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Maya Herrera
Portrayed by Dania Ramírez
First appearance Four Months Later...
In-story stats
Known ability Poison emission (lost)
Home New York, NY,
Montville, NJ,
formerly Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Residences 6619 Mayfleet Avenue #305 Montville, New Jersey;
Apartment in New York City
Significant others formerly Sylar,
formerly Mohinder Suresh
Siblings Alejandro Herrera (fraternal twin brother, deceased)
Other relatives Gloria Herrera (sister-in-law, deceased)

Maya Herrera is an evolved human from Santo Domingo who made her way to New York City to meet Chandra Suresh in hopes that he could help her with her ability, which she believed to be a curse. She was originally on the run with her now deceased brother because they were both wanted for accidental murder. She lived with Mohinder, waiting for a way to get rid of her ability until he attacked her as a result of his ability, so she got someone else to do the job. She now lives in New Jersey trying to lead a normal life.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Maya y Alejandro

On the back of a truck taking Alejandro and Maya north, Maya reads chapter 5 of Chandra Suresh's book, Activating Evolution. While their desired destination is Brooklyn, the truck driver says he can only go as far as San Cristobal.

Four Months Later...

Maya and Alejandro are running from border patrol and they finally lose them in a small home. Maya admits that she is too tired from running and if they get caught people will die. Alejandro replies by saying that people will only die if they stop running. He then says they will be in America soon and they will find the answers they need there. The siblings continue to run. Maya and Alejandro fix a deal with a man who drives people close to the American border. They argue over whether Maya sits in the front with the driver scum or with Alejandro. Eventually the car stops and the driver scams Alejandro and twists his deal. Alejandro then punches the driver but the driver points a gun and then punches him back. Maya is taken by the driver and his friend and Maya screams that they have no idea what they're doing. Later when Alejandro finds the truck everyone is dead with black eyes that bled at one point. Maya is crying on the side of the truck.

Maya is told she carries something black inside by a curandera.


Alejandro and Maya arrive at the home of Nidia, a family friend in Guatemala who also helps people cross the border into Mexico. While waiting for night to make the crossing, another woman waiting there claims to be a healer and tries to cure Maya. She appears to sense a terrible blackness inside Maya, pronounces her cursed, and refuses to be in a group with her crossing the border.

That night, they attempt the crossing into Mexico. When border guards start searching in the area, Maya and Nidia become separated from Alejandro. Distressed by the situation, Maya's eyes start to leak black fluid. She tells Nidia to run, but the border guide soon sheds black tears of her own and collapses. Alejandro catches up and comforts his sister. He holds Maya's hands, and the black tears on her face become clear, his own eyes becoming dark. His power also revives Nidia, who declares that Alejandro and Maya are evil and runs away.


Maya and Alejandro are still in Mexico, only a few days from the border. Alejandro is worried for Maya so he tries to get them a car by breaking open the window of a Cadillac. A cop sees them and chases them. Eventually, Maya and Alejandro try to jump a fence, but Alejandro is caught and arrested.

Later, Maya tries to get Alejandro from the police station by pleading and trying to make the cop feel guilty. After failed attempts, she explains that she is a murderer. She then uses her power and causes the two cops and Derek to collapse. Maya breaks Alejandro out and he uses his power to heal her and everyone else. Derek asks to go with them because he has a car. The three run to his car, and drive away.

The Kindness of Strangers

Maya and Alejandro are driving through the Mexican desert when they spot a body on the road in front of them. Rushing out of their car, they turn the body over, presuming it is dead--it is Sylar, and when they see he is alive, they take him with them on their journey.

Maya shows Sylar Chandra's book, and Sylar tells her that he too is on his way to New York. Sylar tells Maya that he has read the book, knows Suresh, and can take them to him. When Sylar introduces himself as "Gabriel Gray", Maya remarks that it is "like the angel", believing that this is a sign from God that they are on the right path.

They stop to buy a newspaper, and Sylar asks Maya if the mugshot on the front of the paper is them, and despite being told by her brother not to tell the truth, she does, but says that she did not mean it to happen. Crying, her power manifests again, also affecting Sylar. Alejandro uses his ability to heal her. Sylar then drives away, using the keys he has stolen from Derek (whom he has killed).

The Line

Maya, Alejandro, and Sylar continue towards America. Sylar comments on her ability, but Maya tells him she has killed many people because of it. Sylar tells her of some of his previously working abilities like telekinesis and enhanced hearing, and claims he needs Dr. Suresh's help to get them back. When she asks why he wants his abilities, he tells her that he wants to be special. Alejandro wakes up and tells Maya to stop at the next gas station to find a coyote, but Maya tells him that they cannot leave Sylar behind. She tells Sylar that they will not leave him, and tells him that she is glad they found him.

When they finally get to the border, they find an opening. When the trio pass through, they are surrounded by a Citizen's Border Patrol. Sylar tells Maya to drive around. While the Border Patrol harasses the twins and Sylar, Alejandro and Sylar begin to yell at Maya, which upsets her. Her eyes turn black and the men fall down as Sylar holds Alejandro back from using his ability, allowing them to escape.

Safely within the U.S., Alejandro and Sylar fight, and Maya separates the two. Maya tells her brother she had to do what she did because it was necessary. Alejandro calls her a killer, blaming Sylar. Alejandro then tells Maya that she needs to pick between him and Sylar. She tells him that she needs both of them. Alejandro says he will stay, but he will not save Sylar again.

Four Months Ago...

Maya cries her first black tear.

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Alejandro marries Gloria. Maya discovers the bride making love with her ex-boyfriend from two years prior. Maya wishes the girl dead and, as her powers first manifest, kills everyone at the wedding except for Alejandro.

Months later, Alejandro tracks Maya to a convent in Zulia, Venezuela. He turns her over to the sheriff, but her power manifests again and the policeman falls to the ground. Alejandro holds her tight and discovers that he can reverse the effects of her power. Alejandro notices the policeman stirring and they escape from the town together.

Truth & Consequences

Sylar and Maya sit by Cook Lake, VA. Sylar tries to get Maya to learn how to control her power. He starts to make Maya angry by telling her how much her brother, Alejandro, hates her because Maya killed Gloria and Alejandro gave up his life for Maya. Even though Maya claims it was an accident, she gets emotional, and begins to cry black tears. However, at Sylar's urging, Maya manages to take control of her ability.

Maya rushes into the house to inform Alejandro of what she just did. However, Alejandro tells Maya that he found out that Sylar is actually a murderer who killed his own mother. Maya is at first in denial about it until Sylar admits it. He spins Maya a story about his mother disowning him because of his abilities, and how he was forced to defend himself against her. Maya believes it and moves closer to Sylar. Frustrated, Alejandro leaves the room, returning later to confront Sylar.

Sylar knocks Alejandro to the ground before stabbing him several times in the chest, killing him. Sylar lets Maya think Alejandro has gone off alone. Maya then leaves to New York with Sylar to find Suresh. Maya stands with Sylar in Mohinder's apartment as Sylar talks on the phone with the geneticist.


Maya is cooking breakfast for Sylar when Mohinder arrives at his home. When Mohinder tells Maya that Sylar is a killer, she misunderstands, thinking that Mohinder is referring to the accidental death of Sylar's mother. When Sylar takes Mohinder at gunpoint, Mohinder tells Maya that Sylar is a "monster." Distressed, Maya activates her ability, which affects Mohinder, Sylar, and Molly. Unwilling to kill the man who could cure her and an innocent girl, Maya deactivates her ability. Sylar forces them all to Mohinder's lab at gunpoint, making Maya and Molly sit down on a bed while Mohinder treats him. Maya tells Molly about her brother Alejandro. When Molly offers to find him, she says that he "isn't anywhere," meaning that he is dead. Enraged, she tries to attack Sylar, only to be shot. To make sure that it works, Sylar has Mohinder use Claire's blood on Maya, successfully reviving her.

Maya tries to convince Mohinder to destroy the formula.

The Second Coming

As Mohinder opens the door to his apartment, Maya attacks him in fear he is Sylar. Realizing it's Mohinder, Maya begins to question if he will ever find a cure to rid her of her ability. He claims that there is no way to rid Maya of it, enraging her. Her power activates, starting to kill Mohinder, but she realizes what is happening and suppresses it. Questioning her about what happened, Mohinder realizes that powers are activated by adrenaline. He extracts some from her for examination. Later, after running some tests, he creates a serum that he believes will give abilities to non-powered humans. Frustrated with the results that opposed her wishes, Maya storms off, saying the serum should be destroyed.

The Butterfly Effect

Entering Mohinder's lab the next day to apologize, Maya finds a changed Mohinder, who is diplaying a new attitude along with superhuman abilities. Mohinder guarantees that he is okay and that -- having found a way to grant abilities to the non-powered -- he will certainly be able to find a way to take powers away. The changed Mohinder then passionately kisses Maya and they sleep together.

I Am Become Death

Maya gets more and more concerned about Mohinder's refusal to leave his lab. She is currently unaware that the serum has negative side effects.

Angels and Monsters

Maya comes back to Mohinder's lab and shows him a missing poster of his neighbor. When she notices a trail of blood in the lab, she quickly leaves. Later, Maya returns while Mohinder is out, and she finds his neighbor cocooned to the wall, as she is trying to free him, Mohinder returns and she hides underneath a gurney. When Mohinder realizes she is there, she activates her ability. She stops before killing him and he attacks her, and then cocoons her to the wall.

Dying of the Light

Maya remains cocooned in Mohinder's hive.

Eris Quod Sum

Maya finally has her ability taken from her.

Maya is taken to Pinehearst by Mohinder. After Arthur takes her ability, she tells Mohinder to leave her alone. Later, she talks to Mohinder, stating that she wants to start over and make amends with her previous life.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder looks up Maya's information on a Pinehearst computer. He finds her address and phone number in Montville, New Jersey.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Maya is in her apartment in New Jersey when she hears Mohinder knock on her door. She goes to answer it but no one is there. She sees a piece of paper with her address laying on the floor, in Mohinder's handwriting. She is unaware that Mohinder, his mutation returning after the end of the eclipse, is hiding around the corner. She goes back inside and he leaves.

Graphic Novel:Libertad

Maya goes to the Angry Skunk Bar, in hopes of receiving a new identity, but she argues over the price of the service with Misha and the other trafficker. She says she no longer does any tricks. Later, she reveals that Rebel told her to come to this place. She plans to meet with the two traffickers, along with Angie and Harmon, that night. But, the plan is ruined when armed men are at the rendezvous point. Maya tells Angie and Harmon to get away from there and to lay low. The three go their separate ways.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder remembers Maya as a victim of his horrible actions under the influence of his mutated ability.

Upon This Rock

Maya's name appears in Noah's files.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood and Operation Splinter

In chapter 1 of Operation Bad Blood and Operation Splinter in the iStory, Primatech and Pinehearst both learn that Maya Herrera is the Kill Squad's next target.

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood and Operation Splinter in the iStory, Primatech and Pinehearst both learn that Red Eye plans to ambush the Kill Squad when it goes after Maya. In Operation Bad Blood, the Pinehearst contracted player infiltrates the Kill Squad in New York City as it prepares to go after Maya.

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood and Operation Splinter in the iStory, Primatech and the Kill Squad both learn that Maya has an apartment in New York City and pay her apartment building a visit.

Evolved Human Abilities

Maya and Alejandro both seem to believe that Maya is responsible for causing the deaths of people around them. They believe that they need to get to New York, where there is a doctor who can help her. Since they have been reading a copy of Activating Evolution, they are presumably seeking Chandra Suresh. (Four Months Later...)

When Alejandro finds Maya after she is kidnapped by some "coyotes", everyone else in the truck has died; their eyes have spilled black tears.

Maya's virulent ability manifests when she begins leaking black liquid from the eyes. Then, her guide to cross the border dies just like the coyotes. However, Alejandro is somehow able to reverse the condition, by gripping Maya's hands tight and praying. The guide comes back to life and flees, and all the black liquid is absorbed into Alejandro's eyes (Lizards). Maya later learns to reverse the effects of her ability without Alejandro's ability. (Truth & Consequences)

At long last, Maya's ability is taken away by Arthur Petrelli. (Eris Quod Sum)

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, the Heroes Reborn app was released with a video summary of Maya's history. The summary included:

Memorable Quotes

"Gabriel... like the angel!"

- Maya (to Sylar) (The Kindness of Strangers)

"¡Maya aléjate de él, él es un asesino! (Get away from him. He is a murderer!)"

"¡Yo soy una asesina! (I am a murderer!)"

- Alejandro, Maya (Truth & Consequences)

"You killed my brother!"

- Maya (to Sylar) (Powerless)

"¡Sucia! (You bitch!)"

- Maya (to Gloria) (Four Months Ago)

"You are different..."

- Maya (to Mohinder) (The Butterfly Effect)


  • Press releases have placed Maya and Alejandro in their mid-20s.


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