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Kaito Nakamura
Portrayed by George Takei,
Eijiro Ozaki (in 1977)
First appearance The Fix
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name 中村楓翔, Nakamura Kaito
Date of birth April 20, 1937
Date of death March 11, 2007
Home Tokyo, Japan; New York, NY
Residence Penthouse apartment at the top of the Deveaux building
Occupations CEO of Yamagato Industries, Company founding member & Official
Significant others Ishi Nakamura (deceased), formerly Angela Petrelli
Children Hiro Nakamura,
Kimiko Nakamura
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Kaito Nakamura (中村楓翔, Nakamura Kaito) was the husband of Ishi Nakamura and the father of Hiro and Kimiko. In 1963, he met Angela Petrelli and joined her and her friends in their mission to find and protect other evolved humans, becoming one of The Company's founders. Kaito was also a powerful businessman, serving as CEO of Yamagato Industries. Kaito never truly saw Hiro as a strong person until after his son manifested, after which he and Hiro grew close. Kaito was killed by Adam Monroe.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Kaito Nakamura: Season One History.

Kaito hires several henchmen to abduct both Ando Masahashi and Hiro Nakamura and bring them to him. Kaito stands by his daughter, Kimiko Nakamura, and tells the boys that they are to abandon their journey and return to Tokyo, Japan. Ando considers the deal but Hiro refuses. Kaito is furious, leaving Kimiko to plead. Hiro then devises a plan and forces Kimiko to stand up to Kaito and admit she is better at running Yamagato then Hiro could ever be. Kaito agrees and leaves Hiro on his journey, admitting that he should never have read him those stories.

In 1992, Kaito, a leading official (actual founder) of the Company, assigns Noah Bennet with the task of raising and monitoring Claire Bennet, warning that if she manifests, she will be taken.

When Hiro and Ando visit Mr. Claremont's shop to get the Kensei sword fixed, Kaito appears. He tells Hiro that he did not return to Japan and instead stayed behind to observe Hiro. He reveals knowledge of Hiro's power and quest to save the world, as well as hinting that he too was once part of a group that worked for that same goal. Kaito then tutors his son in the art of sword fighting until finally he is ready to kill his villain. However, the two then learn that Ando has gone off to fight Sylar himself. Not wishing his friend to die, Hiro teleports away, leaving a proud Kaito behind.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Kaito Nakamura: Season Two History.

Kaito's death scene.

Waiting for Hiro to return, Kaito sits with Ando and receives the newspaper. In it, Kaito finds a photo of himself, indicating his sealed fate. Kaito is worried and meets with Angela Petrelli. Kaito sends Ando off to fetch a sword and talks with Angela over his belief that "one of them" sent the threats. Kaito makes a remark about Peter and is slapped. That night, Kaito is pushed over the Deveaux rooftop by Adam Monroe.

Kaito's death is investigated, revealing him to be a Company Founder. Hiro also wishes to learn the reason of his death and so, travels back in time and visits him. Kaito and Hiro visit Ishi Nakamura's funeral before Hiro finally accepts the fact that Kaito has to die. Before his death, Kaito recounts his love and sense of pride for his son. He is then, killed by Adam. Hiro soon once again travels back in time, this time to 1977 and sees Kaito order Adam away for life. Kaito then comforts Victoria Pratt over the avoided tragedy that could of befalled them.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Kaito Nakamura: Season Three History.

Hiro, now in charge of Yamagato Industries, feels that he has no destiny. He watches Kaito's will with Ando. In the will, Kaito tells Hiro that he is leaving him with a sacred duty to protect the formula. He says that if it gets into the wrong hands, then the world will be in danger. He also gives some advice to Hiro, saying that if the formula ever does fall into the wrong hands, he should find "the light". Later, both Angela and Arthur Petrelli say that Kaito hid "the light" in a child.

Hiro time travels back to when Claire was given to Noah Bennet. Kaito speaks with Ishi about how she is dying and he tells her that he loves her. Ishi then begins to make arrangements for the catalyst and tells Kaito that she would like to give it to Hiro. Kaito disagrees with her and goes to prepare Claire. However, Ishi dies before he is able to arrange the transfer. Kaito finds young Hiro and future Hiro sneaking around his safe and orders the younger version to go to bed. He then tries to kill the older Hiro, believing him to be a thief. Hiro is saved by Daphne and Ando before Kaito can kill him.


In Hiro's imagination, Kaito is the judge in his trial. When Adam Monroe reads the charges, Kaito declares that if Hiro is found guilty, the penalty will be death. Hiro asks for a lawyer and Kaito allows Ando to become his son's defendant. Throughout the trial, Kaito listens to everything and takes in all the evidence that he sees and hears. When Hiro steps forward and claims that he knows he messed up but that he has tried to be a hero and make the world a better place, Kaito says that he is sorry and sentences Hiro to death. However, later, when Hiro accepts his fate and asks to change his plea, Kaito encourages Hiro to fight to survive.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Kaito listens to Chris Coolidge's concert. After Chris starts his second song, Kaito approaches Angela, Bobby, Daniel and Charles. He asks Angela for a dance, but she cannot understand him as he is speaking in Japanese. Charles translates for him and Kaito explains that he has come to New York to "escape his destiny". He and Angela dance and Angela asks if he knows any English, to which Kaito replies "Taxi", "How much?" and "Chelsea Hotel". Angela laughs and says that she will just shut up and dance.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Kaito watches the riot alongside Angela, Daniel, Charles and Bobby. When the others comment about how horrible the violence is, Kaito silently agrees. After they split to help the injured, Kaito gets Chris's attention by patting him and saying, "Zoinks." When Chris leaves to stop the fighting, Kaito becomes frantic and tries to stop him, but Chris does not understand. Angela wonders what Kaito is doing and Kaito moves her away as Chris is shot dead.

Later, Angela offers Kaito a place in their group, saying that she noticed that Kaito knew something bad would happen. Kaito agrees.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

In 1978, Kaito and some of the other Company founders discuss Mindy Sprague's recent actions at Three Mile Island and the resulting blizzard. After being informed that Mindy has gone "off the grid," Kaito replies that the situation has been made a lot worse. Arthur Petrelli introduces Kaito and the other founders to Maury Parkman.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

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Memorable Quotes

"My father is a very stern man. He is very traditional. He follows the rules and is very conservative. He's also very bull-headed. Once he sets his mind on something, he'll never give up. I guess I got my stubbornness from my father."

- Hiro (Blog entry)

"For close to thirty years, I have seen my son as a disappointment. A dreamer who excelled at nothing. It was not until Hiro began this quest that I saw his strength, courage and wisdom. There is a legacy that I am meant to hand down to him. No, I will wait for Hiro to return. I am a man of patience."

- Kaito (to Ando) (Four Months Later...)

"So you think one of us sent these?"

"Yes. For the pain we caused. The people we have killed. There is no end to our suffering. I sought redemption by helping Hiro fulfill his destiny to save the world. How did you help your son?"

- Angela, Kaito (Four Months Later...)

"We have the power of gods. That does not mean we can play God."

- Kaito (to Hiro) (Cautionary Tales)


  • In a deleted scene from Four Months Later, Kaito reveals his "special ability" to Ando. Kaito says he can "see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome." He claims he is faster than a computer and attributes his success in the stock market to this ability. This ability is similar to accelerated probability. In Season Three, this same description is used by Peter to describe Sylar's intuitive aptitude. However, it should also be noted that the deleted scene is not canonical, and Kaito has not been confirmed to have an ability. Of note, Bob said in the episode Four Months Later..., "The Company was formed thirty years ago with a group of like-minded individuals, ordinary men and women who were gifted with extraordinary powers." Kaito was one of these founders. Kaito's Primatech file also listed an ability for him, thought the file was damaged to the point of illegibility.
  • It is unknown whether or not Hiro's grandfather (who survived the attack on Hiroshima) is Kaito's father or father-in-law. (The Crane)
  • There is a bit of discrepancy as to Kaito's age when he died. According to his Pinehearst file, he was born April 20, 1937. According to the timeline, Kaito died on March 11, 2007. That would make him 69 years old when he was killed, and about a month and a half shy of his seventieth birthday. However, the US Press headlined his obituary "Yamagato C.E.O. Dead At Age 70". Though this could still mean they rounded up his age.



Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Kaito Nakamura for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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