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Kimiko Nakamura

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Kimiko Nakamura
Kimiko nakamura.jpg
Portrayed by Saemi Nakamura,
Satomi Okuno (in 1995)
First appearance Distractions
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Kimmy
Occupations Yamagato Fellowship President,
former CEO of Yamagato Industries,
former Yamagato Executive Vice President,
former Yamagato Multi-Division Head
Significant others Ando Masahashi (fiancé),
formerly Fumio Fukazawa
Parents Kaito Nakamura (deceased), Ishi Nakamura (deceased)
Sibling Hiro Nakamura
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Kimiko Nakamura (Japanese: 中村貴美子) is the elder sister of Hiro Nakamura. She is the president of the Yamagato Fellowship and is engaged to her love, Ando Masahashi. She is the daughter of Kaito and Ishi Nakamura and, following a change in the space-time continuum, she is the fiancé of Ando Masahashi.

Character History


At the Port Washington Harbor, Kimiko explains to Hiro that Yamagato Industries is failing. Later, when Hiro says he will take the executive vice-president job, she argues with him about his plans, ultimately revealing her intelligence and capabilities to her father. Kimiko then takes over the executive vice-president position, allowing Hiro to continue his mission.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

At Yamagato Industries, Ando says hello to Kimiko excitedly, but Kimiko greets him coldly, telling him that he should be getting back to work. Kimiko exits her office after 9:00 pm, and Ando, who was waiting for her all day, asks her if he could walk her home. She agrees, and they exit together. At the lobby of the building, Kimiko says that Ando stinks, but he is still a gentleman. When they exit the building, they encounter a group of sword-bearing bikers.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Confronted by a gang of Tokyo bikers outside Yamagato's front doors, Kimiko tells Ando that she used to date the gang's leader in school, but later broke up with him. Knowing the men are there to seize Kimiko, she and Ando flee. When a diversion is created, Kimiko kicks a biker in the face and takes his motorcycle. Kimiko and Ando are chased through Tokyo's streets, and are finally cornered. Scared, Kimiko worries that Ando's heroism will get him killed. However, the bikers run away, and Kimiko throws herself into Ando's arms. She kisses her hero, not knowing the hand her father played in the events.

Cautionary Tales

Kimiko attends her father's funeral with Hiro and Ando.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

While arranging flowers, Kimiko Nakamura reminisces on a Kensei story her father told Hiro. Kimiko then remembers discussing a large painting of Takezo Kensei with her father in their office in Yamagato Industries. Later in time, at Kaito's funeral at Aoyama Cemetery, Kimiko is approached by Kin Egami and advised by him to take over Kaito's legacy project: the Yamagato Fellowship, as it is part of the way Yamagato will gradually ease her out of the CEO's chair. Kimiko heads to the Fellowship during normal hours, only to find that it is virtually empty. She ponders closing the museum, and leaving Takezo Kensei to obscurity.

After taking her new role as new CEO of Yamagato Industries, two of her employees, Taro and Jiro, argue over who should get a PDA sent as a welcoming gift. Kimiko remembers her father's storytelling, where Takezo Kensei split the Sword of Oni when his followers argued over its possession. She grabs her father's sword from the wall and slices the PDA in half, telling them that there is only Yamagato, not individual employees. While they hold onto their respective halves of the PDA, Kimiko calls Dai, an employee of the Fellowship, and tells her they will expand the Yamagato Fellowship online to bring the stories of past heroes to the people.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Kimiko has since been forced to give up her position as CEO of Yamagato Industries to Hiro.


Hiro and Ando look at a photo of themselves with Kimiko taken 14 years ago at a carnival. Ando comments that he spilled a slushy on Kimiko that night and ever since then she has hated him and thought he was an idiot. Hiro comforts his friend, noting Kimiko doesn't think he is an idiot. Kimiko then enters the room, furious and calling both Hiro and Ando idiots. She is angry that the spent over 50 milllion yen on their "project" and takes it out on Ando as she believes it was his idea. Kimiko leaves telling them that they can have no more money.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hiro returns from visiting the past and wonders if anything has changed for Ando or Kimiko. Kimiko enters the room and tells Hiro that if he wishes to continue using it he will have to pay her rent. Hiro leaves the room and looks back to see Kimiko and Ando kissing. Ando reveals Kimiko and himself have been in love for fourteen years.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

Ando spills a Slushy on Kimiko, as Edgar superspeeds them by.


Kimiko goes to speak with Hiro and tells him that seeing as how they are both adults and the last of the Nakamuras, she would like him to give her away at her wedding. Hiro tells her that she will and Kimiko rushes to tell Ando the good news. Unbeknownst to Kimiko, Ando continuously tells Hiro to be honest with Kimiko about his condition.

Later, after saving Tadashi, Hiro speaks with Kimiko and tells her that he has many stories that she should know. Ando watches them both and smiles when Kimiko and Hiro hug each other. Ando enters but Hiro disappears, much to Ando and Kimiko's shock.


Kimiko is present in Hiro's memories when Damian affects them.

Upon This Rock

As Ando tries to understand the strange things that Hiro is saying, Kimiko comes in with the number of a neurosurgeon and insists on getting Hiro professional help because he's all the family she has left. Ando asks her to wait and insists that Hiro's statements have some meaning they need to figure out. She is confused when Hiro mentions the Danger Room, but Ando realizes he's referring to the X-Men and goes to leave, telling Kimiko that he's heading for the room where Hiro keeps his comic books. Hiro thanks Kimiko in his own way and she tearfully sighs and watches him follow Ando.


Young versions of Ando and Kimiko are called in to testify against Hiro. Adam Monroe asks them what Hiro did and they explain about the slushee incident that never happened and how they fell in love.

Brave New World

Ando tells Hiro that he woke him up from the best dream. It was of him, Hiro, and Kimiko back to work at Yamagato when life was simple. Ando tells Hiro that life can still be simple like that.

Memorable Quotes

"Thank you sister for showing me integrity. You've taught me to be true to myself and fight for honor. I take pride in carrying the Nakamura name."

- Hiro (Blog entry)

"Tell me where my brother is."

"The truth? He slipped out of space and time and is now most likely at a carnival fourteen years ago."

"Why do I even bother?"

- Kimiko, Ando (Jump, Push, Fall)


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