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Peter tattoo there.jpg

First appearance: Collision

Some characters have tattoos.

Characters with Tattoos

Character Tattoo Description Location Source
Bartell Bartell's tattoo.jpg A star Neck Hard Knox, Part 3
Carlos Carlos Tattoo.jpg A capital C Right forearm The Recruit, Part 3
Convenience store robber Convenience store robber tattoo.jpg Cursive "Legendary One" Neck Hiros
Edgar Edgar's tattoo.jpg Tribal design Left bicep Let It Bleed
Eli Eli's tattoo.jpg Design Inside right wrist Brave New World
Four-armed carny 4 armed carny's tattoo.jpg A green bird Chest Smoke & Mirrors
Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald.jpg Swirling patterns that glow Arms and neck Viewpoints
Interferant Omega tattoo.jpg Omega Unknown Evs Dropper's blog post
Keppler Keppler's tattoos.jpg Dragon Left side of neck Ink
Lydia Lydia's tattoos.jpg Various flowers designs and people's faces
For the full article, see Lydia's tattoos
Most of her body Orientation
Jesse Murphy Jesse's tattoos.jpg Various designs Arm, chest, and neck The Second Coming
Nathan Petrelli1 Nathan's tattoo.jpg "Endeavour" Right bicep Shadowboxing
Peter Petrelli Peter tattoo there.jpg A temporary2 Celtic knot Forearm Kindred
Peter compass tattoo.jpg Compass, given by Samuel terrakinetically Arm Ink
Sparrow Redhouse Sparrows tattoo (shoulder).jpg A circular Zuni Indian pattern Right shoulder blade Rebellion, Part 2
Sparrows tattoo (arm).jpg Two birds Right wrist3 Rebellion, Part 2
Ricky Rickys tattoo.jpg Celtic knot Arm Kindred
Jessica Sanders Symbol nikis tattoo.jpg The helix symbol
(see Jessica's tattoo)
Right shoulder blade Better Halves
Ted Sprague Ted gets processed by the FBI.jpg Swirl Left bicep Nothing to Hide
Samuel Sullivan Samuel's compass tattoo.jpg Compass, which spins freely Arm Jump, Push, Fall
Sylar Terrakinesis in 413 (6).JPG Image of Claire Bennet, formed with Samuel's power Right forearm Let It Bleed
Taylor Taylor tattoos.JPG Swipe patterns Arms Stolen Time
Traveler Powers traveler hindi.jpg Swirls Arms, shoulders, and ribs The Last Shangri-La

1. Nathan's tattoo seen in Shadowboxing was actually seen on Sylar. However, at the time, Sylar had shape shifted into Nathan's body.
2. Peter's tattoo disappeared after being made, because of rapid cell regeneration.
3. In Rebellion, Part 2, Sparrow's bird tattoo can be seen both near the wrist and in the forearm, near the elbow.



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