Sound manipulation

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Sound manipulation
Spoiler Going Postal ability2.jpg
Echo produces a harmful sonic scream.
Originally held by: Echo DeMille (deceased),
Jesse Murphy (deceased)
Absorbed by: Sylar
Ability to: Manipulate sound waves using one's voice
Examples of sound manipulation

Sound manipulation is the ability to mimic and distort noise, replicate frequencies, and create sonic blasts of devastating proportions.



Echo DeMille

According to's character reference: "Echo is a sound manipulator. He can mimic or distort sounds, replicate frequencies, and create sonic blasts of devastating proportions.". When he first discovered his ability, he used it to create and alter music and songs in order to advance in his D.J. career (Going Postal).

Echo's main use of his ability consists in a powerful scream capable of blasting his opponents, stunning or even killing them, specially if the sound waves are concentrated: Localized use of the ability into one of the Constrictor's ears was able to kill him (Going Postal, Part 2). However, he can control the potency of his scream, which allowed him to ward off a dog without harming it (Going Postal, Part 1). He can even direct his sonic scream at specific parts of the body, such as the inner ear labyrinth, which can cause nausea and imbalance on his opponents (Going Postal). Echo seems to be immune against his own attacks, but it is unknown if this resistance also applies against other sound sources.

Echo has shown the ability to convert electrical energy into sound energy, acting as a "human telephone." Echo is also capable of producing infrasounds--sound waves with a frequency too low for the human ear. His only use of them was the reproduction of the "brown note", which had a laxative effect (Going Postal). In actuality, Echo regards his ability to manipulate sound in all its forms as both a blessing and a curse.

Echo seems to need his voice to manipulate sound--when silenced, he is unable to do so (Going Postal, Part 3). Not surprisingly, his ability also had little effect against an agent that was immune to sound waves (Going Postal). According to, "When his fight or flight reflex is activated, his ability to manipulate sound increases greatly."

Jesse Murphy

Jesse has shown to be capable of producing extremely powerful sonic waves. Not only is he capable to use his sonic blast to throw people and objects, but his screams can even disintegrate skin and flesh when used at close range (The Sting of Injustice).

While Peter inhabited Jesse Murphy's body, he was able to create large concussive sound waves that flipped over desks, sent smaller objects flying, and knocked out Flint (One of Us, One of Them).

Jesse also seems to need his voice to manipulate sound--when Sylar choked him, Jesse was unable to utilize his ability.


Sylar has shown that he can disintegrate all of the flesh and clothing off of a body at a fairly close range (Viewpoints).

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"I said back off!"

-Echo DeMille (Going Postal, Part 1)

"Is this the fun part?"

-Echo DeMille (Going Postal, Part 2)

"We just want to talk."

"Nah, you're going to listen."

- Agent 1, Echo DeMille (Going Postal, Part 3)

"No. No one dies today!"

- Peter (One of Us, One of Them)

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