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New Interview

I have got a interview with Yule Caise who directed the going postal webisodes and the Sword Saint documentary and wrote the graphic novel The Last Shangri-La. Please submit your questions by the 10th of August. This interview is being done by Skywalkerrbf.

  • Yule's also a graphic novel writer. This should be a good one, don't forget to add it to current events.--MiamiVolts (talk) 07:23, 19 July 2008 (EDT)

Questions sent!--Skywalkerrbf 12:37, 12 August 2008 (EDT)



Going Postal

  • When does Going Postal take place in the Heroes timeline?
  • How was directing the webisodes different from your other work?
  • Did you decide of the story yourself or where you given a outline to use?
  • What was it like to work on a smaller budget? Was there anything you wanted to put in but couldn't?
  • How was the effect of Echo's power made?
  • Do you know if you will be working on any more Webisodes or Graphic Novels?
  • At the start of the first webisode, is Echo being chased by the agents or the dog?
  • Are we ever going to see the constrictors twin?
  • Is Anglia hinting a connection to Echo's parents at the end?
  • Did the agents from Part 3 work for the company? If so did one of them have a power?

Sword Saint

  • How was directing Sword Saint differnt from your other work?
  • When you directed it, did you know that Hiro would be seeing all these things in the past?

Global News Interactive

  • Can you tell us anything about Mark Ford (Charlie Svenson in the GNI piece)?
  • Can you tell us anything about David Pitcher (Alistair Coles in the GNI piece??

Graphic Novels

Going Postal

  • Does the sound-absorbing agent have a name?
  • Will we be seeing him again?
  • Could you see the sound-absorbing agent to be useful in other company assignments, not just ones involving Echo?

(ie making it possible for him and his partner to silently sneak up on targets)

  • Is the interpreter the sound-absorption agent's human parter?

The Last Shangri-La

  • Can Traveler speak to animals, e.g. Yaks?
  • Where is Traveler ment to be from?
  • Did you know that the person presumed to be Drucker was actually Hampton Connolly?
  • What happened to Traveller?
  • How did the Traveller know Hana?
  • Will we be seeing Traveller again anytime soon?
  • Was it you know chose to make this comic only interactive?

Other Work

  • Can you tell us about Swishbucklers?
  • Can you tell us about Boys Night Out ?
  • You have done acting , producing, writing and directing, which one do you prefer and why?
  • With your involvement in Heroes Evolutions, can you tell us any more about the Interactive Map?