Ray (scarecrow)

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Ray (scarecrow)
Daphne has a talk with Ray.

First mentioned: The Caged Bird, Part 1
Owned by: Daphne Millbrook
Occupation: Guarding crops

Ray is a scarecrow made by Daphne to protect her crops.


Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

During the October 1, 2006 eclipse, Ray stands where Daphne saw her mother standing.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Matt Parkman hears Daphne thinking and finds here in a corn field examining a scarecrow. He wonders why she's still there and she explains she wanted to talk to the scarecrow, Ray, which she made when she was thirteen. Daphne explains that they were losing the crop and the scarecrow saved the field. Matt says she saved the field and he understands that she was just trying to get something back.

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