Phoebe's victims

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Phoebe's victims
Phoebe kills Quentin.jpg
Phoebe kills her brother, Quentin, using tendrils of shadow.

First occurrence: Dark Matters, Part 3

Under the employ of Renautas, Phoebe both suppressed the powers of and harmed a lot of people.

List of Victims

Direct Kills

Indirect Kills

Power Suppression Victims

Victims edit

Adam'sAmanda'sAndo'sArthur'sBecky'sDanko'sDoyle'sEcho'sEdgar'sEli'sElle'sErica'sHachiro'sHarris'sHiro'sFusor's accomplice'sJessica'sKnox'sLinda'sLuke & Joanne'sMatt'sMaya'sMiko'sMohinder'sNiki'sNoah'sPeter'sPhoebe'sQuentin'sRené'sSamuel'sSylar'sTed'sTommy'sTracy'sThe Watcher's

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