Siya Oum

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Siya Oum
Siya Oum.jpg
Title Graphic novel artist
Graphic novel colorist
Date of birth 30 December 1980
Origin Thailand
Gender Female
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Siya Oum is a graphic novel artist.


Siya Oum was a web developer for six years while taking illustration and comics commissions to break into comics. She developed sites for clients such as Tila Tequila and Pat Lee. Since then, she has been doing work in the comic industry, ranging from doing page layouts, to being a penciler, colorist, and full on illustrator. Siya has done work for Aspen Comics, Comflix (for the Max Payne DVD), Upper Deck, Nephilim, Zenescope, F.B.I. (for an album cover), Pat Lee Productions, World Tribal, Buzz Entertainment (for Goofyfoot Gurl), Max Protection, and Dark Forest Press. Siya also illustrated Lynn Hardy's book Prophecy of the Flame: Love's Dawning. Siya also created the character "Scrappy", featured in a new children's book.

Graphic Novels Created

Graphic Novels Colored


  • Siya owns her own web development firm, called Hyrogliphix, Inc.
  • Siya used to be a model, having done work for Zoom X Seattle, 749inc., X-Studios, Zoom X, NWSR, Toy Trends, and others.
  • Siya's name is pronounced "See ya."


Following are Siya Oum's renditions of some Heroes characters:

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