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The Walkers' home

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The Walkers' home
Walker house.jpg
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Residence

Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Walkers' home is the scene of a gruesome double homicide.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Don't Look Back

Audrey Hanson and Elisa Thayer are investigating the murder of the Walkers when Matt, hearing Molly's thoughts goes into the house and finds her hiding in a closet underneath the stairs.


  • The Walkers' home was originally used as the home of a terrorist in the unaired pilot. For filming purposes, a set was built to match the house's exterior. However, the set was built without a roof so that an extended overhead tracking shot could be filmed. When the terrorist subplot was cut from the pilot and Matt's introduction was moved to the second episode, the purpose of the house was changed, too. Some footage (such as the establishing external shot) was preserved, but many of the internal scenes had to be reshot.
  • The Symbol appears in the pool of the Walkers' home.


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