Microwave emission

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Microwave emission
Microwave emission.png
Luke uses his ability on Daniel Simmons.
Held by: Luke Campbell
Ability to: Emit microwaves

Microwave emission is the ability to emit microwaves.



This ability appears to have different effects depending on what it is used on. When Luke used his ability on Sylar's mug, the tea inside boiled and splashed all over Sylar. When he used it on an action figure, it melted. Luke turned his ability on Daniel Simmons, burning his flesh, boiling his blood and giving it the consistency of water. Luke mentioned that it melts some things and burns others. He also mentioned that it produces interesting effects around pacemakers, but did not elaborate.


Memorable Quotes

"Some stuff melts, some burns, water boils. A lot like a microwave."

"That's very impressive."

"You should see what happens around pacemakers."

- Luke Campbell, Sylar (Trust and Blood)

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