Hiro's victims

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Hiro's victims
Hiro stabs Sylar.

First occurrence: Unexpected

During his various quests to save the world Hiro has harmed and killed the following victims.

List of Victims

Direct Kills

Indirect Kills


Victims from Alternate Timelines

Explosion future

Victims edit

Adam'sAmanda'sAndo'sArthur'sBecky'sDanko'sDoyle'sEcho'sEdgar'sEli'sElle'sErica'sHachiro'sHarris'sHiro'sFusor's accomplice'sJessica'sKnox'sLinda'sLuke & Joanne'sMatt'sMaya'sMiko'sMohinder'sNiki'sNoah'sPeter'sPhoebe'sQuentin'sRené'sSamuel'sSylar'sTed'sTommy'sTracy'sThe Watcher's

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