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Luke Collins
Luke Collins.jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Levi
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Luke's ability
Home Buffalo, NY
Significant other Joanne Collins
Child Dennis Collins (deceased)

Luke Collins is a father who, along with his wife Joanne, is seeking to avenge the tragic loss of their child, Dennis. Luke has recently discovered that he is an evolved human.

Character History

Brave New World

Luke, his wife and his son attend the June 13th Summit at Odessa and enjoy the various shows that evolved humans are putting on, such as Mick who is creating snow. Both Luke and Joanne survive the terrorist attacks on the summit and decide to seek revenge against evolved humans for the loss of their son.

A year later Luke attends a support group for evolved humans and, along with Joanne, murders all in attendance except for Tommy Clark, who had to leave the meeting early. Luke and Joanne track Tommy to Moe's Ice Cream and attempt to kill him and his friend but Tommy instead sends them away.


Luke and Joanne discover that they have been transported to what appears to be a child's play room with no exit. While Luke attempts to find a way out of the room, Joanne reflects on the fact that she has become obsessed with killing evolved humans and feels Luke despises her. Luke, focused on escaping the room, dismisses her fears and has her stand underneath the lights of the room alongside him. Luke then shoots the lights out and they are able to discover an exit.

Leaving the room, they find they are on Level 5 at the old Primatech facility in Odessa. Luke and Joanne take an agent hostage and are led to another room where Joanne opens fire on all the other agents in the room. Luke joins in and the two escape, shooting Quentin Frady in the arm and stealing Noah Bennet's car. While on the road they discover several files on evolved humans and Luke wonders out loud about the owner of the vehicle.

Under the Mask

While driving Joanne comes across files on several evolved humans, such as a couple the two murdered a few months ago. Joanne then asks Luke his opinion on their next target, offering Oscar Gutierrez as a possible choice. Luke is busy listening to a broadcast about evos and June 13th and decides to change the station. As soon as Luke tries to do this, the radio sparks, the car stops working, and the two decide to continue on foot. Luke comments on how the heat is already affecting him.

Luke and Joanne then go to get food at a diner where Joanne continues to express her desire to continue their hunt. Luke states that he wishes to travel to Los Angeles in order to see the ocean and remembers playing in the water with Dennis. A waitress then brings the two their food and as Luke cuts into his meat he notices his knife glowing red and his meat becomes more cooked. After arriving at Lido Motel Luke instructs Joanne to get a room as he stays outside for fresh air. Luke then begins to radiate light from his body as he screams out.

The Needs of the Many

Luke follows Joanne into a home as she kills a man. Subdued and ignoring his wife's elation at the kill, he questions what they are doing and talks about how the man had a family. He leaves with his wife as the man's dog nuzzles his corpse and whines.

Luke later stays shut in their room at the Lido Motel with the curtains drawn so as to limit the manifestation of his power. He tries to wave it away by saying that he has a headache, and asks Joanne to shut the curtains. When she opens them, a shaft of sunlight causes his hand to glow. She feels his forehead and notes that it is "like the surface of the sun", leaving to get him medicine and instructing him to drink plenty of fluids. After she leaves, he places his hand in the sun and picks the glass up with his glowing hand, boiling the water inside it. He stares at it, his anger mounting, then hurls the glass at the wall with a scream. He throws the curtains open and stands full-on in the sunlight, but his powers do not flare up; instead, the sky darkens and he sees the aurora caused by Malina.

In the car with Joanne, he mentions how he feels that he has lost his wife to her bloodlust, and begs her to stop their killing of evos. In a fit of anger, he incinerates the list she has with his powers, prompting her to point her gun at his head. He informs her, tearfully, that she can shoot him if she wants to. Instead, Joanne holsters the gun and leaves him, walking out of the car. Luke exits the car to watch her leave.

Evolved Human Abilities

Luke is able to radiate heat, light, and small electromagnetic sparks. Discovering his ability late in life, Luke doesn't have much control over his ability, and often manifests at inopportune times. When attempting to avoid using this ability, he wears layers of clothing to limit his exposure to the sun, and also shuts himself indoors with the curtains drawn, suggesting that Luke's ability may require the absorption of sunlight in order to be used, or may simply manifest more prominently when he is exposed to sunlight. The latter may be the case, as Joan notes that his head "feels like the surface of the sun" even when he is shut in a darkened room. (The Needs of the Many)

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