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Kensei sword

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Kensei sword
Hiro sword.jpg
After a long journey, Hiro acquires the sword.

First mentioned: Collision
Owned by: Swordsmith,
Takezo Kensei,
Hiro Nakamura,
Daniel Linderman,
Kaito Nakamura,
Ando Masahashi
Current status: in Hiro's possession
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Hiro Nakamura sought and obtained the Kensei sword believing it to hold the key to focusing his ability. The sword appears to be a Japanese katana in style. On its hilt is the Symbol.



When Future Hiro returns to the "present" to give Peter Petrelli the message, he wears the sword on his back.

Better Halves

When Peter delivers the message to present-day Hiro, he tells Ando Masahashi about the sword. When Ando translates, Hiro is definitely impressed and begins miming a swordfight.


In a hotel room in Midland, TX, Isaac Mendez slips into a precognitive trance and paints an image of Hiro brandishing a sword at a dinosaur. Hiro observes that he really needs to find that sword.


In the Museum of Natural History in New York City, Hiro finds a sword which belonged to the legendary Japanese warlord Takezo Kensei. Believing it will help him focus his powers, he slows time and steals it from its case. Outside the museum, however, he discovers it is a replica: the real sword is in the possession of the Linderman Group. When he tells Isaac and Simone about it, Simone agrees to arrange a meeting with Mr. Linderman and gives him the Dinosaur Painting to take with him.

The Fix

In a parking garage, Hiro is determined to steal the sword to focus his powers. Ando points out the Catch-22: he cannot obtain the sword without using his powers. Hiro believes there is a way, and that the sword has many lessons to teach. Ando believes the sword is simply for killing.


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After delivering the painting, Hiro distracts Linderman's curator by asking for a shipping slip. While he is away, Hiro searches on the computer in Linderman's archives for "SWORD, KENSEI", where the container with the sword comes out of the filing system. As Hiro goes to get the sword from a ladder, the curator switches a security mechanism that locks down the archives. A security guard comes, only to knock the curator unconscious. Hiro triumphantly retrieves the sword, and as security enter the locked room, Hiro and Ando teleport to the future on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, overlooking a wrecked New York City skyline.


Hiro carries the sword with him to the future, where he encounters Future Hiro in Isaac Mendez's apartment. Both Hiros draw their swords on each another.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Future Hiro uses his sword five years in the future to threaten an officer. Later, while looking at his string web, he remembers when his former self used the sword to stab Sylar, but to no avail--Sylar regenerated from the stab wound. Finally, Future Hiro returns to Isaac's apartment, and encounters Hiro; both Hiros draw their weapons.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro and Hiro discuss the past, both in possession of the sword (a future and a past sword). Hiro is detained by Future Matt, where he takes the past sword away from him. Future Hiro, Ando and Future Peter break into the Homeland Security building to free Hiro. Future Hiro kills multiple guards then heads to save Hiro. After Future Hiro is killed, Future Mohinder gives Hiro the future sword and tells him to leave. Then, Hiro and Ando travel to the present.

The Hard Part

After stopping time, Hiro draws his sword to Sylar's neck. When bringing his sword back to attack, time resumes speed, where Sylar catches the sword, freezing it. Hiro and Ando teleport to Isaac's loft, only to find the sword is broken in two.


With the sword broken, Hiro and Ando find a repair shop to take the sword to. While there, Kaito encounters the two and asks to speak to Hiro. Hiro tells his father that the sword was broken while trying to kill Sylar, but Kaito tells him the journey restored his ability, not the sword.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

The sword may or may not have been repaired (it's covered), and Kaito hands it back to Hiro as he leaves to search for Ando. After teleporting away from Sylar, Hiro and Ando arrive at Yamagato Industries, where Hiro hands his sword over to Ando. Stating "It is not the sword, it is the man. This man is ready," Hiro takes Ando's sword and teleports to Kirby Plaza to battle Sylar.

When Hiro arrives in 1671, a warrior is seen brandishing the sword.

Four Months Later...

Fleeing the burning Otsu in 1671, Yaeko encounters Takezo Kensei and takes the sword from him. Though Kensei and Hiro both impulsively claim ownership over the sword, Yaeko explains that it was her father who made the sword, so she is the rightful owner of it.


After Hiro defeats Whitebeard, Yaeko rushes to give the sword back to Kensei.


Hiro teleports Kensei to retrieve the fire scroll, and hands Kensei the sword. As the ninety ronin approach Kensei, he takes the sword to the ready. Later, Hiro uses the sword as a way to communicate with present-day Ando by sticking several scrolls hidden inside the sword's hilt. In the present, the sword is still broken. Ando reads the scrolls in the hilt to track Hiro's progress in the past.

Out of Time

Upon destroying Whitebeard's camp, the Sword is given to Yaeko by Hiro. After one last kiss, Hiro teleports back to the present, leaving Yaeko alone with the sword.

Cautionary Tales

When Hiro and Kaito teleport to the day of Ishi Nakamura's funeral, Hiro meets a younger version of himself, wielding a toy replica of the Kensei sword.

Truth & Consequences

Hiro takes his sword with him to Primatech Research, where he finds Adam Monroe and Peter Petrelli. Hiro raises the katana, and charges at Peter.


Hiro is knocked out in his fight with Peter, and Adam claims the sword back as his own. Later, Adam uses the sword to fight against the Company's security guards. After Hiro teleports Adam to Aoyama Cemetery, Hiro reclaims the sword.

The Second Coming

In the future, Hiro swings the sword at Ando, but Ando blasts Hiro, apparently killing him.

The Butterfly Effect

While sleeping in a taxi, Angela Petrelli has a dream in which she sees a number of heroes brutally murdered; one of them being Hiro killed by his own sword.


Sixteen years in the past, Kaito Nakamura discovers Hiro (both the older Hiro from 2007 and the ten-year-old Hiro from 1991) in his office in the Deveaux building, opening his safe to retrieve the formula. Kaito sends the younger Hiro out of the room, and then accuses the older Hiro of being a spy and a thief. He grabs the Kensei sword (or a replica of it) from a display rack, and attacks Hiro, who uses a breadstick to unsuccessfully defend himself. As Kaito goes for a final strike with the sword, Hiro is rescued by Ando and Daphne, leaving Kaito stunned.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Present Hiro travels back in time to Midland, Texas on the day of Charlie's death to change events. After saving her from Sylar, Present Hiro approaches Past Hiro and tells him he is Future Hiro and Past Hiro has to go back in time six months to "save the waitress". Past Hiro accepts this but asks about the sword, aware that Future Hiro possesses it thanks to Peter Petrelli. Present Hiro claims he left it at home and convinces Past Hiro to go back in time.

Later, Present Hiro approaches Past Ando and tells him he's Future Hiro and Ando has to wait there at the diner for Past Hiro. Past Ando accepts this, but like Past Hiro asks about the sword. Present Hiro, exasperated tells him to "forget about the sword!" before convincing him to stay.


In his delusion after being given a chance to regain his honor, the Kensei sword appears in Hiro's hand. He encounters Adam Monroe wielding the same sword and the two sword fight. With encouragement from the real Ando, Hiro defeats his mental version of Adam and kills him by stabbing him with his sword.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady creates a board that includes a picture of the Kensei sword from

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro keeps a blog in which he writes extensively about his sword:

  • In his post "New York or Bust", Hiro marvels that he will have a sword as Future Hiro. He wonders what kind of sword it will be, but hopes for a katana. He also wonders if it's a magic sword.
  • In his post "Practice Makes Perfect", Hiro agrees that the right way to go is to get a katana.
  • In his post "Destiny Called", Hiro blogs about Isaac's painting of Hiro fighting a dinosaur with a sword. He notes that the sword seems pretty important, and connects the sword in the painting to the one Peter told him about. He says that Isaac painted what seemed like a two handed katana, and that Hiro must find it.
  • In his post "The Sword", Hiro writes extensively about the sword he found. As he puts it, "I've found my sword but not really. There was no sword in the sword." He notes that he found the sword in the Kensei exhibit, took the sword without permission, ended up in a dinosaur exhibit, and then returned the sword replica to the museum as it was donated by the Linderman Group. He declares his resolve to find the real sword.
  • In his post "Women", Hiro pines to get his sword back.
  • In his post "Hard Choices", Hiro expresses his focus on the mission to "Get the sword. Save the world."

The documentary Sword Saint chronicles Kensei's sword skills under the tutelage of the Dragon of Kiso Mountain, and how he used his sword during the "Trials of Takezo Kensei". Chapter 5 of the documentary delves into the mystery that surrounds the sword. Though nothing is certain, it is believed that the sword was embedded in a field of solid ice. After Kensei retrieved the sword, it was responsible for taming the undisciplined Kensei. The sword's existence was doubted for centuries, until 1977, when Daniel Linderman claimed to be in the sword's possession. Even when the Linderman Corporation would lend out Kensei artifacts to museums, the sword was never allowed to leave Linderman's archives. However, after the sword was stolen, mystery, doubt, and the rumor of a curse surrounded the sword.

Memorable Quotes

"I really need to find that sword..."

- Hiro (from Fallout)

"That sword is my destiny. The samurai's weapon must be used with honor. And respect. The sword has many lessons to teach."

"Swords are for killing. That's why they're sharp."

- Hiro, Ando (The Fix)

"I stole your sword!"

- Hiro (to Takezo Kensei) (Four Months Later...)

"My sword!"

- Hiro and Takezo Kensei (to Yaeko) (Four Months Later...)

"I believe this is mine, Carp."

- Adam (to Hiro) (Powerless)

"I left it at home."

- Present Hiro (to Past Hiro when asked where his sword is (Once Upon a Time in Texas)

"Forget about the sword!"

- Present Hiro (to Past Ando when asked about the sword Once Upon a Time in Texas)


  • According to, the sword is made of leather, steel, and wood, circa 1580.
  • The sword appears to help Hiro focus his powers. With the sword in his possession, his face seems calm and serene when using his powers, as opposed to the the intense effort he seemed to need before he obtained the sword. However, his father reveals that the sword has nothing to do with his powers: its all in his self-confidence and retrieving the sword gave him back that which is what caused his powers to come back and why he can use them so much easier.
  • According to one of Hiro's blog entries, Kensei called his sword 自由刀 (jiyuutou). Hiro goes on to say that he will call his sword 時遊刀 (jiyuutou) which Hiro thinks is a funny pun. Kensei's sword name, "jiyuu-tou", loosely translates to "Freedom Sword". Hiro's sword name, "ji-yuu-tou" (which is not a word), would loosely translate to "Time-Play Sword".



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