Outbreak future

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Outbreak future
New York is deserted.

First mentioned: The Line
Date of event: March 20, 2007 (viral outbreak),
June 14, 2008 (evacuation of New York)
Location: New York, NY

In a possible future timeline, the city of New York is deserted as a result of an outbreak of the Shanti virus.


The Line

Peter and Caitlin appear in an empty Times Square. The streets are covered in litter and Peter notices an evacuation notice on the ground that is dated June 14, 2008. In the background, billboards of St. Joan are visible.

Out of Time

Peter and Caitlin walk through empty streets, as Peter shouts for someone. A truck pulls up, and a CDC hazmat crew climbs out, apprehending the two. Peter calls for Caitlin as they are taken away forcefully.

After being showered and forcefully split, a Homeland Security agent, Howard Lemay, tells Peter that Caitlin will be deported back to Ireland, and hands Peter his death certificate. Peter asks what is happening, and Howard shows him around the CDC building. He says that the Shanti virus wiped out 93% of the world's population, and then shows him a room filled with body bags.

Howard takes Peter to see the future version of his mother who the CDC has brought in to try to restore Peter's memory. Angela describes who Peter is and explains that nature of his ability. Angela tells Peter that he possesses the ability to travel in time due to meeting Hiro Nakamura and he must remember so he can return to his own time period and change history. When Peter insists he can't remember, Angela tells him that if he doesn't alter history, the virus will kill everyone. Peter is able to learn who Angela is to him through reading her mind and the two embrace.

As Angela leads Peter to their home, Caitlin calls for Peter in a deportation line. They grab hold of each other as best they can and Peter attempts to return them to their own time period. Caitlin is dragged away before Peter can succeed and he inadvertently returns to his own time alone.

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

Howard Lemay takes his wife and son to Youngstown in order to escape the Shanti virus which has all but deserted New York City. On the way, the Lemays pick up Dylan, who is paranoid and frightened of dying. The four head to a Youngstown high school. As Howard radios Atlanta for help, his family is locked in the high school and accidentally infected with the virus; Howard is forced to abandon his condemned family.

Truth & Consequences

Peter travels to the future and sees himself and Caitlin being taken away, as he had experienced before. He grabs an evacuation notice before returning to the present.


On March 20, 2007, the day the Shanti virus was released and caused the outbreak future, Peter and Adam enter Primatech in Odessa, Texas where Strain 138 of the Shanti virus is kept locked in a vault. Hiro, Matt and Nathan attempt to stop the two with Hiro teleporting Adam away and Nathan convincing Peter he is on the wrong side. Before being teleported out, Adam drops the virus, but Peter catches it at the last moment with telekinesis and prevents the virus from being released. Peter then destroys the virus to prevent any chance of it being released, preventing the outbreak future from coming into being.

Deleted Scenes

In the original ending of Powerless, Adam succeeds in dropping the vial and releasing the virus. However, the Writer's Strike resulted in this and many other scenes being deleted. They are featured on the season two DVD.

Alternate Ending

The virus escapes through the vents of Primatech infecting a nightshift worker, a forklift operator, and other Primatech employees and the surrounding citizens. Peter, Nathan and Matt rush down to the ground floor towards a way out when they see that the workers have fallen unconscious due to the infecting virus. Peter, Nathan, and Matt then agree that they must quarantine the whole town so they go to the police. Officer White will not listen to them and so they take matters into their own hands. Matt uses his powers to get everyone in the police station to listen to Nathan. Nathan instructs them that they must set up this blockade around the town. A conceptual storyboard scene is then shown where Peter telekinetically causes a landslide to block the only bridge in or out of town. After the scene when Sylar escapes from Mohinder's loft that is used in the actual episode Powerless, reporter Bruce Evans wants Nathan (the leader of this operation) to go public with this news to let everyone know what is happening. When reporting on front of an audience, Nathan faints. The virus has affected him.

Untold Stories

In a Season Two DVD commentary, it is explained that originally, Odessa, TX was quarantined. Eventually, it would be learned that Howard Lemay was an agent of the Company, who used his position at the CDC to quarantine Odessa to ensure that the Company's existence was kept secret. He was intended to be the main villain of the originally planned Volume 3, Exodus.

Memorable Quotes

"Peter, how did we--"

"I don't know. We're in New York."

"Where is everyone?... It's an evacuation order."

"June 14, 2008. This is next year."

- Caitlin, Peter (The Line)

"On March 20th, 2007, the first case was reported. After that, the Shanti virus spread across the globe. Pandemic. It's killed 93% of the world's population to date."

- Howard Lemay to Peter (Out of Time)

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