Prisoner manifest list

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Prisoner manifest list
A list of prisoners is part of Building 26's files.

First mentioned: Exposed
Owned by: Building 26
Current status: In Building 26

The prisoner manifest list is the list shown when Peter Petrelli tries to hack the Building 26 computer system.



Led by a message from "Rebel", Peter and Matt break into Building 26 in Washington, DC. They storm a computer worker's office and hack into the system looking to find out where Daphne is. They come across a list of prisoners, which includes the information that Daphne has been transferred to a medical facility.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

In Building 26, Micah electronically sends the prisoner manifest list to Peter and Matt, who are in a Building 26 employee's office.


Micah looks at a version of the list.

The list includes the names of:

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