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Janice Parkman
Janice parkman.jpg
Portrayed by Lisa Lackey
First appearance One Giant Leap
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Jan
Home Los Angeles, CA
Residence An L.A. family home
Formerly a home in L.A. with her husband
Occupation Business consultant
Significant others Matt Parkman,
formerly Tom McHenry
Children Matt Parkman, Jr.
Sibling Unnamed brother

Janice Parkman is the wife of Matt Parkman. Their relationship was continuously on the rocks. After Matt discovered her infidelity, they were separated for several months. After the discovery of his son, Matt returned to Janice to attempt to patch things up, and they now live as a family once again.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Janice Parkman: Season One History.

Janice and her husband, Matt Parkman, were going through marriage problems. While her career continues to progress, Matt's career as an LAPD officer seems to be going nowhere. After an argument, Matt goes missing, causing her to be worried for his safety. Using his telepathy, Matt hears her thoughts on how she feels, breaking the tension of their recent conflicts. Matt discovers, however, that Janice had an affair with Matt's coworker and once partner Tom McHenry.

After the discovery of her affair and Matt's tip to Odessa, Matt reveals to Janice that he can hear people's thoughts. After discussing the ability, Janice reveals (through thought) that she is pregnant with their first child.

After Matt's suspension from the LAPD, Janice worries if Matt will need his gun for his new job as a body guard. She later finds a large diamond ring in Matt's sock drawer and takes it to get resized. When the jeweler claims the ring is stolen, she discovers from Matt that the ring is one of many diamonds Matt stole from a dead Malsky. She asks Matt to turn in the diamonds to the authorities, but Matt leaves to meet with some acquaintances.

Four Months Later...

Four months later, Matt now lives in New York, NY, having divorced from Janice. Janice is presumably planning to raise the baby on her own.

The Kindness of Strangers

Matt tells Nathan that he and Janice are now divorced because Janice cheated on him, which he could have forgiven except that Janice's baby was Tom McHenry's, not Matt's.

Fight or Flight

Matt, trapped in an illusion created by his father, meets Janice and her son in a jail cell. Janice accuses Matt, saying that he knew that Janice's son, who was supposedly the son of Tom McHenry, was actually their own son. Matt protests, saying that he didn't know anything, but Janice ignores him and leaves the jail cell.

Cold Snap

Janice arrives at home and opens the closet to find Ando and Hiro trying to hide between stuffed toys, while Matt Parkman, Jr. plays in front.

Janice tells Hiro and Ando she called the cops and they should get going. Hiro says her baby is in danger. Ando asks if she knows her baby is special. She says it started during the eclipse just like with his father and asks if they're here because of what Matt did. Hiro says that they are heroes just like Matt Parkman. Janice says that Matt is no hero, he's a terrorist and takes her baby to the TV and asks him to turn it on. They watch the news, but Hiro and Ando tell Janice that Matt didn't do this. They say it was a trick because the Government is trying to make everyone think people like them are terrorists. Janice asks if they mean people with abilities. Hiro tells her he currently doesn't have an ability, but Ando does. Ando shows her how he can make a red glow in between his hands and tells her people like them are being arrested. Hiro says the government's after little Matt and they were sent to help him.

There's a knock at the door. Hiro and Ando hide with baby Matt while Janice opens the door worried as she lied about calling the police and wasn't expecting anyone. The officers at the door have a warrant to bring in Janice and her baby for questioning. She asks if this is about her ex-husband and he says it is. She asks why they need to talk to her son since he never met his father and he can't talk. An officer explains the warrant is for them both and asks if the baby is home. Janice says he's at the baby sitters and she'll take them there. They agree and she grabs her purse and jacket. As they leave, one of the men orders for the house to be searched. Janice tries to stop them, but they continue to take her away. Hiro and Ando try to run, but realize they're trapped. Ando hands Matt to Hiro and blasts the officers with a red lightning as they try to enter the room, knocking them back. The baby touches Hiro and Ando looks up at Hiro excited about his new ability. The men come back though, and knock Ando out. As they come for Hiro, he's able to stop time.

When Matt brings Daphne Millbrook to a hospital, he tells the doctors that she was shot in a hunting accident. He later reveals to Daphne that Janice was the source of his lie.

I Am Sylar

Matt calls Janice after reuniting with Hiro and Ando and plans to bring Baby Matt home. Janice asks to talk to her son and Matt lets her. Before Matt hangs up, he tells Janice that it was good to talk to her again and Janice is pleased to have spoken with Matt as well. Janice meets Matt and Matt, Jr. Matt tells her they have to get away and hide from the hunters. They quickly begin to pack but Matt finds his old police badge and after a moment, changes his mind. He tells Janice he has to go and put an end to this. He tells her he wants a life together, with her and Matt, Jr. Janice smiles slightly and asks him if he wants her in that life. Matt says he doesn't know, but he's willing to try. Matt suddenly hears agents coming and they all hide in a room. When the agents burst in, Matt makes the three of them invisible, the agents stream past, not seeing them.


Samuel talks of the many evolved humans in the world. Matt is depicted as one of them, hugging his wife Janice.

Jump, Push, Fall

Janice returns home and finds Matt worrying about Matt Jr.. She finds him sleeping in bed however. The next morning, Janice finds Matt angry with Roy, the water cooler guy and comments on the fact that Matt hasn't been sleeping well. He claims it is because of work and his promise to stop using his abilities, a promise which he made to her.

Later, while interrogating a suspect, Matt's hallucinations of Sylar resurface. Sylar mentions that Janice is sleeping with Roy, which enrages Matt. This causes Matt to break his promise and use his powers to make Roy leave for good.


Sylar says that Matt is so desperate for Janice to love him, and she never will.

Strange Attractors

Matt has a nightmare in which he and Janice are making love. In the nightmare, Sylar takes control of Matt and also makes love to Janice. Matt awakens and Janice hugs him, commenting on how great he was. Later, Janice walks in on Matt as he is packing to leave. Janice is furious and demands to know why Matt is leaving. Matt explains that someone is talking to him because he pushed someone's thoughts into the person's body. Janice does not fully understand and Matt explains that the man is a killer and that he does not want Janice or Baby Matt being hurt. Janice nods but then says that Matt can stay home while she and Matty go elsewhere. She is about to tell Matt where they will be but he stops her and says that it is not safe for him to know. Janice nods and leaves.

Later that night, Janice returns with Mike. They find Matt sitting alone, drunk. He stands and announces that he did it before passing out. When he regains consciousness he goes to have a shower and Janice sees him talking to himself and laughing. She then becomes very worried.

Brother's Keeper

Matt calls Janice, leaving a message on her answering machine that he is all right, and that he has purged Sylar from his head.

Let It Bleed

When Lydia tries to use her empathy on Sylar, she receives visions of great love, one of which includes Janice and her family.

Close to You

Janice finds Matt on the couch and tells him about a job offer from her brother. She encourages him to take the job as a computer salesman and Matt insists that he just wants to stay home and take care of her and Matty. Janice sighs and leaves the room. Later, Janice asks how Matt's day was and he asks if she thinks he is a coward. He admits that he believes he is because a killer is loose because he wasn't brave enough to stop him. Janice tells him that he is not a coward and reminds him that he is taking care of his family, which is not a cowardly thing to do.


Janice opens the door to find Sylar standing there. Sylar introduces himself as Gabriel, and says he is a friend of Matt's from the 12th precinct. Janice tells him that he isn't home right now, and asks "Gabriel" if they have met before.

The Art of Deception

Sylar comes to visit the Parkman family, asking Matt for help to remove his abilities, due to his repentant attitude. He threatens to hurt Janice if Matt doesn't comply. Matt begs for Sylar to spare Janice, and when he does, Matt tells Janice to get out of the house. However, Janice doesn't move quickly enough and Sylar (who has had a change of attitude) pins her up on the wall. Matt is able to talk him out of his antics, and Janice escapes. Before she leaves she talks to Matt about Sylar and convinces him to do something to stop him forever. This inspires Matt to trap Sylar in his own nightmare.

11:53 to Odessa

Micah finds Renautas's list of everyone scheduled to be taken to the future. Janice Parkman's name is on that list.



  • Janice has had three different haircuts throughout the course of Season Four.

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