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Powers dl nikis cell.jpg
D.L. walks through the wall of Niki's cell.
Originally held by: D.L. Hawkins (deceased),
Samir Mellouk,
Skinny guy (deceased)
Absorbed by: Sylar (explosion future), Peter Petrelli (lost)
Ability to: Move through solid matter
Examples of phasing

Phasing is the ability to pass through solid matter.






D.L. Hawkins

D.L. can use this ability selectively, passing all or part of his body through a solid object. He can reach through a solid barrier and manipulate something on the other side (like a door handle, for example).

When D.L. phases through something, the surface of the object distorts, as if liquefied. The part of D.L.'s body and the rest of the object that is not being phased remain solid.

Phasing changes D.L.'s body, but it is unclear as to whether it also changes the object he is passing through.

D.L. can use this power to put his hand into another human being. This can be harmful to the other person. It is unknown whether the interaction itself is harmful or if D.L. does something inside the other's body. Phasing through Jessica's chest incapacitated her, while phasing through Linderman's head killed him instantly.

D.L. can phase other material besides himself. For example, his clothes stay with him when he passes through walls and other materials. He has demonstrated the ability to phase at least one other person when moving through solid materials (The Hard Part). He has implied that he could use his power to leave another person merged with a wall or other object.

D.L. used his ability to walk himself and someone else he is carrying through fire, without getting burned. He also uses his power to allow a person's punch to pass through his body (Four Months Ago...). He also used his power to fall through the floor of several stories into a basement (Man on Fire).

Future Sylar

Sylar was able to use the ability selectively and effectively: He phased through a door, grabbed Peter, and phased him through the door, pulling him to the other side.

Samir Mellouk

Daphne Millbrook used Samir's ability to steal the Mona Lisa: as she held Samir's hand, she and Samir were both able to phase the painting out of its case and leave a fake in its place. Samir also used the power to escape from Sabine and Julien by phasing and sinking a level down into the sewers. However, when various clones of Julien Dumont appeared and surprised him, he lost his focus and became tangible again, allowing Julien to hit him. (Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1)

Peter Petrelli

Peter has demonstrated this ability twice. He walked through a wall of his cell at Primatech Research, and then walked through at least one more, taking Adam with him (Four Months Ago...) Peter also used the ability somewhat unintentionally (due to his memory loss) when he was straining against ropes that bound him to a chair. He was surprised when his hands passed through the ropes, freeing him (Lizards).

Skinny guy

The skinny guy demonstrated his ability by phasing a kick from Rachel Mills through his chest (Faction Zero).

Selected Examples


  • An NBC "Exclusive Video" calls D.L. a "shape-shifter". While this might be an awkward way of describing D.L.'s power, it's more likely an error.
  • In a Heroes Unmasked video, Mark Kolpack suggests that D.L.'s "ability to get through things is that he speeds his molecules up so fast that they basically become non-solid."
  • Peter presumably absorbed this ability from D.L. while on Kirby Plaza, but its never made clear how he was aware he had it when he used it to escape from the Company.
  • Arthur Petrelli stole his son Peter's abilities, saying, "I have [your powers] now." It is presumed that Arthur stole all of Peter's abilities, including phasing. However, it is possible that Arthur did not steal all of Peter's abilities. Since Arthur never used this ability, there is no conclusive evidence that he actually stole this ability.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Phasing for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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