James Walker

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James Walker
James alive.JPG
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Don't Look Back
In-story stats
Known ability Freezing
Date of death 2 October 2006
Residence James Walker's home
Significant other Mrs. Walker (deceased)
Parent Ida May Walker (deceased)
Child Molly Walker

James Walker was the son of Ida May Walker and father of Molly Walker. He was an evolved human with the ability to freeze things.

Character History

Don't Look Back

Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson investigate the murder of a man and his wife, as well as the abduction of their daughter. The man (James Walker) was sitting down to a meal, and appears to have been frozen solid, mid-bite. Further, the top of his head has been sawed off, and his brain is missing. The authorities note that this fits Sylar's pattern of killing.


Mohinder Suresh, talking on the phone with another party (who appears to be the FBI), mentions James Walker's name in a list of people Chandra researched, six of whom have subsequently been killed.


James's name is on Gabriel's list.

Evolved Human Abilities

James had the ability to freeze objects, which allowed him to reduce the temperature of matter causing an object to freeze in the process. Sylar found James's name on Chandra's list, then added it to his own list. He went to the Walkers' home, killing James, stealing his ability, then freezing him with his own ability as a means of "practicing".



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