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Molly Walker
Portrayed by Adair Tishler (Heroes),
Francesca Eastwood (Heroes Reborn)
First appearance Don't Look Back
In-story stats
Known ability Clairvoyance
Alias Ujala
Date of death 2015
Home formerly Los Angeles, CA,
formerly Brooklyn, NY,
formerly Chennai, India
Residences formerly a single-family home in Los Angeles, CA,
formerly Mohinder Suresh's apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Parents James Walker (deceased),
Mrs. Walker (deceased)
Grandparent Ida May Walker (deceased)
Guardians Mohinder's mother,
formerly Mohinder Suresh,
formerly Matt Parkman

Molly Walker was a young woman from Los Angeles whose parents were brutally murdered by Sylar when Molly was a young girl. Molly was taken into custody by The Company, and was later taken into the care of Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh. After being captured and used by Renautas to locate countless evolved humans, she decided to make sure her power would never be exploited again. She was an evolved human with the ability to locate anyone in the world.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Molly Walker: Season One History.

Audrey Hanson and Elisa Thayer discuss Molly's probable abduction after the murder of her parents by Sylar, but Matt Parkman uses his powers to locate her hiding in a hidden room in her home. As Matt later goes to see Molly to read her mind, they find the safe room where she was being held empty, and a mysterious man believed to be Sylar dragging her off. He lets her go when confronted and Matt comforts her.

Molly finds Sylar for Mohinder.

Now in the custody of the Company, Mohinder is told that Molly has the same medical condition that killed his sister Shanti, which prevents her using her powers. Mohinder treats Molly with antibodies from his own blood, realizing this is the cure. Molly shows that she is healed by locating Matt Parkman on a map. Mohinder tells Molly to hide as Matt and Mr. Bennet enter the room, Mohinder knocking Matt out and Bennet training his gun on Molly, creating a standoff.

Matt wakes up, and Molly identifies him to Mohinder as the man who promised to keep her safe, causing everyone to lower their guns. Later, she explains how her power works, and when mentioned, she refers to Sylar as "the boogeyman". She then locates Sylar, giving his location as Isaac's loft. Later, Matt, who went to find Sylar, calls Mohinder to warn him that Sylar may be on his way, though Molly, using her power, says "he's already here." The two escape the building with the help of Niki, D.L. and Micah and in Kirby Plaza, they all witness the bout between Sylar and Peter Petrelli. As paramedics take the wounded Matt away on a stretcher, Molly runs up and asks him not to die, that says that he is her hero.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Molly Walker: Season Two History.

Molly, now living with Matt and Mohinder, is asked by Matt about drawings that her teacher had shown him. She refuses to talk about it, and that night has a terrible dream. Matt hears her and reads her mind and hears her screaming, as well as a man's voice saying "I can see you". Matt asks her to locate his father, and Molly panics and reveals that Mr. Parkman is the person who can see her when she looks for him, then collapses in shock. Mohinder delivers her to the Company, thinking it would be better for her there.

Matt brings Molly out of her coma.

While in the care of the Company, Molly still experiences her dreams while in a coma. Mohinder tells Bob that he's leaving the Company with Molly, but she is still in a coma, and not ready to leave. Matt apologizes to Molly for making her look for his father, and uses his ability to go inside Molly's mind, where he finds Molly. He summons Maury, and leaves him trapped in his childhood home, escaping with Molly. He assures her that Maury won't hurt her again.

Molly lies in Mohinder's apartment, asleep, while Sylar strokes her hair, who tells Mohinder over the phone that he and Maya needs his help. When Mohinder returns, Maya is provoked by Sylar into using her ability, and Molly begins to succumb to its effects, forcing Maya to stop. After traveling to Mohinder's lab, Molly is kept with Maya, where she offers to use her ability to find Alejandro. When she tries, however, she finds that "he isn't anywhere". Maya confronts Sylar about this, and is promptly shot dead, causing Molly to scream with fright and run to Mohinder's side. Molly remains beside Maya until Mohinder uses the regenerative blood he collected to bring her back to life. Mohinder then protects Molly from the crossfire between the brief battle between Sylar and Elle Bishop.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Molly Walker: Season Three History.

Mohinder Suresh has sent Molly to live in Chennai, India with his mother. Molly enjoys India, finally having a home and friends. She feels like she has put the past behind her until she is contacted by Micah Sanders to help Rebel rescue Monica Dawson from Danko's team. Molly uses her ability to find Monica and goes with Rebel to Pittsburg. They rescue Lee and Claude, but could not find Monica. She tries to locate Monica again and gets worried because she sees that Sylar is close to Monica. Micah leaves Molly to find Monica and she realizes that Micah was just using her to find his cousin, which angers her. Molly decides to leave with Claude after Micah apologized.

Graphic Novel:Second Chances

Mohinder goes to see Molly when his girlfriend Mira Shenoy goes missing. He asks Molly to find her and Molly uses her clairvoyance to locate her. She sees Mira in her office, being attacked by a man. Molly tells Mohinder what is happening and tells him to go.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

One of the files that Quentin downloads from Renautas is titled "Walker System."


Under the alias "Zoe," Molly enters the Hotel Dean and watches as Francis continues his winning streak at craps. After speaking briefly with another woman, Molly approaches Francis and acts as his lucky charm, continuously blowing on his dice until the two decide to cash out and leave. In his room, Molly secretly grabs a knife and comments that Francis appears to be too dumb to have a system to be cheating and as such must be an evo. Molly throws the knife at him, forcing him to out himself as a telekinetic evo. Molly demands his winnings in exchange for her silence, but is instead attacked and dragged into the hallway where Francis chokes her. A hotel guest intervenes and Molly is able to escape with Taylor.

Later that night Molly and Taylor get a drink at a bar and discuss Molly's needs for money. Stating that some bad people are after her, Taylor offers to cut her a check as she is a "trust fund baby". Taylor secretly drugs Molly and brings her back to the crap player's room, revealing the two are partners and that they know her true identity. Francis calls an unknown number and informs them that they "have Molly Walker".

Under the Mask

Molly is being prepped to board a plane by Taylor and Francis as she frantically attempts to persuade them to release her. She is then dragged onboard and tranquelized as Francis is left behind. While onboard Molly talks to Taylor about how Renautas has picked up where Primatech left off and are collecting people with powers. She also lets Taylor know that Francis will either be killed or experimented on in order to figure out how to turn his power into a "freaking app."

At Renautas Headquarters Molly is saved by Quentin Frady and Noah Bennet, who had just discovered that he was with Molly on June 13th. Molly refuses to escape with Noah, stating that there is too much at risk before attempting to flee on her own. Molly is then captured by M. F. Harris and is taken to a lab and connected to E.P.I.C, a system that utilises her ability to locate other evolved humans.

The Needs of the Many

Upon being found by Noah, Quentin and Taylor, Molly informs them that E.P.I.C has no off switch. As Noah examines her, Molly steals his gun and tells him that he should never have found her. Noah states he just wants to help her and Molly tells him people having been telling her that her entire life, but instead just want to use her for her powers and that he should know better than anyone. Molly then tells him that she was in the hospital when his daughter died. Crying, Molly states that they all knew what was at stake and all agreed to do whatever was necessary to keep "them" safe. Putting the gun to her head Molly tearfully states that she was strong and never gave Erica the location she was looking for. Noah asks Molly what she is talking about and she refuses to explain, as she believes Noah would not "go back" if he knew the truth.

Molly tells the group that despite not being strong enough to stop Erica, she would not help her kill seven billion people. Molly tells Noah to forget the past and save the future before she sacrifices herself to stop E.P.I.C, successfully shutting down its global tracking.

The Lion's Den

Running away from Molly's corpse, Noah asks Taylor what Molly meant when she said that she would not help Erica kill seven billion people. Taylor doesn't know.

Later, in the Kravids' home, Erica tells Taylor that saving the future requires sacrifice. Taylor sarcastically asks if that is why Molly Walker killed herself. When Noah enters, he scolds Erica for causing Molly's death. Erica replies that Molly was part of something much greater than herself, and the only reason she committed suicide was because Molly couldn't get past her own selfishness and fear.

June 13th, Part One

Molly attends the Odessa Summit on June 13th and quickly finds Mohinder. The two have a quick conversation, Mohinder gives her a copy of his research and unpublished book, and Mohinder is called away to speak with Erica Kravid. Molly notices Mohinder hesitate but convinces him to go. Later, after numerous explosions, Molly searches the rubble for Mohinder but instead finds Noah and Caspar Abraham and the three head to a nearby hospital. Arriving at the hospital, Molly attempts to locate Claire for Noah and realizes that she has died but instead tells Noah that she isn't able to locate her. On Noah's request Molly then rushes to see if anyone has checked Claire in.

June 13th, Part Two

Molly, Caspar and Noah are informed by a future Noah of Claire's death and the the birth of her children who are prophecised to prevent Erica from destroying the world. Upon realising that Hiro Nakamura hasn't returned from the past future Noah asks Molly to find him. Molly concentrates and is unable to locate Hiro exactly, rather she is able to locate traces of his abilities (teleportation and time travel), tracking them to Odessa. Molly then accompanies future Noah to find him.

En route to Hiro's location Molly turns off a radio report blaming Mohinder for the attack on the Odessa summit. Molly states that Mohinder is innocent and future Noah agrees, revealing Erica set him up as a scapegoat. Molly tells Noah she believes he was right when he attempted to kill Erica. The two then discover that Hiro has lived the past fifteen years in Odessa, powerless. Confused, Molly asks how she was able to track his ability and Hiro reveals that Nathan can absorb powers.

Later, future Noah instructs Molly to moniter Nathan and Malina from afar and warns her that Erica will soon begin hunting her for her abilities. Molly reaffirms her commitment to the cause, stating she would rather die than give the twins up. Molly shares a hug goodbye with Noah before she is teleported to Chennai, India to see Mohinder's mother.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

In the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a Pinehearst file on Molly.

Evolved Human Abilities

Molly described her power as the ability to "find people". She had presumably been asked by the Company to find other evolved humans. The full extent of her power and what it could locate, beyond people, has not been revealed. At one point, she tries to locate the Hiro Nakamura from the future, but instead locates Tommy Clark as he has Hiro's powers as explained by Hiro.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Molly's history. The summary included:



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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Molly Walker for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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