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Portrayed by Sally Champlin
First appearance Homecoming
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Waitress

Lynette is a waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX.

Character History


When Ando notices Hiro in the picture of Charlie's birthday party, he asks Lynette about it. She tells him the picture was taken about six months ago, and that Hiro and Charlie were close until Hiro disappeared weeks ago.

Six Months Ago

In the past, Lynette snaps the photograph of Charlie and Hiro together at Charlie's birthday party.


Lynette takes Mr. Bennet, Matt, and Ted's order.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Lynette arrives at work on her motor scooter. Just before she walks in she sees Hiro in his hospital gown, and comments on his butt, not recognizing him. Later on, while helping Charlie, she asks Hiro who Sylar is, shocked to see that Hiro has returned. Hiro lies, saying that Sylar is a doctor. Lynette, while skeptical, leaves the three alone. Later in the day, Lynette pays Charlie.


Lynette takes Matt's order. Sylar, while in control of Matt, comments on her nice personality. Sylar then taunts Matt with threats of killing Lynette unless Matt tells him what he wants to know. Unaware of the danger she faces, Lynette is confronted by Sylar who, as Matt, asks for a straw. Later she notices a disturbing note on Matt's napkin which states that he plans to murder people. Shaken, Lynette calls the Midland police.


Lynette is amongst those in Hiro's imaginary trial. When the court is ready to start, Lynette says "all rise". Throughout the trial, she sits with the other jury members and, when Hiro finally accepts his fate, she is in the group of people who encourage him to fight on for his life.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • After Charlie's murder, Lynette falls to her knees and weeps. (Chapter 2)
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Memorable Quotes

"Cute butt, hon."

- Lynette (to Hiro) (Once Upon a Time in Texas )

"All rise! The honorable judge, Kaito Nakamura presiding."

- Lynette (to the jury) (Pass/Fail )


  • Lynette is simply credited as "Waitress" for the episode .07%.
  • According to Saving Charlie, Lynette is the manager of the Burnt Toast Diner.
  • Lynette drives a motor scooter to work as seen in Once Upon a Time in Texas. Hiro takes this motor scooter when he goes to bring back Sylar to save Charlie and then return him.
  • Lynette has appeared as many times in the show's "present" as she does in alternate times, including twice in the past and once in Hiro's subconscious.


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