Hiro and as the strain of doing that killed Arnold (he was dying of a brain tumor too), only Samuel knows where she is and he'll only tell Hiro if Hiro helps him fix his own mistakes. Hiro reluctantly agrees and Samuel tells him the first thing they need to fix is a mistake he made eight weeks before.

Brother's Keeper

Hiro holds Charlie's name-tag and Samuel approaches him. Hiro asks him to return her but Samuel tells him that he has to help him with his problem. He tells Hiro that he must go back in time in order to retrieve a tape from Mohinder Suresh. Hiro is worried that he will not be able to time travel but Samuel tells him that he has to do it if he wants to see Charlie again. Hiro then begins to study a map of Texas in order to help is time traveling.

Eight weeks ago, Hiro arrives in Mohinder's hotel room and replaces the film that he is burning. He then warns a frozen Mohinder to be careful because Samuel is coming. After Samuel arrives and kills Mohinder, Hiro reappears and Mohinder realizes that he is wearing a Kevlar vest. Hiro explains he knew as his first attempt took him ten minutes too far and what he saw "wasn't pretty." Hiro explains that Mohinder must go into hiding for eight weeks but Mohinder refuses to let Samuel stay at large. Hiro sees that Mohinder will not change his mind and teleports him into a mental asylum.

Hiro returns to the carnival and hands the film to Samuel, who apologizes to Hiro for killing Mohinder.


Hiro calls out to Samuel and demands that Charlie be returned. Samuel tells him that she will be returned later and Hiro insists that he lied to him. Samuel dares Hiro to try and stop him because he is the only one who knows where Charlie is and if he died then she would die as well. He then tells Hiro to go and help set up the Thanksgiving dinner table.

While setting up the table, Hiro begins talking to Lydia and tells her about Charlie. Lydia is angry that Samuel would hold Hiro against his will. Lydia takes Hiro to her trailer and begins to change. Hiro believes that she is trying to seduce him but Lydia explains that she wants to use her power to find out what happened to Joseph and that she needs to be close to someone in order for her power to work. Hiro agrees and places his hand on her back. Lydia sees things about Hiro and then asks him to take her back to when Joseph died. Hiro does so and they see Samuel argue with Joseph right after Mohinder leaves. Joseph meets with Samuel later that night in a field while Lydia and Hiro secretly watch. Hiro warns Lydia about the consequences of their actions and they witness Samuel kill Joseph. As Samuel approaches them, Hiro teleports himself and Lydia away.

After returning to the present, Hiro warns Lydia that nobody can know that they went back in time together or else he may lose Charlie. Samuel wonders where Hiro was and Hiro explains that he got lost. Later, during the dinner, Hiro refuses to back up Edgar's accusations but does freeze time seconds before Samuel murders him. Hiro speaks with Edgar about revenge and tells him that he will defeat Samuel. Edgar escapes and Samuel later tells Hiro that he knows how he saved Edgar. Hiro threatens him, saying that he is powerful enough to stop him, but Samuel smiles and has Damian use his ability on Hiro. A confused Hiro then begins chanting strange phrases and disappears.

The Fifth Stage

During Samuel's speech, Hiro is seen running through a jungle with Ando and Mohinder.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

When Arnold teleports to Coyote Sands, Adam knocks him out and states that he hasn't seen that trick in a long time, referring to Hiro and his teleportation powers.

Upon This Rock

Hiro teleports to Japan and speaks with a ramen vendor. The vendor keeps asking Hiro if he would like noodles, much to Hiro's confusion as he is looking for a way to find "Sancho Panza". Hiro spots a fair maiden in distress and rushes to help her. He takes a large knife from the vendor and comments that a Jedi's work is never done. Hiro then cuts the bag's string in half and hands it back to the grateful woman. The police mistake Hiro for the burglar and arrest him however, an officer finds a Yamagato Industries card in Hiro's pocket and takes him back to the building, where he reunites with "Sancho", who is in fact Ando. Ando claims that the brain tumor must have gotten worse but Hiro insists that they must rescue "Dr. Watson" from "Arkham". Ando tries to help Hiro make sense and Kimiko enters the room with the name of the top neurosurgeon in Tokyo. Ando stops her when he realizes that someone mushed up Hiro's brain and rushes off to the "danger room" for more clues. Hiro calls Kimiko a princess and tells her not to worry because they will defeat the dark side.

Ando goes through Hiro's comics with him and Hiro tries to explain that his is the master and that Ando is the sidekick. Hiro then strangely speaks in Spanish but later refers to Curt Connors and a great swamp. Ando realizes that Curt is a villain who lived in Florida, and manages to discover that Arkham has a mental institution on its road. He realizes that Hiro has been trying to explain things the only way he knew how and admits that he is a sidekick to Hiro. Hiro says that he is the bravest anyone could have.

Let It Bleed

Samuel tells Sylar he knows Hiro said he would die alone.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

Hiro teleports to Florida, but his vision has changed and he sees a mystical fantasy world in the place of reality. He finds a poster detailing a lost princess, who is in fact a lost dog. Hiro goes in search of the dog and enters a magical forest, which is in fact just a tropical reserve. He speaks to what he thinks is a mushroom and manages to find "the princess" with a monster, who is in fact the dog's owner. The boy thanks Hiro for his help in finding his dog and Hiro sees a dark castle, Arkham. He notices two aliens guarding a crazy man, who he recognizes as "Dr. Watson". In reality, the man is Mohinder Suresh.

Close to You

As part of his and Ando's plan to rescue "Watson", Hiro has Ando check him into the same mental hospital "Watson" is trapped in. As he's led away from Ando, Hiro spots "Watson's" room and points it out to him. Hiro later explains to Ando that "Watson" can't escape with his powers as he's drugged, so Ando switches Mohinder's pills with aspirin, but accidentally swallows Mohinder's pills as a result.

Ando shocks Hiro's brain.

Hiro hides a drugged Ando in a closet and then wakes Mohinder up, still calling him Watson. With the drugs gone, Mohinder easily breaks free from his restraints and cell and is both confused and angry to see Hiro there as Hiro trapped him there in the first place. Hiro leads the confused Mohinder to Ando who is still drugged and the two use a wheelchair to take Ando away. They are caught by orderlies (referred to by Hiro as stormtroopers), but a recovering Ando blasts a door out open, causing enough of a distraction that Mohinder is able to overpower the orderlies and allow them to escape. Hiro, in his state, is unable to teleport them to safety so the group runs through a swamp chased by orderlies and dogs. After learning of Hiro's condition, Mohinder says the hospital probably would have tried electro-shock therapy on him and asks Ando to try to use his power in a similar manner to try to restore Hiro to normal. Ando, although reluctant, tries shocking Hiro and it works: Hiro's mind returns to normal and he immediately teleports himself, Ando and Mohinder away just before dogs and orderlies arrive at the spot the three had previously been occupying.

Hiro teleports the three to Noah Bennet's apartment where they interrupt Noah and Lauren Gilmore kissing. Hiro apologizes for just dropping in on them and asks for help.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

Hiro watches the two aliens holding Doctor Watson and vows to save him. He then turns to leave and sees a playing card, who tells him he has to return later, and chases Hiro from the "Asylum". Hiro soon runs into a tree and a cat, and asks them for directions to the nearest port, and the cat tells him where to go. Twenty minutes later Hiro ends up at a castle (which is actually a mall), and happens across the cantina from Star Wars. He sees an advert, on a television, for Yamagato Industries and teleports to Japan.


Hiro watches as Mohinder constructs a new compass. While Mohinder works, Ando notices that Hiro isn't looking too good. Mohinder finally finishes but declares that he is leaving. He bows to Hiro and leaves. Seconds later, Hiro collapses. When Hiro wakes up, he is at the Burnt Toast Diner and Adam Monroe is sitting at a table wearing a suit. Hiro asks if he is dead and Adam tells him to ask the judge. Hiro sees his father Kaito Nakamura, who is acting as the judge. Adam declares that the case of the World vs Hiro Nakamura has begun and Kaito tells Hiro that if he is found guilty, he will be sentenced to death.

Ando acts quickly and has Hiro taken to the nearest hospital. He tells the doctors that Hiro has a brain tumor. In Hiro's dream, Adam tells the jury that Hiro manipulated the space-time continuum for his own personal gain. He accuses Hiro of not caring about the consequences and although Hiro pleads not guilty, he asks for a lawyer. Ando appears in Hiro's dream and says that it is not looking good. Hiro then looks worried as younger versions of Ando and Kimiko are called to testify. Adam accuses Hiro of changing time so that Ando and Kimiko fell in love and Hiro says that as long as no one gets hurt, he is comfortable with changing the timeline. Adam then calls Sylar to the stand and Sylar explains how he has killed many, many people. Jackie Wilcox also appears and shows the court how she died. Hiro claims that he let Charlie Andrews live because the world was truly a better place with her in it, however, Adam smugly wonders where Charlie is. He says that she is lost in time and that Hiro was foolish to trust Samuel. Kaito asks Ando to send his witness up and Hiro takes the stand, explaining how he has saved the world without sacrificing his morals or becoming a villain. He claims that he changed the timeline, but only to make the world a better place. He pleads guilty and Kaito sentences him to death.

In reality, Hiro begins to die and the doctors rush him to surgery. In his imagination, Hiro steps off of the operating table and the jury, Ando and Kaito stand with him in the massive hall of white. Hiro asks to change his plea to guilty, so that he may die honorably, and the family sword appears in his hands. Kaito encourages Hiro to fight for his life and Hiro turns, seeing Adam also with a sword. In reality, Hiro's body begins to crash as he desperately fights for his life. In the dream world, Hiro and Adam fight each other. Hiro wins and stabs Adam. Then, his mother Ishi Nakamura appears. She tells Hiro that she is proud of him and Hiro says that he is ready to die. Ishi shakes her head and tells him that some things are more powerful than science. She says that he still has a destiny and kisses his brow, supposedly healing him. In reality, Hiro has survived the surgery and has bandages around his head. He has successfully had the tumor removed.

Brave New World

Hiro wakes up, recovered from the surgery to remove his tumor. When Ando asks if he has full control of his powers back now that his tumor is gone, Hiro tests them by rewinding time for himself by a minute and discovers he does have full control back. Hiro is surprised when another patient sends him a note and an origami crane and realizes that it must be Charlie. Hiro heads to the patient's room and finds an elderly Charlie there having discovered Hiro was in the hospital through a nurse's schedule. Hiro learns that Charlie was teleported by Arnold to January 26, 1944 in Milwaukee and lived a full life after that. She worked in a war factory, got married and had four children and seven grandchildren and her aneurysm never bothered her again although she is dying of old age now. Hiro tells Ando he plans to travel back in time to the date and place Charlie was left by Arnold and return her to her own time, but Ando doesn't think he should as Charlie has lived her life. Hiro brings up this possibility with Charlie, but while Charlie is tempted, she tells him not to as she enjoyed her life and her family would never exist if he did that and introduces him to her granddaughter Sally. Hiro reluctantly agrees and leaves as Charlie's family comes to visit her. Hiro meets up with Ando outside and now feels that all of his quests are over, but Ando reminds him of Samuel Sullivan and tells him that Noah Bennet called to inform them that the Carnival is in Central Park and that they're needed there. Hiro agrees and blows a kiss to a touched Charlie before teleporting away to the Carnival with Ando while Charlie watches through a window.

At the Carnival, Claire asks Hiro to teleport all of the carnies away and he tells them to hold hands, but confides that he's not sure he can teleport that many people as there are dozens. Ando offers to supercharge him to give him a boost and Hiro agrees. With everyone holding hands and Ando supercharging him, Hiro counts to three and then successfully teleports all of the carnies to an unknown location which defeats Samuel as it strips away all of his great power. Later Hiro and Ando walk through the nearly empty Carnival and decide to go home before witnessing Claire exposing her power to the world.

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro maintains a blog which he uses to journal his travels, record his thoughts, send messages to others, and play games. Hiro's blog has not been updated in some time.

A post on Evs Dropper's blog notes that the sailor of a "ghost ship" sometimes comes into contact with time-space travelers, like Hiro.

On February 9th, 2010, after Claire Bennet revealed the existence of evolved humans to the world, Hiro started a new blog called A Hero's Quest.

Slow Burn

In chapter 7 of Slow Burn, Chris asks Caleb about "this Asian guy" he's seen around the carnival. Caleb says that there's a rumor that Hiro is a time traveler, and that Samuel needs to retrieve something from the past.


In chapter 6 of Purpose, John Mulligan sees Hiro help to teleport the carnies away from the carnival.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hiro discovers he has the ability to actually affect the space-time continuum, slowing time down to such a point it seems as if it is stopped with sheer power of will. The first noted occurrence is when Hiro supposedly made a subway train late using this power. This is especially notable because a Japanese train being late at all is an extremely unlikely event. Later, he theorizes that he may soon be able to teleport by bending the space part of the continuum. Although this isn't seen, he does seem to teleport from the seating area of a Karaoke bar to a ladies' bathroom on a dare (said in jest) by Ando. While he is on a train he stares at a poster of New York, accidentally teleporting himself to Times Square. However, at the same time he unintentionally moves five weeks into the future. Later, when an explosion threatens his life, he is able to teleport back to Japan, landing at the exact time and place of his original departure.

Although being able to teleport and time travel great lengths at once, Hiro apparently had little control over how much time elapses when he teleports. This shows that, without further honing of his powers, he may not be able to teleport great distances without also traveling in time. He has also frozen time relative to himself. He was able to keep time frozen long enough to fold one thousand paper cranes. (Six Months Ago)

Hiro's rules of time travel haven't yet been explicitly defined. Whether he changes time just by traveling, or whether it's more of a ripple effect is not known.

It should be noted that it appears Hiro's time-traveling powers may not supersede the principles of the self-consistency theory. This essentially states that a time traveler cannot alter history in such a way that he would cause a paradox to occur; rather, the events would self-correct. However, it seems Hiro's powers are controlled by "fate", as not only were his powers disabled at one point, but he traveled in both time and space against his will. This appears to be contradictory to Future Hiro's statement that he risked creating a "rift", as well as his existence being proof that he is trying to prevent the catastrophe.

Hiro's ability was stolen by Arthur Petrelli in 1991, who had time traveled back from 2007 using the same power gained by his son. Arthur died after his return to 2007; leaving present-day Hiro trapped in the past before he was rescued by Ando and Daphne.

Hiro claimed his trip to India was the key to regaining his lost powers, however, it turned out that his destiny was to be a hero without powers.

Hiro has regained his ability thanks to Matt Parkman Jr.'s ability. He used his restored time-stopping abilities to escape Danko's team as they were trying to capture him, Ando and the baby. During the escape, he tried to use the teleportation aspect of his ability, but could not. He later stated that he could not time travel. Hiro had also demonstrated that using his ability too much caused some kind of adverse effect. He had a terrible headache and his nose began to bleed after stopping time at least four times in less than five hours. Hiro also discovered the ability to keep others "unfrozen" with him by touching them as he freezes time. (I Am Sylar). Mohinder Suresh, after examining Hiro, said he thought that Hiro's body was rejecting his ability like a virus, and further use of it could be extremely dangerous. Hiro was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing him to die. He has since demonstrated the time travel and teleportation aspects of his ability accidentally (Orientation). He did not possess control over these restored parts of his ability, using them just on reflex (Orientation, Jump, Push, Fall). Hiro said that destiny is doing this and that time and space are now the master of him (Tabula Rasa). In addition to headaches and nosebleeds, Hiro also sometimes remained frozen in time while the rest of the world stays unfrozen. He also saw the past in this condition once, and then traveled there accidentally (Orientation).

After a lot of effort, Hiro was able to time travel and teleport at will, but couldn't control it completely. He was able to teleport to the carnival with Samuel in anger, but later needed a couple of tries to get back to the right time to save Mohinder: the first time he tried he landed ten minutes too late but got it right the second time. He also seemed to have displayed at will teleportation as he trapped Mohinder in a mental hospital in Florida (Once Upon a Time in Texas, Brother's Keeper). After having his brain scrambled by Damian, Hiro was incapable of willfully using his powers. Once his mind was fixed by Ando, Hiro was instantly able to teleport at will with no apparent problems, taking Ando and Mohinder Suresh with him to Noah Bennet's apartment. This was also the first time since regaining his ability that he has taken more than one person with him. (Close to You)

After Hiro's brain tumor was removed, he regained full control over his powers and tested it out by rewinding time for himself by ten seconds. He is later able to teleport himself and Ando to the Carnival in Central Park with no problems or health issues. At the Carnival, Hiro is able to teleport all of the carnies an unknown distance despite there being dozens of them by having everyone hold hands with each other and Ando supercharging him at the same time, giving Hiro the boost he needed to teleport that many people. (Brave New World)


Memorable Quotes

"Fine. Stay here. Be just like everyone else. I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before."

- Hiro, (to Ando) (Genesis)

"Yatta! Hello, New York!"

- Hiro (Genesis)

"You cannot bribe a hero. My heart is true. My spirit unbreakable. When I meet your Big Boss, I will tell him the same thing!"

- Hiro (to Kaito's assistant) (The Fix)

"I know. You have shown me what bravery is."

"Your whole life you talked about your favorite stories...Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Kensei... All the heroes you wanted to be. One day, people will tell the story of... Hiro Nakamura."

- Hiro, Ando (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"We have changed. We are bad-asses now!"

- Hiro (to Daphne Millbrook) (Angels and Monsters)

"Pigeon, help me."

- Hiro (to a pigeon) (Dual)

"Sorry, I got plans for this little piece of paper, Pikachu."

"Pikachu?! Excuse me!"

- Hiro, (to Tracy Strauss, whom he then punches in the face) (Dual)

"Don't worry, baby Matt Parkman! We will make you big again."

-Hiro (to Matt Parkman Jr.) (Cold Snap)

"Holy crap."

-Hiro (when looking at a room full of incapacitated evolved humans). (An Invisible Thread)

"Pay back is very bitchy."

-Hiro (to a room of Danko's agents he had just incapacitated) (An Invisible Thread)


  • Hiro is named after Hiroshima, so that his family will always remember the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (The Crane). Tim Kring has been quoted as saying, "It's no coincidence we named him Hiro... he truly is on a hero's quest." To this end, his name is often used as a pun. His co-worker Ando once called him "Super-Hiro" in jest, which is actually similar to the Japanese word for superhero: スーパーヒーロー (sūpāhīrō), and the fifth episode is entitled Hiros.
  • Hiro's wallet contains a membership card for the Merry Marvel Marching Society, a Marvel Comics fan club which has not distributed membership cards since the 1970s. (Don't Look Back)
  • Hiro is on the list.
  • When explaining to Ando where he got the idea of time not being an straight line, Hiro mistakenly cites X-Men, Issue #143 as the issue where Kitty Pryde travels back in time from a dark future. In fact, it happened in Uncanny X-Men, Issue #141, in the famous "Days of Future Past" storyline. However, Issue #143 does focus on Kitty Pryde's evolution as a super-hero. (Genesis)
  • Hiro is a big fan of the Japanese anime and manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In his blog, he states that he wants to "be like JoJo and Vaan and go on adventures". One of his powers includes time manipulation, a gift shared with JoJo characters Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando. Vaan is the character the player takes the role of in Final Fantasy XII.
  • His favorite video games are Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy (games that dealt with the manipulation of time), according to his blog.
  • As confessed in his blog, Hiro is also a fan of Mirai Trunks, a time traveler from the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. When "Future Hiro" visits Peter, it is a very similar encounter to the first encounter of Future Trunks with Son Goku, including Hiro's sword and Trunks's sword. (Hiros)
  • Takezo Kensei's nickname for Hiro is "carp," a reference to the fact Hiro's face "looks like a fish" when he speaks.
  • According to his family's Pinehearst file, Hiro weighs 145 lbs.
  • There is some discrepancy to Hiro's age. According to a 2006 post on Hiro's blog, he is 24, making him born in 1982. In 2007, Hiro thinks he is ten years old, and Ando tells him he is 28, making him born in 1979 (It's Coming).
  • Hiro can speak Japanese (Genesis), English (Nothing to Hide), and at least a few words of Spanish (Upon This Rock).


  • Hiro has no brothers. (My Father, Hiro's blog)
  • Hiro is a programmer with a level 3 security clearance. His ID number is 651283461132, and he is referred to as "a lowly office drone". (The Crane)
  • Hiro's blog refers to Charlie saying, "Charlie wasn't my Marle, she was my Gwen Stacy." Marle refers to the character from a video game called Chrono Trigger, which follows a group of adventurers who are accidentally propelled through time. Gwen Stacy is the first true love of Spider-Man; she was killed by the Green Goblin, and was pivotal (and controversial) to the Spider-Man stories.
  • The senior vice president of the design division at Nissan Motor Co. is named Shiro Nakamura. Nissan is a prominent sponsor of Heroes.
  • Prior to The Kindness of Strangers, Hiro had appeared in every episode. (It should be noted that in Company Man, he was played by Garrett Masuda; Masi Oka did not appear.)
  • Hiro's given name in kanji is probably 広, coming from the kanji for Hiroshima, 広島. His family name in kanji is the common form of Nakamura, 中村 as seen in Cautionary Tales.
  • In early versions of the script, Hiro's name was originally Hiro Tanaka.
  • According to the official site for the Season One DVD, Hiro's AIM screen name is yattaimhiro.
  • Hiro Nakamura is the name of a game and map designer for various Pokémon games, starting with Red and Blue.
  • In Genesis, Ando jokingly asks Hiro if he will join the circus with his new-found powers, as of season four, Samuel forced Hiro to join the Carnival for a time.

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