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Kimberly Arland

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Kimberly Arland
Kimberly Arland.jpg
Character Ngozi Badu
Origin Minnesota, USA
Gender Female
IMDb profile

Kimberly Arland is the actress who portrays Ngozi Badu in the Global News Interactive pieces.


As well as appearing in the Global News Interactive news pieces (Heroes Evolutions), Kimberly has also had roles in the films Repeat Offenders, The Suit, Lady Samurai (her first starring role), Paved with Good Intentions, Beast, and Star Trek, as well as in the TV series, You're Not the Man I Married. She is also credited as editor and assistant editor on the productions, Dinner For One, Intimate Portrait, and Shiloh Falls.

Kimberly appeared in Star Trek with Greg Grunberg, Douglas Tait, and Zachary Quinto.

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