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Sylar hanging himself.jpg
Gabriel Gray prepares to commit suicide.

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Suicide is the act of killing oneself. Some characters from Heroes have committed, attempted, or appeared to attempt suicide.


Unaired pilot

Amid Halebi, The Engineer, tries to hang himself because he can't live with the fact that he killed his wife with his ability.


Peter Petrelli has a recurring vision of what appears to be a suicide attempt. He dreams himself falling/flying off the top of a tall New York City building.

Claire Bennet, in an apparent suicide attempt, jumps off an 80-foot platform, caught on tape by Zach. She also mentions that she has stabbed herself in the chest and shoved a steel rod through her neck, all in an attempt to seriously hurt herself or prove her power of regeneration.

Isaac creates a prophetic painting of a suicide bombing in Israel.

Don't Look Back

Nathan Petrelli tries to explain the fact that he and Peter flew as a failed suicide attempt by Peter. Later, while recovering in the hospital, Peter's mother reveals that her late husband was clinically depressed for years, and that he finally committed suicide after two failed attempts. Much later that night, Nathan watches as Peter threatens to jump off the edge of the roof unless Nathan admits that he flew.

One Giant Leap

Eden jokes that macaroni and cheese is what Americans eat when they want to commit suicide slowly.

Nathan ignores Peter's insistence that they are "special". He tells Peter that a reporter is investigating Peter's apparent suicide attempt. Later, in a press conference aimed at helping his campaign, Nathan announces that his father committed suicide after a battle with depression, and claims that Peter's fall was also a depression-related suicide attempt.


Confident of her regenerative powers, and intent on teaching Brody Mitchum a lesson, Claire purposely crashes Brody's car into a wall in what would appear to most to be a suicide. (According to Aftermath, Claire was not wearing a seatbelt.)

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Ted implores Audrey to shoot him.


Unsure what will happen to him, Peter jumps off the roof of Union Wells High School. He subsequently mimics Claire's power of regeneration, and is healed.

Six Months Ago

After Mr. Linderman's prosecution becomes more public, Mr. Petrelli dies. Nathan tells Peter that their father died of a heart attack. (He did not yet know that Mr. Petrelli took his own life on April 25.)


At the Odessa Police Department, Peter tells Claire that this healing power is new to him and that he didn't know he was going to be all right when he jumped off the building with Sylar.

Eden is intent on using her persuasive power to have Sylar kill himself. She brings him a gun and attempts her power, but her plan backfires. When Sylar tells Eden that he will steal her power, she turns the gun on herself and shoots, much to Sylar's chagrin.


Local law writes up Eden's gunshot wound to the head as a suicide.

To help Zach regain his memory, Claire repeats her original jump from October 1st.

The Hard Part

Peter gives Claire a gun and asks her to shoot him in the head if he begins to explode.


Hiro recalls the stories of Takezo Kensei who plunged a sword into his own heart and handed it to a dragon. He committed this act of seppuku rather than give up the life of a princess. Hiro tells his father that he is willing to cut out his own heart.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Nathan is willing to sacrifice his own life to save New York City--he flies Peter above the city where he explodes.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Hana agrees to go on a mission to space to take out a satellite. After being infected with a virus, she does not try to reach safety. Rather, she undoes her tether, lands on the satellite, and is killed upon contact with the Earth's atmosphere.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 4

Guillame tries to kill his son. When he realizes the horror of his ways, he jumps off a cliff.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

A teenage patient, overcome with the death and destruction possibly caused by his electrical outbursts, attempts to take his own life by connecting with a downed power line.

Graphic Novel:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

Bored with his marriage to Yumi, Adam fakes his own drowning.

I Am Become Death

Because she is afraid of herself, Tracy Strauss attempts suicide by jumping from the Francis Scott Key Bridge. However, she is saved by Nathan.

Angels and Monsters

After realizing he has nothing left to live for, Stephen Canfield allows himself to be pulled into his own vortex.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Eric Doyle makes Michael commit suicide with his own ability.


Gabriel Gray, tormented by his memories of killing Brian Davis, decides to kill himself. He hangs a noose from the rafters of Gray & Sons and hangs himself. He is saved from death when Elle enters the watch repair shop and zaps him down.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 4

Rachel Mills notes that her mother, Leona, committed suicide. Angela tells her this happened after Leona discovered her ability.

Shades of Gray

Danko straps bombs to Matt's chest in an attempt to make him appear as a suicide bomber.

Jump, Push, Fall

Using the "jump, push, fall" test that Gretchen learned from an episode of Crossing Jordan, Claire determines that Annie's death was a suicide, but is incorrect.


Tadashi calls Dial a Hero as he prepares to commit suicide by jumping off the Yamagato roof. After explaining why (he lost his job and his family was angry about it), he kills himself. Hiro travels back in time and tries 47 times to save him and fails. Finally, Hiro sits down on the roof and talks with Tadashi and realizes that Tadashi hates his job and purposely got himself fired. Hiro befriends him and manages to talk him off the roof, and Tadashi doesn't kill himself and leaves.


Matt arranges for policemen to shoot him in hope that he'll take Sylar with him. Claire also discover's that Annie's suicide was actually a murder.

The Fifth Stage

Nathan tries to commit suicide by jumping off a rooftop but doesn't succeed because Peter grabs his hand. Nathan tells Peter that he has to let him go, which after some deliberation, he does. Nathan falls and gives up his mental battle against Sylar, allowing Sylar to regain control of his body for good.

The Needs of the Many

Molly shoots herself in the head in order to stop Renautas, or any other entity, from exploiting her power again.



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