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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability None
Aliases Noah Butler,
Emile Danko,
Ted Barnes
Nicknames HRG,
The Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses,
The Man with the Plan,
Abu Ghraib,
The Boogeyman,
Mr. Bag and Tag,
The Savior
Age 53
Date of birth August 6, 1962
Dates of marriage 1985
after 1988
Date of death 2015
Home Austin, TX,
formerly Los Angeles, CA,
formerly New York City, NY,
formerly Odessa, TX,
formerly Costa Verde, CA,
formerly Washington, DC
Residences currently a home in Austin, TX,
formerly an apartment in Washington, DC,
formerly a single-family home in Costa Verde, CA,
formerly a two-story home in Odessa, TX,
formerly a small rented house in Los Angeles
Occupations Car salesman at Zundermann Motor,
former chairman of the new Company,
former agent of Homeland Security,
former Company field manager, trainer and agent,
former Primatech Paper Co. regional manager,
former Copy Kingdom employee,
former Harry's Used Cars salesman
Significant others Julia,
formerly Lauren Gilmore,
formerly Sandra Bennet (divorced),
formerly Kate Bennet (deceased)
Parents Unnamed father,
Malina Bennet
Children Unborn child (deceased),
Claire Bennet (adopted),
Lyle Bennet
Grandchildren Tommy Clark,

Noah Bennet is a former agent of the Company who also served as its field manager and one of their trainers, and was originally based out of Primatech Paper Co. Having almost thirty years of experience bagging and tagging evolved humans, Noah continued his work as part of the Company even after his daughter Claire revealed the existence of evolved humans to the world, something that strained their relationship. After Claire was seemingly killed at the Odessa Unity Summit on June 13th, Noah had his memory of the event erased for an unknown reason and began a new life as "Ted Barnes". Noah was eventually tracked down by Quentin Frady, who set him on a path to discover the truth about what really happened to him and his daughter on June 13th, as well as what Primatech's new owner Renautas is planning for the world. Noah ultimately sacrificed himself to save the world by acting as the conduit for his grandchildren's powers to stop the H.E.L.E.


To most of the world, Noah Bennet seems like a typical, if slightly geeky, suburbanite father. His loyalty to his family and his loyalty to his profession are frequently at odds. While it's clear that he loves Claire very much and would do anything to protect her, his methods indicate a level of ruthlessness that conflicts with his genuinely caring nature. For example, while he seems to initially show real concern for Isaac's well being and rehabilitation, he does not hesitate to have Eden use her persuasive powers to make Isaac use heroin again when he believes he needs to make use of Isaac's precognitive abilities. Similarly, while his use of the Haitian's memory modifying ability on Brody seems somewhat restrained given his intense anger at the boy, the casual use of the same ability on Zach and even his own family shows that his dedication to his job — and to keeping Claire safe — knows no limits. He does seem to possess his own moral code, though, as his intense reactions to Sylar's murders and Eden's father's callousness attest.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season One History.

Noah's memories are erased after betraying the Company.

Spying on and confronting Mohinder Suresh, Mr. Bennet appears to work for an organization that is involved in the death of Chandra Suresh. But Mr. Bennet also has a non-work persona who lives and cares for his adopted daughter Claire, his wife Sandra, and his son Lyle in their home in Odessa, TX. He tries to protect his family from the dangers of his work using his partner, the Haitian, to erase their memories when needed.

Based out of the Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet, the Haitian, and Eden carry out the capture, evaluation, and release of people with special abilities. However, this work gets out of hand when two of the people, Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague, invade Mr. Bennet's home, burn it down, and almost blow up the neighborhood. They expose his daughter's ability and force him to send her on the run with his partner. Later, Mr. Bennet gets a new partner that exposes what he has done, and ends up on the run himself with Matt and Ted. Mr. Bennet decides they need to take out the Company's tracking systems used for locating people with special abilities. He sends one of his recruits to take out the satellite system while he, Matt, and Ted go to New York City to destroy another--the Walker system.

After discovering that the Walker system is a girl, they decide to rescue instead of kill her. However, they learn that a threat known as Sylar is near. Mr. Bennet uses Molly to locate Peter Petrelli to fight Sylar. He tries to help Peter, but is hurt and is only able to be a witness. Mr. Bennet watches Nathan fly Peter into the atmosphere where the explosion occurs. After the commotion is over, Bennet tells Claire that they should go home. Claire mentions that their house burned down, but Bennet tells her that home is anywhere their family is together.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Two History.

Noah faces seven out of the eight paintings.

Noah and his family have moved to Costa Verde as the "Butlers" and try to avoid detection from the Company. Meanwhile, Noah has teamed with Mohinder to take down the Company from the inside. Sandra picks up a newspaper one day and shows Noah an article about Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah tells her that he knew this would happen, and shows Sandra an old painting by Isaac Mendez depicting Kaito laying in a pool of blood. He tells her that it's part of a series of eight paintings, but that he was only given the first one and needs to find the rest. The Haitian joins Noah after being cured from a virus by Mohinder, and the partners seek out the paintings after Mohinder finds a painting of Noah lying dead.

Noah and the Haitian arrive in Odessa, Ukraine and find Ivan, Noah's old mentor. Noah interrogates the old man to find the location of the paintings, then kills him. In a warehouse, Noah and the Haitian find the remaining six paintings by Isaac, placing them in order. The paintings depict several things, including a vial, an angry blond woman, two men sword-fighting, Mohinder firing a gun, and Noah's death. Noah calls Mohinder, and warns him not to get too close to the Company when he discovers a painting in the warehouse of Mohinder holding a Company gun. Noah then returns home to Costa Verde where he discovers Claire is secretly dating West, even though Noah ordered her not to because it could jeopardize their safety. He then tells his family they're moving because of what Claire has done, but Claire refuses to go saying they should leave without her.

Noah's foretold "death".

Attempting to avoid his own death as foretold in the painting, Noah goes to find West so they can save Claire. On the way, Noah learns of Mohinder's betrayal and plots to stop the Company. He and West go to meet with Mohinder, where they knock out and kidnap Elle. Noah learns that Claire has been kidnapped and calls Bob to arrange a trade. During the meeting, Bob releases Claire and Noah releases Elle, who walk by each other. West tries to fly Claire away, but Elle shoots them down with a lightning bolt. Noah then shoots Elle and threatens to kill Bob, but Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye. Noah dies, but heals and awakens on a hospital bed in an empty room with an IV of Claire's blood in his arm.

While being held, Bennet tells Mohinder that he made a mistake by aiding the Company. Mohinder responds that he helped the Company save lives and stopped Noah's paranoia and violence. When Bennet is told that he was healed with Claire's blood, he panics and demands to know where his daughter is. Mohinder dryly answers that Claire is safe at home. He is locked in a cell and sits idly bouncing a ball against a wall. Elle asks him to tell her about her past. He tells her about the testing her father arranged to see the extent of her ability. Later, Bob tells Noah that Claire is becoming a problem. Noah smiles, but when Bob says that it's unfortunate and that they may have to take drastic measures, the grin on his face disappears. Noah arrives at his home, shocking Claire and his family. He says that he didn't plan any of this but has found a way to protect all of them. He has to go back with the Company, much to everyone's dismay.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Three History.

Sylar and Noah are assigned as partners.

Noah is released from Level 5 following the death of Bob Bishop. He shoots Sylar and is knocked out after learning that he can regenerate. Noah briefly returns home to Costa Verde, where he places Meredith as his family's protector. Noah returns to Primatech to hunt down the villains but is less than pleased with his new partner, Sylar. Together, Noah and Sylar manage to bring in Flint Gordon before they go after Stephen Canfield. Claire is outraged that Noah is working with Sylar and even more outraged when Noah tries to get Stephen to make Sylar disappear. Noah and Sylar's partnership ends shortly after that.

Noah recruits Meredith to be his partner and together, they rescue the victims of Mohinder Suresh. After bringing in Danny Pine, Noah takes Claire back to the Canfield house and begins to train her. During the eclipse, Claire is shot and is unable to heal. Noah uses this eclipse as a chance to hunt down Sylar. He finds him and Elle hiding in a supermarket storage area and manages to kill Sylar by slitting his throat. Noah returns home and is attacked by Elle and the revived Sylar. Hiro Nakamura arrives and saves the Bennet family from the two villains. Noah returns to Primatech where he, Angela, Meredith and Claire prepare to take down Pinehearst. They are all stopped when Sylar shuts down the building and traps them inside. After releasing the remaining Level 5 detainees, Noah is trapped inside a cell with Meredith, who is losing control of her power. Claire rescues Noah, who gets Angela out of the building safely after Claire kills Sylar. Noah then returns to get Claire out before Meredith explodes.

Matt digs through Noah's memories.

Two months later, Noah begins working with Nathan to capture evolved humans for the government. Claire is furious with her father, who once again tries to live a double life to keep Sandra and Lyle in the dark. Sandra finds out what he is doing and the two of them break up, forcing Noah to move out. He is captured by Peter, Matt and Mohinder, who use Matt's unique interrogation skills to extract memories from him. Via this method, it is revealed that Noah only began working with Nathan to keep Claire from becoming a target.

Noah returns to Building 26 after a meeting with Angela Petrelli and attempts to become one of the agents that Danko trusts. Following Nathan's exposure, Noah offers to give Danko Rebel, who has been helping people escape his clutches. Noah finds Tracy Strauss and offers her a deal to bring in Rebel. Unfortunately, Tracy dies and Noah is forced to bring in a different target, Angela Petrelli. Noah does not bring in Angela and, after learning that Danko has killed Sylar, becomes obsessed with finding out if the killer is really dead. Noah is fooled by Sylar, who changes his appearance in order to make Noah seem like a killer. Noah becomes a fugitive and meets up with Peter, Nathan, Angela and Claire at the Coyote Sands. While there, Noah tells Claire the truth about why he joined Building 26. Angela reveals that she intends to start a new Company with them but the meeting is cut short when Alice Shaw creates a storm that interferes with their plans. After their time at the sands ends, Noah and the others all agree that starting a new Company is a good idea.

Noah is soon captured by Danko's team and placed in confinement with Danko himself. The two of them agree to work together to stop Sylar once and for all and manage to escape following a mysterious event within Building 26. Danko goes back on his word and is stopped by Hiro. Noah manages to find Peter and Claire and soon rejoins Angela and Matt, who have found Nathan's dead body. Thinking quickly, Noah and Angela get Matt to force Sylar into believing he is Nathan, finally "killing" Sylar once and for all.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Noah Bennet: Season Four History.

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

The elaborate clue board that Quentin Frady creates includes Noah's picture and name.

One of the files that Quentin downloads from the Renautas root directory is titled "Noah Bennet".

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Three weeks ago, as Renautas agents capture him, Micah Sanders, aka Hero Truther, orders Quentin Frady to locate Noah.

In the present, Quentin locates Noah with his stolen Renautas files working as a used car salesman named Ted Barnes. As Micah and his sister are now in the hands of Renautas, Quentin sees Noah as his only chance to stop Renautas. He states that Noah left Primatech after the June 13th bombing and went off-the-grid. Quentin wonders if Noah knows that Renautas is continuing the Company's work and using Noah's methods to hunt down innocent people. Quentin believes that as Noah knows Renautas' methods, he's the only one who can stop them. Seeing Noah as "the man with the plan," Quentin intends to ask Noah's help in rescuing Micah and Phoebe and stopping Renautas' plans.

Brave New World

Before walking into the Odessa Unity Summit on June 13th, 2014, Noah leaves Claire a voice message telling her how proud he is of her for making it possible for evolved humans to be themselves out in the open without fear of persecution. He walks inside the summit to find her, but is stunned by a massive explosion. When he comes to his senses, he finds that the summit has been destroyed and thousands killed, Claire seemingly among them.

One year later, Noah has begun a new life as "Ted Barnes", a car salesman with a fiancée, Julia, in Austin, Texas. Noah soon notices that someone is following him. When his stalker follows him home, Noah confronts him in the street, and demands to know why he is following him. Noah's stalker reveals himself as a conspiracy theorist who needs Noah's help in discovering what really happened on June 13th, since Noah's name is on hundreds of documents that were shredded around the time of the incident. Noah tells him that Claire died that day and he has gone over it many times but can't remember anything out of the ordinary. Quenitn tells him he wouldn't remember if someone didn't want it and is then arrested and taken away, but he has succeeded in making Noah question what really happened that day. That night, Noah finds his diary and flips to the June 13th entry, finding nothing but a card for Lumiere Ophthalmology that tells him to "see more clearly". Noah looks up the address of the business, visits it, and meets René. Noah is confused, so René tells him to meet him at a park bench across the street, where they will talk. When they meet at the bench, René gives Noah his horn-rimmed glasses back, and then tries to strangle him with a wire. During the struggle that follows, Noah draws his old gun and René is fatally shot during the struggle. Distraught, Noah demands to know why his old friend tried to kill him and René tells him that he did it on Noah's own orders as part of his "perfect plan." Noah realizes that René wiped his memory which René confirms, telling him that Noah needed to forget. Noah asks René what he needed to forget, but René just tells him "its coming, its coming" before dying without saying anything more. Distraught and confused, Noah leaves the scene in search of some answers.


A distraught Noah cleans Rene's blood off his hands in a bathroom and flashes back on Rene telling him he needed to forget something and that "its coming." Breathing heavily, Noah stares at himself in the mirror.

Noah bails Quentin Frady out of jail and explains that he went to visit a friend about his memory and June 13th before Rene tried to kill him and Noah killed him in return. Noah explains that Rene's place was a front for some kind of operation and was cleaned out when Noah went back. Noah demands that Quentin tell him everything he knows and doesn't respond when Quentin asks if Noah will kill him too if he doesn't comply. Entering the car, Noah touches Rene's necklace which hangs from his rearview mirror.

Noah and Quentin drive along the road and Quentin explains that he was hired by Renautas to scan digitize any files relating to Primatech. Quentin tells Noah he eventually started reading the files, commenting on how ironic it was that a tech giant like Renautas bought a small paper company like Primatech. Quentin asks why Noah left Primatech and he explains he left after the Odessa Unity Summit where Claire had died. Noah wonders how he survived, telling Quentin he'd previously believed his memory loss to be from the trauma of the explosion, but Claire was at the summit too and he didn't save her. Noah needs to know why he didn't save her and Quentin tells Noah he believes Renautas was behind the whole slaughter. When Noah tells him that its not what the world believes, Quentin points out that Noah knows Mohinder Suresh and asks if he's the kind of person capable of mass murder. Noah admits that he's not and wonders why Renautas is framing, disappearing and killing evolved humans. Quentin tells Noah that's why he came to find Noah, because he figured if anyone had answers, it was Noah. Noah just tells Quentin they need to get to Odessa, Texas as he needs his files so he can locate Molly Walker, an evo who can track down anyone. Primatech had built a whole system around Molly ten years before and they need to get to her before Renautas does.

Quentin and Noah pull up outside Primatech's ruins where Quentin grows worried due to warning signs for deadly toxins as he hadn't heard anything about deadly toxins on the site and wonders if something was found after the clean-up. Noah tells Quentin he believes its just to scare people away from the premises and drives through the gate against Quentin's objections. The two enter the ruins where Quentin questions how if Renautas was using the site, why didn't they rebuild it, but Noah tells him Level 5 is where everything happens. Noah breaks through a celling panel into an intact hallway outside his office. Entering a secret room, Noah and Quentin begin searching through Noah's files for anything on Renautas or Molly Walker before Quentin finds a list of people absent from the summit. On the list is both Claire and Molly, surprising Noah as he doesn't remember any of it. Noah tells Quentin that all he can remember from June 13th was arriving at Primatech for the summit and then he only knows what the rest of the world knew. Noah is stunned at the realization that Claire was not at the summit afterall and thus did not die there as he'd always believed. Quentin starts questioning what it means that Claire didn't die at the summit and what it means for Renautas' plans causing Noah to demand to know what Quentin wants. Quentin tells him about his missing sister and asks if Noah had kidnapped her. After Noah confirms he didn't, Quentin tells him he has reason to believe that Phoebe didn't die at Primatech either on June 13th and the things he's found don't add up. Noah explains that he hadn't spoken to Claire in years after she came out to the world and he's upset that he didn't get the chance to make things right or save Claire. Quentin suggests that while there may not be answers at Primatech for him, there may be for Noah and offers his help in searching for them. Noah and Quentin agree to work together to find out the truth about what happened at Primatech on June 13th.

As they leave, Noah and Quentin hear the shots and Noah sends Quentin to the car while he uses the elevator to descend to Level 5. There, Noah finds a computer screen detailing "Midian Assets" showing how much each is contained. The screen shows Molly Walker, Data Lost. As Noah looks around in horror, he spots the barely alive Stevens and asks him what happened. Stevens explains that Renautas found a way to monetize the evos to save the world. Noah starts to ask how they will find the evos and then realizes that Molly Walker could find them. Stevens tells him that the "E.P.I.C system goes online tomorrow" and they can't find the evos without her. Noah tries to ask if Renautas has Molly in Midian, but Stevens dies before he can answer.

Noah emerges from the ruins of Primatech to find Quentin has been shot in the arm and his car stolen by Luke and Joanne along with his files on the identities and locations of all evos. Noah tells Quentin what he's learned: Renautas is using powers to create new technologies and plans to launch a new product called E.P.I.C. driven by Molly's powers. Noah promises to find something to patch Quentin up as they must now make their way to Midian, Colorado to stop Renautas.

Under the Mask

Noah breaks into a truck and begins hotwiring it as Quentin complains about not simply taking a faster method of travel than driving such as a plane or a train. Noah explains that after what happened at Primatech, Renautas will be looking for them so its not safe. Quentin complains about his shoulder wound and Noah promises to patch him up once they reach a gas station before they drive off in the stolen truck.

Noah takes Quentin to St. Jude's Hospital where they watch a report of auroras being seen further south than ever before on the news as they wait for Quentin to be seen by a doctor. Quentin suggests that since Renautas is using Molly Walker's powers to build new technology, the evos Noah bagged and tagged for Primatech may have suffered the same fate. At that moment, a nurse calls for Quentin and Noah tells him to claim that it was a construction accident and a nail gun as the bullet went straight through, meaning that they won't have to tell people that Quentin got shot.

As Noah waits, Dr. Moore approaches him and comments on how surprising it is to see Noah back at the hospital. Noah, not remembering the doctor, asks when he was last there and is told it was on June 13, 2014. Doctor Moore asks Noah to wait a minute before going and calling security. However, when he turns around, Noah is gone. When Quentin returns to the waiting room, he also finds Noah gone and hears that the guards are looking for him over the radio of a passing guard.

Noah pulls his gun on Norris and asks why the guards are looking for him. Norris explains that he put a guard in the hospital a year ago and as Noah can't remember, he demands that Norris show him on the security footage. In the security room, Norris brings up footage of Noah talking to someone off-screen, but can't get a shot on who he is talking to. He then finds him in the morgue where the footage appears to jump around like a time jump and Noah realizes that Hiro Nakamura is involved. Noah is shocked when he sees himself looking at Claire's body in the morgue as she didn't die in the hospital from what he knows. However, Norris is unable to get a better angle so Noah asks him to bring up the hospital records so he can discover how Claire died. As Norris complies, Noah notices something on one of the cameras and has Norris stop the footage. Noah sees himself walking through the hospital with Molly Walker and is stunned before nearly shooting Quentin when he comes in. Quentin tells him they need to get out of there and as the guards call for Norris to check in, Noah and Quentin flee.

Getting out of the hospital, Noah and Quentin take off in their stolen truck and Noah tells Quentin he was in the hospital on June 13th and saw Claire's body in the security footage meaning she died in the hospital. When Quentin asks how Claire could've died due to her power, Noah tells him he's been wondering that for a year and distraughtly asks why he didn't reach out to Claire and had the knowledge of how she died erased. Noah remembers that Rene told him he wasn't supposed to know the plan he'd made so he wonders if this has anything to do with it. He also tells Quentin about Molly being there and how the footage kept skipping. Noah tells Quentin it as if someone was manipulating time and the only person he knows who can do that is Hiro Nakamura who he also doesn't remember talking to. Noah suggests that Molly may have the answers they are looking for but if Renautas has digitized her powers they may be after the same answers which they can't be allowed to get.

At Renautas Headquarters, Noah and Quentin roll under a closing garage door after Molly is driven through in an SUV. Noah draws his gun while Quentin demands to know what their plan is now that they're inside Renautas. Noah apologizes then punches Quentin in the arm, reopening his gunshot wound. After making sure Quentin won't scream, Noah drags him inside Renautas. As Molly is being led to Harris, Quentin makes a scene, allowing Noah to sneak up behind the guards and pistol-whip one, forcing the other to disarm himself and then knocking him out. Noah tells a surprised Molly that she needs to come with them, but she tells Noah that she's not going anywhere with him. Noah tells Molly he knows she was with him on June 13th but he had his memory wiped and he needs to know what she knows about what happened. However, Molly tells him "there's too much at risk. You shouldn't have come" before running off. Noah tries to go after her but is stopped by Quentin who tells him that there's no time.

From behind a window, Noah and Quentin watch as Erica Kravid launches E.P.I.C, a system that will allow them to locate every evo on the planet which will allow them to scan anyone, anywhere at anytime to determine if they are an evo. Noah is horrified to see E.P.I.C in action which Erica announces is being used at that moment by first responders and select military personnel around the world to scan for any hostile evos. As Noah and Quentin watch, Erica tells her audience that the evos can't run or hide and demonstrates it by using E.P.I.C to reveal Myles Stevens, a man in the room as an evo. Quentin tells Noah that Renautas is going to find all of the evos now and if they can harness Molly's powers like they did, who knows what they could do with the powers of all the evos in the world. Noah tells Quentin they have to rescue Molly and destroy E.P.I.C.

The Needs of the Many

Noah and Quentin wait outside Renautas Headquarters looking for a chance to get in. Noah tells Quentin they have to get into the research lab and admits that it won't be easy. However, Noah reminds Quentin of E.P.I.C and tells him that with it online, no one is safe. Quentin worries that Renautas is doing the same to his sister and Noah tells him to follow his lead as they try to find a way in.

Quentin gets Taylor Kravid's attention before Noah comes up behind her and puts his gun in her back and tells her she doesn't know them, but she knows their friend Molly Walker who she's going to help them break out. Noah pulls Taylor into a secluded location, demanding to know what she knows about Renautas' research division and its security. Taylor realizes who Noah is, calling him "the original bag and tagger." Noah asks how anyone could put their own daughter into this line of work and Taylor tells him that her mother trusts her. Noah suggests that Erica just doesn't care if Taylor gets shot while Quentin tells her that he almost met Erica once after the summit bombing having just wanted a minute with her to ask about his sister. Quentin tells her that security was too tight for him to get close enough but now he has the chance to get all of his answers. When Taylor asks what they're hoping to find out, Quentin points out that Erica is kidnapping innocent people. Taylor tells them that they have no idea what Erica is trying to accomplish but Noah asks if she does and what it is that Erica is trying to accomplish by locking up and torturing human beings. When Taylor protests that Noah has no way of knowing that, Noah tells her that the people are humans and Taylor has to have seen that. Noah tells Taylor that all parents will lie to their children to protect them from the truth and he's not asking Taylor to betray her mother, just to question her. He and Quentin then let Taylor go.

Standing outside Renautas, Noah and Quentin witness an aurora much further south than it should be.

Having been convinced that her mother was up to no good, Taylor tries to get into Renautas' Research Division, but finds her access denied. Taylor then tranquilizes the guards and uses one of their fingerprints to open the door they need to go through as Noah and Quentin enter, telling them "let's go find Molly." As they walk through the Renautas hallway, Noah tells his companions that Molly is somewhere close only to be confronted by a Harris clone who tells them that "we don't want to have to shoot you, but we will." When Quentin questions the "we", two more clones join the first as the clones and Noah hold guns on each other. Quentin tells Noah that Harris, or at least one of him, was the person who took his sister. Recoginizing the Harris' as clones, Noah orders the other two on the ground on the count of three and ignores Quentin's objections. As they dive to the ground, Noah shoots a fire extinguisher close to the Harris', blinding them. The Harris' and Noah exchange fire, but Noah is able to see where he is shooting and kills the Harris' while he, Taylor and Quentin remain unharmed. Quentin is shocked when the Harris' dissolve into piles of salt, but Noah just tells him "welcome to my world" as they continue on.

Noah, Taylor and Quentin make their way into Renautas' research lab only to find many evos hooked tied to tables and hooked up to machines. As Quentin rushes off looking for Phoebe, Noah tells Taylor that all of the people strapped to the tables are evos who were smart enough not to go to the Odessa Unity Summit but couldn't avoid Erica. Taylor spots her lover Francis Culp and rushes over to him, asking Noah what her mother did to him. Noah tells her that he once knew a man who could harvest people's powers through their brains and collected them to use them for his own ends but Noah believes that Taylor's mother has found another way.

At that moment, Molly calls out to Noah from nearby and he goes over to try to free her, putting his gun away as he goes. Noah frees Molly's arms, telling her that she will be fine, but Molly tells him that there's no stopping E.P.I.C. When Noah reminds her that every machine has an off-switch, Molly tells him "not this one." As Noah examines the plug in the back of Molly's neck, she looks at him closely. He asks her what she wants and Molly tells Noah "you should've never found me" before pulling his gun from his pants. Noah insists that all he wants is to help her, but Molly tells Noah that people have been telling her that all of her life when all they really want is to use her for her powers. When Molly tells Noah that he should understand that better than anyone, Noah tells Molly that he's not proud of his past and would change it if he could. Molly tells Noah "forget about the past Noah. This is about so much more than you and me and June 13th" and that she was there in the hospital when Claire died. Noah asks Molly what happened to Claire, but Molly tearfully tells him "we all knew what was at stake and we agreed to do whatever was necessary to keep them safe" before putting Noah's gun to her head. Molly tells Noah that Erica tried to take everything from her but that she was really strong and she didn't give Erica "the location." Noah asks what location Molly is talking about, but she tells him "if I tell you, you won't go back and then we're all dead anyway." Noah asks what she means, but Molly just tells him that she can't stop Erica, but she won't help her kill seven billion people, stunning Taylor. Noah asks Molly to put the gun down so they can talk as she's the only one who can tell him what really happened on June 13th. However, Molly tells Noah to "forget the past Noah. Save the future" before shooting herself in the head, killing herself.

Distraught, Noah picks up his gun which Molly dropped when she died. As alarms go off, Noah tells Quentin they can't leave her like this, but Quentin tells him they have to go or they'll end up just like her. Noah reluctantly leaves Molly's body behind and flees.

The Lion's Den

Noah, Quentin and Taylor flee the room filled with the captured evos and manage to avoid the guards. Noah asks Taylor what Molly Walker meant by refusing to help her mother kill seven billion people, but Taylor doesn't know. Noah tells Taylor that Erica does and they need to find out and stop her so Taylor tells him that she's got an idea and leads them in another direction.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor reach another room with a lot of crates and Quentin realizes that they contain seeds from the labels on the crates. Noah realizes what they're seeing is a massive seed bank, the kind you need after an extinction-level event. Taylor realizes that Noah and Molly were right about her not knowing what her mother was up to and the three run off and hide as guards and moving men enter the room. They watch as the men start to move some of the crates and Noah tells the others that they are being moved for transport and to where is a good question to ask Erica. When Taylor calls her mother an evil bitch, Noah tells Taylor "evil bitch or not, your about to mend fences with her", causing Taylor to stare at him in disbelief.

Going to the Kravids' home, Noah has Taylor call her mother and pretend to want to meet with Erica to make up for her actions. Erica agrees to come home to see Taylor who tells Noah and Quentin that she was always good at fake crying. Later, Erica arrives home and confronts Taylor on her actions, telling her that their mission, to save the future that they squandered requires sacrifice. When Taylor questions whether Molly knew about that like Erica claims Francis did since she was willing to kill herself rather than help, Erica accuses Taylor of using drugs again and claims not to believe her daughter when Taylor insists she isn't. Noah reveals himself by stating that he believes Taylor and tells Erica "long time Erica." Erica is annoyed by his and Taylor's actions, saying Noah could've just knocked and that Taylor broke her heart. However, Taylor just tells her mother she thinks Erica no longer has a heart.

After Quentin angrily demands to know where his sister is and then mocks Erica's answer, Noah takes her into the other room at gunpoint to talk to her alone. Erica tells Noah that when Renautas took over Primatech, she considered him one of her greatest assets and is surprised by how they ended up with him holding her captive. Noah asks if Erica had anything to do with Claire's death and where Hiro Nakamura is. Erica assures Noah she had nothing to do with Claire's death and tells him that Hiro died at the Odessa Unity Summit. When Erica blames Hiro's death on Mohinder Suresh, Noah asks her if she's going to blame Molly's death on someone else too. Erica tells him that Molly was part of something bigger than herself but couldn't get past her own selfishness and fear. Noah asks Erica what's worth the lives of Molly and all the evos she has locked up and Erica tells him that its humanity and the planet and no cost is too high to save those two things. When Noah questions about murder being too high of a price, Erica tells him that he's grown soft and like most of humanity, he's not willing to do what's necessary while she is to give them a future. Noah asks Erica how this sacrifice of hers works, but she just asks him why she should tell him when he chose to forget to protect something. Noah asks her what but Erica tells him its a who. Noah threatens Erica with his gun, but Harris enters with the Kensei sword and orders Noah to put the gun down at gunpoint which Noah reluctantly does. Noah watches as Harris hands the sword to Erica who puts it in a holder. Erica tells Harris that Noah's friends are in the kitchen, but Harris tells her that Quentin and Taylor aren't a problem as he brought company.

A Harris clone holds Noah at gunpoint as another brings in Quentin and Taylor. As the Harris' and Erica discuss the situation, Miko Otomo breaks in to steal the Kensei sword. Noah struggles with the clone behind him for his gun, keeping him from shooting Miko. Eventually Miko retrieves the sword and teleports away as the two clones take Erica to safety. Before Harris Prime can react, Quentin hits him over the head with a vase, knocking him out. Leaving Taylor and Quentin to look after Harris, Noah retrieves his gun and chases after the two clones and Erica, being briefly seen by Ren when he looks outside, but can't find them, telling Quentin and Taylor that there must be a secret exit. Though Quentin wants to torture Harris for answers about his sister, Noah refuses and pushes down Quentin's gun, telling him "that's enough."

Game Over

Noah tortures Harris Prime by repeatedly dunking his head under the water of Erica Kravid's pool. Noah demands to know where Erica and Hiro Nakamura are and why Erica had Hiro's sword. Harris just tells Noah that Noah wouldn't believe him if Harris told him where to find Hiro and Noah resumes his torture. Harris reminds them that if they kill him, they won't ever find Taylor's boyfriend or Quentin's sister, but Noah continues undaunted. Finally, Harris tells them that Francis is being moved to one of Renautas' southern facilities in less than an hour and Phoebe is on her way back from Canada. While Harris can take Noah to Erica, Noah won't be able to get past security without him. Taylor takes off to find her boyfriend and gives Noah an ability negation system to restrain Harris with so he can't create any more clones. Noah and Quentin leave with Harris to find Hiro.

Harris is able to get Noah and Quentin past the front gate of the Renautas Research Division after which Noah has Quentin remove the ability negation system from their captive. When Quentin worries about what Harris can do without his powers being negated, Noah, holding his gun on Harris, tells Quentin that he'll blow off Harris' head if he tries anything. Harris leads them into the building and into an elevator, telling a guard to stand down.

In the lower levels of the facility, Miko Otomo appears and attacks the men with the sheathed Kensei sword and threatens Noah while Harris escapes. Noah tells Miko in Japanese that the sword belonged to a friend of his while Miko tells him it was her father's and was stolen by her sworn enemy. Recognizing that Miko is talking about Erica, Noah tells her that Erica is there enemy too. Calming down, Miko explains she was sent to rescue "the Master of Time and Space" which Noah recognizes is Hiro. He tells Miko they have the same mission and are thus allies. Miko agrees to work with them and Noah tells her that they have to continue before Harris comes back with reinforcements. Miko promises to clear a path in Evernow and teleports away. Noah tells Quentin that they need to get down to the basement and retrieves his gun.

Descending in another elevator, Noah tells Quentin that whatever Erica is up to has something to do with Hiro so whatever he's guarded by will be worse than anything they've face up until that point. Noah hands Quentin a gun and Quentin promises not to let him down and calls Noah "buddy" to his annoyance. The two arrive in a control room where they find Richard Schwenkman manning a machine. Noah fires a shot in the air causing Richard to yell at the scientists below who activate the machine and disappear. Noah demands to know where Richard sent the people and he refuses to answer, just telling Noah that he's messing with something he knows nothing about. Noah shoots Richard in the foot, causing Richard to tell him that he sent the people to the future. Noah realizes that Renautas has harnessed Hiro's power like they did Molly Walker's power and demands to know why. Richard explains that Erica is starting over and building a better world for a select few. Noah demands that Richard take him to Hiro, but Richard tells him that he can't as to trap Hiro and harness his power, they had to imprison him somewhere without time or space. Seeing Evernow on a nearby screen, Quentin realizes that Hiro is trapped in Evernow. Noah demands Richard get Hiro out, but he tells Noah that no one can. Ren emerges from the next crate that was to be shipped to the future and tells them that while they can't get Hiro out, Katana Girl can.

Richard demands if they really think Miko can help them and Noah tells Richard that Miko is their only choice. Richard explains that the real Miko died in a car accident and the Miko they see was created by her father Hachiro Otomo. Richard tells them that Miko is an aberration, a virus programed for a quest that will ultimately fail. When Ren refuses to believe Richard, he taunts them that the only way for Miko to free Hiro is to sacrifice herself as she will die if she saves Hiro.

Miko emerges from the game and tells Ren, Noah and Quentin that to free Hiro she has to overcome one final obstacle: herself. They then notice the elevator coming down and realize they have company so Noah and Quentin take aim at it. Harris and two clones emerge from the elevator with Phoebe Frady to their shock. As the Harris' fire at them, Phoebe extends tendrils of darkness, all of which Noah has them dodge by going into the room with the space-time bridge and then sealing the bulletproof doors after which Noah smashes the control panel to buy them time. gre As Harris tries to make his way in, Noah tells Miko that if she's going to go and save Hiro, she needs to do it now. However, Miko is unable to teleport and Quentin realizes its because Phoebe can dampen abilities with her powers. Quentin convinces Noah to let him try to talk sense into Phoebe so Noah takes Miko and Ren to deal with Harris and buy Quentin some time. As Miko draws the attention of a Harris clone, Noah shoots him in the back, killing him. He then draws Miko's attention to the second clone and she slices it in half with her sword. Seeing the power go back on, Noah orders Miko to go and witnesses Ren and Miko say goodbye before she teleports away. Noah then tells Ren to get to safety and asks if Ren can find his own way out which he confirms before boarding a cargo elevator.

Noah rushes to check on Quentin, finding that Phoebe is sending a tendril of darkness down his throat. Noah knocks Phoebe out and comforts Quentin as he dies, telling his friend that he did good. Harris Prime arrives with two more clones and four security guards. Noah warns Harris Prime that Erica will betray him as she's just using him, but Harris Prime still shoots at Noah anyway. To Noah's surprise, time freezes around him and Hiro emerges from Evernow. Noah happily greets his old friend and hugs him.

With time still frozen, Noah talks to Hiro who refuses to take him back in time as "changing the past is very dangerous." Noah angrily tells Hiro that Erica exploited Hiro, killed thousands on June 13, 2014, killed both of their friends and now wants the world to burn and will succeed unless Hiro helps Noah stop her. After a moment's consideration, Hiro tells Noah that by imprisoning him, Erica bent time for her own benefit which is a wrong that must be corrected. Hiro agrees to take Noah back in time to June 13th, but asks him to promise that they won't "step on any butterflies." Noah promises and Hiro teleports away with him, leaving the confused Harris and guards behind.

On June 13, 2014, Noah and Hiro appear in the parking lot of the Odessa Unity Summit. Hiro comments to Noah that its good to be back and asks if Noah has a plan. Noah tells him that he does and they enter the summit.

June 13th, Part One

Noah walks through the Odessa Unity Summit with Hiro, telling him that Claire didn't make it to the summit and died at St. Jude's Hospital but he doesn't know what time she died at and thus how long he has. Hiro asks Noah about how they stop the explosion and Noah explains that given the size and trajectory of the explosion, there were at least six separate bombs, maybe more that were all detonated simultaneously. Noah tells Hiro that the bombs go off at 11:14am and they have to find and stop them or everyone at the summit will die. While Noah suggests that they call in a bomb threat instead, Hiro tells him that they have to find "the smallest thread" to pull, the one that will unravel the least. As Hiro reminds Noah that they only have three hours to stop the bombs, Agent Stevens approaches them and tells a surprised Noah that Claire is at the East Gate. Noah tells Hiro that he has to find Claire and takes off to find her. Moments after Noah and Hiro depart, the 2014 Noah arrives at the summit, just missing his future self.

The 2014 Noah looks around the summit and asks Agent Stevens about the headcount. Stevens tells him that almost everyone has arrived and they are just waiting on a few keynote speakers. Noah asks about Claire to Stevens surprise as he'd already told Noah's future self that Claire is at the summit and keeping a low profile. Noah asks about Hiro as well to Stevens further surprise as he'd just seen Noah with him. Ignoring that, Noah asks about the lack of guards in the parking garage and is shocked when Stevens tells him that Erica Kravid had them pull all of the guards out of the garage and put them on the West Entrance. Concerned by these developments, Noah calls Hiro, but is unable to reach him as Hachiro Otomo has trapped him in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow.

The 2015 Noah leads Hiro into his office in Primatech, telling Hiro that its the only place left Claire could be as she'd sometimes come there after school to do her homework. Noah is disappointed to find that Claire is not there and Hiro reassures him that they will find Claire. Putting aside his disappointment, Noah pulls out his map of the summit and explains to Hiro that the explosion was centered in the underground garage with the bomber bypassing security and placing charges in three locations that took out the support beams. As the two discuss how they will stop the bombs, they hear footsteps coming and Noah pulls out his gun and has them hide in his secret room.

Moments after 2015 Noah and Hiro duck into the secret room, 2014 Noah enters his office with Erica as two security guards guard the office door. As his future self and Hiro listen in, Noah asks Erica why she rearranged security and though she claims he's overthinking it, Noah tells her she left half the building unguarded and he ran a dozen scenarios on security and covered every entry point, demanding to know if she even read the security briefing he'd made up for her. Erica insists that they're covered and their security is the best there is, telling Noah he should be celebrating at the summit with his daughter instead of worrying. Noah notices that Erica is very interested in Claire, but Erica claims that its because Claire started it all when she jumped off the Ferris Wheel, causing humanity to take a backseat to evos ever since. Noah is left angry at Erica's remark, telling her that evos are still humans which is what the summit is to remind everyone of. Erica tells Noah that evolution is only great when its controlled while random evolution is not, causing the 2015 Noah to shake his head in disgust. Erica tells Noah she'd think he'd understand that since he'd lived with an evo for so many years, but Noah just tells her she sounds like a bigot. Erica informs Noah that Renautas has "big plans that are going to change the world" and as she wants him by her side as he's smart, she's going to put him "on the bench." To Noah's anger, Erica orders her guards to take him to a holding cell. While the 2015 Noah considers intervening, Hiro stops him. Putting Noah's glasses back on, Erica promises to tell Claire that Noah has "been detained" when she sees her. Noah tells Erica that she will never get her hands on Claire, but Erica just has him led away.

After his 2014 self is led away, the 2015 Noah and Hiro emerge from his secret room and Noah tries to follow his past self. Hiro stops Noah, telling him that he isn't thinking clearly. Noah tells him that they don't know what happens to the other Noah, but Hiro reminds him that his past self will be fine as the 2015 Noah wouldn't be there otherwise. As Noah contemplates Hiro's words, Angela Petrelli comes down the hallway looking for him and mistaking him for his past self, tells Noah that she got a call from a nurse telling her that Claire has been rushed from the summit to the ER at St. Jude's Hospital where she is now in surgery. Hiro tells Noah "this time you save the cheerleader, I will stop the bomb" and Noah rushes off with Angela.

Arriving at St. Jude's Hospital, Noah asks about Claire and is approached by Anne Clark who tells them that the hospital did everything that they could, but Claire died. Noah is stunned when Anne tells him that they were able to save "the children" though. When Noah asks her about that statement, Anne reveals that Claire died in childbirth.

Standing near the empty incubator for Claire's children, Noah desperately tells Angela that he's watched Claire die "half a dozen times" and always regenerate so there has to be a way to save her. Angela tells Noah that the babies are important as she had a vision, a prophecy about them. Before Angela can explain more, Dr. Roberts enters the room, having been informed that Noah wants to see him. Noah asks to see Claire's body which the doctor refuses as its not protocol. Noah tells Dr. Roberts about how blocking a spot at the back of Claire's head will interrupt her power, but the doctor tells him that Claire died of cardiac arrest from a traumatic seizure during childbirth. As Noah continues to demand to see Claire, Anne enters the room with Claire's twins and hands the girl to Noah and the boy to Angela. Rocking his granddaughter, Noah smiles as Angela tells him that the twins have their mother's eyes, causing Noah to comment on how perfect they are. Noah hands his granddaughter back to Anne and tearfully tells Angela he has to see that Claire is dead for himself.

In a Primatech cell, the 2014 Noah is shocked when Caspar Abraham enters the room as he didn't expect Erica to be able to get Caspar to join her. Caspar tells him that he was surprised that no one ever really thought the "one of us, one of them" thing through, asking if an evo who turns on his own can ever really be trusted. Noah tells Caspar that he trusted him and Caspar tells him that he liked Noah and still does so he convinced Erica that Noah could still be an asset though Noah will have to forget a few things first. Caspar tells Noah that "either way its copper. You decide if its a penny, or a bullet." Noah angrily reminds Caspar how he saved Caspar's life in Tulsa, Oklahoma when a fire almost burned down a neighborhood, was there for Caspar when his wife left him and spent four years at his side. Caspar tells Noah that begging doesn't suit him and asks him if he remembers what happened in San Francisco. Realizing what Caspar means, Noah sneaks a look at the guard and confirms that he does remember. As Caspar grabs a penny out of his case, Noah tells him that "you don't have to do this." Caspar just smiles at him and Noah fondly goes "you bastard." Caspar drops the penny which rolls to the guard's feet and Noah and Caspar smile as the guard picks up the penny and Caspar erases his memory of their presence.

In the hospital morgue, the 2015 Noah approaches the sheet-covered body of his daughter. Noah tearfully tells Claire's body that he thought they'd have time to say all the things they never got to say to each other and regrets all the time they wasted fighting with each other. Noah cries as he apologizes for not being able to protect Claire and tells her that her children are perfect and promises to keep them safe for her. Hiro teleports in and sadly apologizes that they couldn't save Claire or anyone at the summit. Noah questions Hiro about his inability to stop the bombing and Hiro explains that he tried but "there were too many bombs. Too many butterflies. No matter what I did to save the summit, the consequences were just always worse." Hiro apologizes and tells Noah that its time for them to go home. Noah kisses Claire on the forehead, tells her goodbye then joins Hiro to return to the present. However, to both of their shock, Hiro's powers fail to work and they remain in 2014.

As darkness starts to cover the sky, the 2014 Noah emerges from Primatech with Caspar, telling his old friend that Erica is up to something bad. Caspar tells Noah that he never trusted Erica because she has "too much faith in analytics. Not enough in humanity." Noticing the darkness in the sky, Noah wonders what it is and Caspar suggests its an eclipse of some sort. Noah recognizes that its not a natural one and realizing that something's terribly wrong, grabs Caspar's gun and fires into the air, warning people to run. As people scatter, massive explosions rock the summit, causing a massive smoke cloud to rise into the air. From the window of St. Jude's Hospital, the 2015 Noah and Hiro see this and exchange looks of horror. Following the bombing, an injured Noah is helped from the wreckage by Caspar and Molly Walker. While Noah insists on finding Claire, Caspar tells Molly they need to get him to a hospital instead.

Entering the room where Angela is holding Claire's children, the 2015 Noah insists to Hiro that they go back in time again and try again to save the summit and Claire. However, Hiro refuses telling Noah that "fate is fate" and they are already risking too much by messing with the past as they have. As Noah continues to insist, Angela tells him that Hiro's right and there's no changing the summit bombing. Angela tells him that their only hope is to focus on saving what remains of the future. Noah asks what Angela has foreseen and she tells him that in a year there will be an extinction event. Noah realizes that Erica knows about the event and it is the reason that she is sending things to the future. Angela confirms this and tells Noah that Erica also knows that Claire's child is the only one capable of stopping the event. Noah asks which one, but Angela doesn't know and suggests that it might be both. Noah watches as Anne enters the room and helps Angela and Hiro feed the twins. Noah realizes that what he made himself forget was Claire's children so he could protect them from Erica. Noah realizes that protecting Claire's children is also why Molly killed herself. A stunned Angela realizes that Noah and Hiro are from the future.

Noah explains what he's learned to Angela and that in a year, Erica is still looking for Claire's baby so he must've done something right. Angela agrees that Noah's plan was sound and they have to hide Claire's children. Looking at Hiro holding Claire's son, Noah realizes that he knows the perfect place, the safest place for Claire's children to be hidden: the past. Noah suggests that by sending Claire's children further back in time, the babies will have time to mature and will be more capable of stopping the H.E.L.E. while Erica will still be looking for a baby in a year's time, not teenagers. Hiro refuses, telling Noah that its very dangerous and nothing they have done has worked so far. Noah tells him they need to try something else, something that will take Erica out of the equation. Hiro continues to protest as he doesn't believe the past can be messed with unless its fated. Angela tells Hiro that her visions are fate and they show that the children will save the world so they need to do this. Angela tells Hiro and Noah she will go back with the children and raise them herself. Hiro reluctantly agrees to take the children and Angela back to 1999, but Noah stops him as Claire never got to name her children. Angela names Claire's son Nathan after her dead son while Noah names her daughter Malina after his mother. Noah promises to erase the security footage so that no one would ever know the children were there and not to tempt fate any further as Hiro teleports away with Angela and Claire's children.

The 2014 Noah is led into a crowded St. Jude's Hospital by Caspar and Molly, insisting that he's fine and he needs to find Claire. Noah asks Molly to find her but Molly tells him she's sorry but she doesn't know. Noah asks Molly to see if Claire was brought to the hospital and she agrees and runs off. Caspar then leads Noah towards a bed to get some help for his injuries.

Waiting for Hiro to return, the 2015 Noah looks in horror around the hospital where massive casualties are being treated from the summit as a reporter interviews Erica on a nearby TV. Noah watches Erica brand the evos evil and villains and demand justice. Enraged and noticing that Erica is standing outside of the hospital in the interview, Noah goes looking for her. As the 2015 Noah searches for Erica, the 2014 Noah sends Caspar to get some water for him and spots his future self making his way through the hospital. The 2014 Noah chases the 2015 Noah as he follows Erica towards the parking garage. Fitting his gun with a silencer, the 2015 Noah takes aim at Erica as his past self sees what he's doing and runs towards him to stop him.

June 13th, Part Two

As a video supposedly made by Mohinder Suresh plays over the news, the 2014 Noah spots his future self making his way through the hospital after sending Caspar Abraham to get some water and follows him. The 2015 Noah equips his gun with a silencer and takes aim at Erica Kravid. However, as Noah fires, his past self tackles him, causing him to hit Erica in the leg rather than killing her. As a stunned Erica stares at the two Noah's, they both demand to know what the other is doing. As Erica is dragged into a stairwell by Quentin Frady and security approaches, the two Noah's duck into a room and the 2014 Noah demands to know what his future self is doing there. The 2015 Noah angrily tells his past self that he came back in time to stop everything that had happened that day. The 2014 Noah angrily asks about his future self coming back to kill Erica, but the 2015 Noah tells him that part was unplanned and puts his gun away after a moment of angrily waving it around. His 2014 self tells the 2015 Noah that "you stepped on a butterfly. You stepped on the biggest butterfly." The 2014 Noah realizes that Hiro Nakamura brought his future self there and asks where Hiro is. The 2015 Noah tells him that he doesn't know where Hiro is as he promised to be right back. The 2014 Noah tells his 2015 that he'd better come back soon or they'd have an even bigger problem.

After they are joined by Caspar and Molly Walker, the 2015 Noah informs his past self of Claire's death in childbirth. The 2014 Noah breaks down in tears at the news and his future self explains that Claire's powers somehow stopped working. While the 2014 Noah wants to go see Claire's body, his future self tells him that its too dangerous and he will see Claire again when he comes back in time from 2015. The 2014 Noah tells his future self he needs to return to the future right away and asks about how the 2015 Noah mentioned Hiro would be returning for him soon. The 2015 Noah tells his companions that he had Angela take the babies into the past to protect them from Erica causing his past self to angrily remind him that he shot Erica who saw both of them. As the 2015 Noah tries to defend his actions as a momentary lapse, his past self tells him that he changed things and when he returns to 2015, everything could be different as a result. Needing to find Hiro, the 2015 Noah asks Molly to locate Hiro for him. Molly is unable to detect Hiro himself, but finds his powers still in Odessa. Noah tells Molly they need to get to Hiro and tells his past self that he needs to forget the whole day, especially about Claire and her children. Recognizing that its the only way to protect Claire's children, the 2014 Noah agrees and decides to find Rene. Knowing that Rene will die if the 2014 Noah uses him to erase his memory, the 2015 Noah tells his past self to use Caspar instead and leaves with Molly to find Hiro.

After the 2015 Noah leaves, Caspar prepares to erase the 2014 Noah's memory. However, Noah tells Caspar not to do it there but rather at the ruins of the Odessa Unity Summit where it would seem like he hit his head and lost his memory that way rather than an intentional memory wipe. As they go to leave the room, Caspar is pistol-whipped by a Harris clone, knocking him out and Noah is captured by the clone.

In a storage room, the Harris clone holds the 2014 Noah at gunpoint. Noah tells the clone that he won't tell him anything, but the clone tells him that he doesn't need to. To Noah's surprise, Matt Parkman enters the room and Noah realizes that Matt is now working for Erica. Matt explains that he struggled for everything he ever got before he finally sold his ability to the highest bidder: Erica and Renautas. Noah tells Matt that Erica and Renautas aren't helping evos, but Matt says that even if they help a few, its good enough for him as he sees Erica as their best hope. Noah removes his glasses and allows Matt to read his mind. Matt learns of Claire's death and informs the Harris clone while expressing his sorrow to Noah. Noah just tells Matt to "go to Hell" and puts back on his glasses as he stops cooperating. Matt is able to learn from Noah's mind that Claire died in childbirth but before he can learn more, Noah spots a penny spinning across the ground, realizes what's happening and steps on it. As Matt tries to read his mind to find out what happened to the baby, he discovers that all of Noah's memories of the day's events are gone and Matt can learn no more from him. The Harris clone prepares to shoot Noah, but is hit over the head and knocked out by Caspar who had erased Noah's memory of the entire day. Matt gets the Harris clone's gun, but ultimately chooses not to shoot Noah and Caspar, instead telling Caspar to get Noah out of there. As Matt stays behind, Caspar leads Noah out of the hospital.

Following Molly's directions, the 2015 Noah makes his way towards where Molly senses Hiro's powers to be. When the newscaster on the radio starts talking about Mohinder being behind the bombing, Molly angrily turns the radio off and tells Noah that its impossible for Mohinder to have been the bomber as she was with him that morning. Noah agrees, telling Molly that Erica has turned Mohinder into her scapegoat causing Molly to tell Noah that he did the right thing trying to kill Erica as she deserves a bullet. Arriving at the house Molly leads him to, Noah draws his gun, wondering why Hiro would be at the house rather than the hospital. As Noah goes to ring the doorbell, the door opens and an older Hiro steps out, telling Noah "its about time my old friend." Though stunned by Hiro's older appearance, Noah smiles at him and his greeting.

In Hiro's house, Noah looks at a picture of Hiro with his family as Hiro tells him that reliving the day was worse than he anticipated. Hiro asks Noah about the story about an evo trying to assassinate Erica and if it was him. Noah confirms it was, telling Hiro that he had to try to stop Erica. Hiro tells Noah that while he doesn't regret the years he committed to Noah's plan and living without his powers, Noah has no idea what changes he made to the future with his actions. Molly asks Hiro how she tracked him if he doesn't have his powers and Hiro explains that Molly tracked Nathan who absorbed Claire's power which Noah realizes is the reason Claire couldn't heal and died. Hiro tells Noah that Nathan later absorbed Hiro's own power but can only keep one power at a time. As Hiro and Angela kept Nathan separated from his sister, Nathan has absorbed no other power and still possesses Hiro's. Moments later, a teenage boy enters the room and asks Hiro in Japanesse if Noah is "him." Hiro introduces a smiling Noah to his grandson who hugs Noah and tells him that he's been waiting for him. Noah is stunned as Nathan was a baby in his arms a few hours before and is now a teenager and comments how Nathan has Claire's smile. Hiro tells Noah he believes that he was freed from Evernow to raise Nathan and had help in the form of Anne Clark who Noah recognizes as the nurse from the hospital who informed him of Claire's death. Hiro explains that he and Anne fell in love and raised Nathan together. Anne asks about how the H.E.L.E. isn't supposed to happen for another year, but Nathan tells them that if its time, he's ready. Noah tells Nathan they need to keep him safe for another year and Noah needs to figure out a way back to his own time. When Molly reminds him that he's lost his ride, Hiro tells him "not necessarily" and looks to Nathan. Before they can discuss the matter further, a Harris clone bursts in and holds a gun to Nathan's neck. Noah aims his gun at the Harris clone in a stand-off and signals Nathan who teleports the clone across the room. Once the clone emerges from the teleport, Noah shoots him dead. Noah realizes that Renautas is onto them and they have to warn Angela. Noah asks Nathan if he can take him to Angela and Nathan agrees to do it.

Caspar leads the 2014 Noah into the wreckage of the summit and erases his memory of everything that happened since he rescued Noah from Matt. Noah picks up his glasses and looks around the carnage in horror, asking a nearby paramedic who did it. To Noah's shock, the paramedic tells him that evos did it. Walking through the carnage, Noah calls out to Claire and is found by Julia who tells him to come with her and she'll help him. The two walk away together with Julia supporting the still-injured Noah.

At Angela's home, she tells Noah she knew he was coming as she had a dream featuring "an old wolf wearing a crown of thorns" which she knew could only be Noah. Noah watches as Nathan and Angela banter back and forth and realizes that the girl he sees in the distance is Malina. Angela pulls Noah aside and tells him that he'd better have a good reason for bringing Nathan there. Noah tells Angela that Erica and Renautas found Nathan. Though Angela protests that they took every precaution, Noah tells her that he undid all of them when he shot Erica. Hearing this, Angela tells Noah about her dreams, describing them as "fire raining down, blood everywhere and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa, its hands stuck at 11:53." Noah is surprised to hear that the world will be saved in Odessa and Angela tells him "that's the way the world ends Noah: under a burning Texas sky." Noah asks Angela how long they have left and Angela tells him that when the magnetic poles shift, animal migration will be disrupted and he will see birds and butterflies all flying in the wrong direction followed by the Northern Lights appearing further south than ever before. Noah tells Angela that those events have already begun in his time and Erica has given up on humanity and "just wants to let the world burn." Angela angrily tells Noah that she knows, but Nathan and Malina have given them another way. Overhearing, Nathan tells them that he and Malina are going to save "every last one of them", causing Angela to fondly comment that Nathan really is a Petrelli. As Noah prepares to leave, Angela tells him to stay in touch with Hiro and Nathan and to find them when the time is right while she makes sure Malina makes her way to her brother. Angela then takes a picture of Nathan to help Malina find him.

That night, Caspar tells Noah that Erica is onto the other Noah but Caspar took care of him and most of the day has been erased from the 2014 Noah's mind. Noah is pleased, telling Caspar that it must remain that way as Claire's kids must remain hidden at all costs. Noah asks Caspar to watch over Nathan and keep his identity a secret and Caspar promises that "no one will remember otherwise." Noah tells Molly to monitor Nathan and Malina remotely and to keep tabs on everybody, but warns her that Erica will come after her because of her power. Molly promises that she'd rather die than give up Nathan and Malina and Noah sadly embraces her, knowing that's just what will happen. After Nathan teleports Molly away, Noah tells Nathan that its his turn and promises to see Nathan in a year. After the two hug goodbye, Nathan teleports Noah back to 2015.

In 2015, Noah appears in midair outside the Renautas Research Division. To his surprise, Quentin approaches him as Noah believed him to be dead. Quentin tells Noah its no thanks to him as Harris nearly took his head off before realizing that Noah successfully traveled to the past and back. Noah tells Quentin that Claire had two babies and he had his memory wiped to protect the babies. Noah tells the surprised Quentin that the babies are twins, a boy and a girl who are now sixteen and he needs to find them and get them to Odessa. As Noah goes to find his dropped gun, he doesn't notice Quentin, now on Erica's side due to Noah's meddling in time, calling Erica to inform her that they are looking for twins and Noah will lead them to the twins to Erica's satisfaction.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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11:53 to Odessa

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Project Reborn

In 2008 as they test Nathan and Malina's ability to combine powers, Rene asks whether or not Noah should know but Angela tells him that Noah's plan hinges on him not knowing. As a future Tommy observes, he learns that he and Malina need a conduit to safely channel their powers, but it would have to be someone willing to die to save the world. Tommy realizes that he needs Noah and teleports away.

Two days before the H.E.L.E. strikes, Tommy teleports Noah away from a flying car and sends him back to 2008 to see for himself what Tommy needs him for. Noah watches the testing and as Angela then tells Rene that there was a third faceless figure in her dream of the twins saving the world and that this figure must be their conduit. As Rene wonders who it could be, Angela seems to look right through the window at Noah and states that she has a pretty good idea of who it is. Tommy returns and tells Noah he had to see this in order to understand what Tommy's asking him to do. Tommy tells Noah he tried to stop the H.E.L.E. "a thousand times" and failed before following Hiro's advice and following "the tinniest thread, the smallest butterfly" to find the key to changing events while time traveling. His search led him to Noah as the key to changing the future and Noah orders Tommy to take them to Odessa, to "the end of the world."

Arriving in Gateway as Malina struggles to hold back the H.E.L.E., Noah goes to his granddaughter who is surprised to see him. Tommy is reluctant to sacrifice Noah to save the world, but he tells them that this is his destiny and its time to save the world. With Tommy on one side of him and Malina on the other, Noah grasps his grandchildren's hands as Tommy boosts Malina's power and Malina channels it through Noah as a massive blast of energy. As the energy channels through him, Noah screams in agony, but with his help, Malina and Tommy succeed in shielding the planet from the solar flare and save the world.

Following the H.E.L.E. being averted, Tommy and Malina find Noah sitting on the ground, near death. As Malina tells him they'll take him to the hospital, Noah looks at his grandchildren and tells them that he's "so proud" of them before dying, leaving Tommy and Malina to break down over his body.

Heroes Evolutions

Assignment Tracker 2.0

According to his article, Noah, while still part of the Company, has been taken off active duty for unacceptable behavior (a reference to his efforts to bring the Company down as well as other misdemeanors).

Brave New World

In the prolog,

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Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Noah's history. The summary included:

The following summaries were added after Heroes Reborn started:


Memorable Quotes

"I'm not done protecting you from the world."

- Noah (to Claire) (Don't Look Back)

"I've done some things I am not proud of to keep you safe."

- Noah (to Claire) (Fallout)

"I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Noah (to Thompson) (Company Man)

"Thank you Mr. Bennet."

"Call me Noah."

Peter, Noah (Noah finally revealing his first name) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"He's a murderer!"

"Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you care to admit."

- Noah, Angela (about Sylar) (One of Us, One of Them)

"What is she doing?"

"Breaking my heart."

- Lauren Gilmore, Noah (about Claire) (Brave New World)

"Save you, save the world."

-Tommy Clark explaining Noah's importance to the future (Project Reborn)

"There's gotta be another way!"
"You two have your destiny. This is mine. Its time to save the world."

-Tommy and Noah as Noah prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice (Project Reborn)

"I'm so proud of... so proud."

-Noah's last words spoken to his grandchildren (Project Reborn)



  • Noah's name may be a reference to Noah in the Bible. Noah from the Bible's job was to gather the animals and put them on the ark, which had 5 levels. Noah Bennet's job is to gather the villains and put them on Level Five. Coincidentally, Noah is number five on Tracy's hit list, and also reveals to Tracy that his lucky number is 5.
  • Noah Bennet appears in more graphic novels than any other character.
  • Mr. Bennet's driver license lists his birth as 8/6/62, the same year that Primatech Paper Company claims to have been founded. The license lists his height as 6'1". The license specifically gives no first name, stating his name as just "Bennet". He signs his name the same way. It otherwise appears to be a normal state ID for Texas.
    • According to the license, Noah is an organ donor.
  • His Visa card, on the other hand, appears to list two names. (Family Man)
  • In an an interview, Tim Kring's original script for the pilot listed this character's name only as "H.R.G." — standing for Horn-Rimmed Glasses.
  • Bennet is a variant of "Bennett", meaning "blessed". Incidentally, Mr. Bennet and his wife had difficulty conceiving a child. Then one day, Bennet was blessed with a baby girl whom he held very dearly. In several Graphic Novels, Bennet's name is written as Bennett.
  • Mr. Bennet's first name, Noah, wasn't revealed until the season one finale when he tells Peter "call me Noah."
  • On the television show Passions, there is a character named Noah Bennett. Passions and Heroes are both programs on NBC.
  • Mr. Bennet needed glasses when he was 41 years old. He said his father also needed glasses at 41. (Company Man)
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Claire's father's name is Kent. He is 43 years old, and is a separate character from the man who wears horn-rimmed glasses.
  • Jack Coleman became a regular in the eleventh episode of the first season, Fallout.
  • According to the file Mohinder keeps on Claire (which includes a birth certificate), Noah's date of birth is November 4, 1966 and he was 25 when Claire was born. However, it should be noted that Noah is not Claire's birth father, and did not even meet his daughter until early February 28, 1992. Additionally, the date of birth listed on the birth certificate directly contradicts August 6, 1962, the date listed on Noah's license. Most likely, the birth certificate has been doctored or is a fake.
  • The Bennets' Nissan Armada has Texas license plate number VM1 QTB.
  • Although Noah's driver license lists his height as 6'1", Claire's file at Pinehearst lists his height as 6'2".
  • According to Sandra, Noah's mother's name is Anita, the two honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, he sleeps on his left side, and his joints ache when it rains (Turn and Face the Strange). It should be noted that according to From the Files of Primatech, Part 5, Noah and Sandra spent their honeymoon in Berlin, Germany, and in June 13th, Part One, Noah says that his mother's name is Malina.
  • Noah's cell phone number is 703-555-0182. (Let It Bleed)
  • Noah provided the final narration of Heroes (Close to You). He also provided the opening narration of Heroes Reborn (Brave New World).
  • Noah is referred to several times as "the man with the plan" or always having some sort of plan. Both Edgar and Quentin Frady call him "the man with the plan" when enlisting his help to stop Samuel Sullivan and Renautas respectively.

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