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Micah Sanders

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Micah Sanders
Micahsanders darkmatters6.png
Portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability Technopathy
Aliases MicahSanders500,
Hero Truther
Age 19
Date of birth December 1995
Home New Orleans, LA;
formerly Las Vegas, NV
Residences The Dawsons' home,
formerly the Sanderses' home
Occupation Elementary school student
Parents D.L. Hawkins (deceased),
Niki Sanders (deceased)
Grandparents Paulette Hawkins (paternal grandmother, deceased),
Hal Sanders (maternal grandfather),
Kelly Sullivan (maternal grandmother)
Guardian Nana Dawson
Other relatives Great-aunt:
Nana Dawson
Jessica Sanders (deceased),
Monica's mother (deceased),
Tracy Strauss
Monica Dawson,
Damon Dawson

Micah Sanders is the son of Niki Sanders and D.L. Hawkins. Micah is gifted with extraordinary intelligence, and cares very much for his deceased parents. Having a strong moral compass (though he has occasionally made less-than-moral choices), Micah believes there is a clear division between right and wrong. To this end, Micah (under the alias of REBEL), coupled with his own sense of morality and his ability, has set about contacting, warning, advising and leading evolved human fugitives all over the world. With the help of Leona Mills, he created an underground railroad for evolved human fugitives for them to escape being hunted down and captured by the Department of Homeland Security. The underground railroad is known as "Ellen", and is operated by LAWR and at least one other team under his leadership. He began it because of the capture of his family. He is an evolved human with the ability to control and manipulate technology.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Micah Sanders: Season One History.

Micah repairs his computer when his mother tells him to get his things and to leave with her. They go to his school so his mother can talk to his principal. When they leave, Niki drops him off at Tina's house where Micah waits a long time for her return. When Niki finally picks him up, she takes him home before taking him to the desert and eventually to his grandmother's house. He tells his mother he believes his father is innocent. Back at Tina's he reveals to Niki that he knows how she makes a living, and prefers it over what she is about to do.

Micah's family is reunited.

When the two return home, D.L. arrives and fights with Jessica, taking Micah after he knocks her out. Driving away, the two meet Hiro and Ando while saving a woman. That night, Micah uses a broken payphone to call his mother, instead getting Jessica, until D.L. stops him. Micah persists that they should go back for Niki, but D.L. initially refuses until Micah tells him about Jessica. However, Jessica is already present and shots at D.L. who phases to survive. After Jessica hurts Micah, Niki regains control and turns herself in to the police.

Micah then begins living with his father. Soon, he visits Niki in jail and later takes money from an ATM for his father. Niki is soon released and the family is finally reunited.

However, soon a woman poses as his mother introducing him to Linderman, who wants Micah's help. Micah leaves with Linderman. He soon realizes that someone is impersonating his mother, and tries to escape. However, Candice uses her power to keep him confined. The next day, she uses him to cause Nathan Petrelli to win in the election. Micah complies and then is taken back to the room by Candice. A day later, Niki comes to his rescue and the two go find D.L. who is hurt near Mohinder and Molly. He uses his ability to activate a broken elevator allowing them to escape to Kirby Plaza where they witness the showdown, and finally the explosion. Two days later he chats with Hana about D.L.'s condition.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Micah Sanders: Season Two History.

Micah helps Monica master her new ability.

Niki and Micah leave Las Vegas, where Niki brings Micah to live in New Orleans. Niki tells him not to use his powers, and that while she has to leave one more time, when she gets back, they'll be together. Niki and Micah approach a house and meet Nana. Micah has some troubles with his cousin Damon, who wants to watch a wresting match on pay-per-view. Micah uses his ability to gain access to pay-per-view, so Damon can watch the wrestling. Monica enters, and begins to get angry, but Damon tells her that Micah is a genius and rigged the cable. Micah apologizes, and Monica reminds him that his mother asked her to look after him.

Later, Micah finds that Monica plays the piano very fast, though she only saw Micah playing the same notes for a few minutes. Micah tells her he thinks he knows what happened with the piano. He goes to the television and puts his hand on it, and it turns on and off, explaining how he rigged the pay-per-view. He tells her he thinks it runs in the family, since D.L. could walk through walls, and his mother is also special. He shows her a 9th Wonders!, and points out St. Joan, the muscle mimic who can do whatever she sees. Micah tells her that maybe they should test it out, and after duplicating double-dutch and kung-fu, the two keep their abilities a secret.

Micah loses his mother.

Micah sees his mother, Niki, for the first time since coming to New Orleans. Niki explains that she has a virus, but that is it not contagious and that Doctor Suresh is doing everything he can to find a cure for her. Micah decides to give her something that will give her hope, his deceased father D.L.'s medal, and goes to find his backpack only to find it is gone. Damon explains to Micah that it was stolen. Micah is approached late at night by Monica who says she will get the backpack. Monica and Micah sneak out to the house where Micah's backpack is, then Monica breaks in and finds the backpack. However, the house is broken into and they find Monica, throwing her into the back of a van. Scared, Micah runs, leaving her there with them. Micah tells Niki that Monica has been captured by a street gang. They leave to go help her. They follow a GPS signal emitted by Monica's cell phone to find her location at a burning warehouse. Niki helps Monica escape with Micah's backpack, but Micah and Monica watch the building explode with Niki still inside.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Micah Sanders: Season Three History.

Tracy Strauss goes to New Orleans to search for Niki Sanders. She finds Niki's funeral, and when she tries to leave she is approached by Micah. Micah mistakes her for his mother but quickly realizes that she is not. He takes her to his room and Tracy explains that she does not know why she and Niki look so much alike. Micah asks her if she is "special" and Tracy refuses to answer. Micah reveals his mother's power and his own, before getting Tracy the information he needs.

Two months later, he communicates with Monica, who has become St. Joan, a vigilante. Micah helps her evade the police and overhears her capture at the hands of government agents. Micah returns home and finds that the entire Dawson family has been captured. He tracks them to a plane and then finds the crash site. He comes across Sparrow Redhouse, who he connects with. He and Sparrow are attacked by some government agents and narrowly escape capture. At a bus stop, Sparrow promises to help Micah. After finding a base of operations, Micah communicates with Sparrow and West and gets them to fly to London, to save a family that is under attack. They return with Abigail, and the Rebel team is formed. Micah leads a breakout from the Building 26 compound, overseeing his team as they bust out Nana and Damon. Before he can join them, he is captured by Thompson Jr., who demands his help in locating Sabine Hazel. Micah tricks him and alerts his team, who rescue him.

Micah obeys Tracy's commands and makes it rain.

Micah then frees Tracy from Building 26 and attempts to escape Washington with her. When Danko's men catch up with them, Micah learns that Tracy is nothing like Niki. Tracy makes up for hurting Micah, giving her life to ensure his safety. The Rebel team heads to India to get Molly Walker. Micah begs Molly for her help and they infiltrate a train loaded with prisoners. Micah and Abigail are captured and then released following a train crash. After learning where Monica is, Micah leads his team to an abandoned hospital but is sidetracked before he can reunite with Monica. He comes face-to-face with Sylar, who he manages to convince to help him. Sylar fools Danko and Micah sleeps at his apartment. When he sees that Sylar is having identity problems, he offers some help but is thrown out. Later, Micah meets with Angela Petrelli and Leona Mills. He reunites Leona with Rachel and then leaves to an unspecified location.

Upon This Rock

Micah's name appears in Noah's files.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

The hooded "Hero Truther" interrupts a Renautas commercial with a broadcast of his own, stating that he is here to expose the lies and distortions and speak for the silenced voices. He says that there is a war being waged out in the world, and that the casualties are neighbours, friends and families. He remembers sharing a hope with others that their species was capable of something extraordinary. He reminds the viewer of how that story began, and plays video footage of Claire Bennet jumping from the Ferris wheel at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. He recalls that hundreds of others were inspired to follow Claire's example by demonstrating their evolved human abilities on tape. While footage of various evo demonstration videos play, he remembers that they were considered the pinnacle of human potential, but that it didn't take long for them to become feared and labeled because of their abilities. He recalls the Evo Registration Act being enforced, and the numerous crimes against evos that came with it. At this point, he slams on the table in front of him in anger, causing the television screens behind him to temporarily shut off, then reactivate when he calms down. He then exclaims that it is time for EVOs to stand up and declare themselves to the world.

Phoebe Frady watches Hero Truther's broadcast intently from the laptop in her bedroom and decides to follow his advice by recording a demonstration video of her own.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

In another of Hero Truther's broadcasts, he states that history is repeating itself and that evolved humans have been wrongly portrayed as monsters. He says that it is their duty to tell their stories; the truth.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

In another broadcast, Hero Truther wonders how long it will be before evo registration is made mandatory, because some organizations have already started to perform genetic testing on evos. He reminds the viewer that every concession on the part of the evos is another signature on their death warrant. He encourages them to "Join the fight. Start the revolution".

A worried Quentin Frady asks his sister if she has seen the latest HeroTruther video in an effort to remind her of how worrying national registration is.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

Hero Truther creates another broadcast, informing his viewers that Primatech will open its doors on June 13th for a three-day summit. He stresses how important it is that as many evos as possible gather in Odessa shoulder-to-shoulder to show the world that they will no longer be oppressed.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin tells Aly that Hero Truther uploaded the entirety of Mohinder Suresh's unpublished book, Escalating Evolution, onto his website. When Aly storms out, Quentin pleads with Hero Truther to find proof of Phoebe's innocence. Suddenly, Hero Truther takes control of Quentin's laptop with a live video feed. Hero Truther tells him that he is sorry for his loss, and that he himself has lost more loved ones than he cares to count, but that taking over Renautas would be a battle they would lose. When Quentin says that they have to do something, Hero Truther says that the public would rather hunt them down than listen to the truth. Quentin tells him that he is at least partially responsible for Phoebe's abduction since she wanted to be like Hero Truther, which in turn led her to the Odessa Summit. Sighing, Hero Truther tells him that he can get him inside Renautas Headquarters, but everything after that will be up to Quentin. Hero Truther sends Quentin a parcel containing an assortment of items he will need to get inside, including a fake driver's license.

Later, in another video call, Hero Truther tells Quentin that he will have to copy Renautas's files manually, since he cannot do it with his cellphone without putting himself at risk.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Hero Truther tells Quentin to meet him at Olympic Coin Laundry, where he tells Quentin that he is an evo, and that his name is Micah. Using his technopathy, Micah shows Quentin a security recording that shows Phoebe crying in a dark room. Micah tells Quentin that he is assembling a strike team to extract Phoebe and others, and that he could use Quentin's help. Suddenly, the power in Micah's lair shuts off, and Renautas agents storm the building. Micah tells Quentin to find Noah Bennet just before he is tazed and dragged away.

Three weeks later, Quentin records himself saying that because Renautas has Hero Truther in custody, he is going to enlist the help of the one man left capable of exposing the truth: Noah Bennet.

Brave New World

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At the Canadian border, Tommy tells his mother that Hero Truther says that people shoot evos in the streets.


Quentin tells Noah about Hero Truther.

Micah's name is on a list at Primatech titled "Midian Assets."

Heroes Evolutions


As "Hero Truther", Micah uploads several videos to YouTube, each showcasing a different evo. The first video shows a well-dressed woman pushing a car with her hand. The second video is a Russian dashboard camera video that shows a truck smashing into a motorcyclist, but the biker is able to phase through the truck and not get hurt. The third video shows a young man as he plays a prank on his buddies by exploding his hand, then quickly regrowing it. The fourth video shows April Clifton leaping over a courtyard.

Micah also uploaded a fifth video encouraging evos to come together, reveal themselves, and end oppression.

Evolved Human Abilities

Micah has the ability to manipulate electronic and/or mechanical items. He can manipulate technology whether broken or working. Though his ability to build new technology is unknown, he did say he had created a new motherboard for his computer that he received from his grandfather, Hal Sanders.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Micah's history. The summary included:


Memorable Quotes

"He's going to heal the world."

"I didn't know it was sick."

- Candice, Micah (Landslide)

"I'm helping people. People like us."

- Micah (to Tracy) (Cold Snap)

"You can save us all!"

- Micah (to Sylar) (I Am Sylar)


  • In the unaired pilot, Micah is seen talking on the phone with the ticket sales office of a train station about a trip taking "a couple of hours". It is unclear where he is planning to go or why (he did offer to buy the tickets when he arrived at the station) because he is interrupted by Tina and is forced to hang up. Later, Micah has run off, along with $300 from Tina's purse. It should be noted in Tim Kring's commentary that Noah was simply ad-libbing.(In His Own Image)
  • Micah is currently one of the youngest characters known to have demonstrated a superhuman power, along with Sanjog Iyer, Molly Walker and Matt Parkman Jr. Samuel Sullivan was the youngest known character with a power, manifesting before birth.
  • In a possible future timeline, Micah was killed during the explosion in New York City. (Five Years Gone)
  • According to a deleted scene on Heroes: The Complete Second Season, Micah's birthday is December 5.
  • Micah took his mother's last name as opposed to the common taking of ones father's.
  • Micah hacked into corinthianlasvegas.com and found a poster advertising Richard Drucker's political writings bearing the title Libertad. He then used the name "Libertad" when acting as Rebel.
  • It is unknown what happened to Micah in the outbreak future or the exposed future. It is likely that he died in the former one.


  • While talking to Candice, Micah says he has a cousin who overeats and is very fat. This is possibly a reference to Damon. (Landslide)
  • Much like his late aunt Jessica, Micah appears to have a talent for playing the piano. (Fight or Flight)

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