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The following fan theories are about Millie Houston.

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Theory Citations Notes
Millie is Angela's lover. None + She seemed willing to help Angela out in her time of need after some hesitation.

+ They are both of a similar age.
- They did not seem to have a romantic relationship just a friendship.
+ There are rumors concerning Angela's relationship with Victoria Pratt.
- How does her supposed relationship with Victoria, translate to a relationship with Millie?

- These so-called rumors are nothing but fans speculation.

+ They could have gotten together after Victoria's death.
- Angela isn't a lesbian.

Millie has figured out Nathan isn't really Nathan. None + She hired an assassin to kill her friend's son after he told Millie her daughter is in fact dead.
- Or she could be out for revenge.

- Revenge seems like much more likely, besides, what reason would Millie have for killing Sylar? It's not like she knows what he has done, or even knows about the existence of powers at all.

Millie hired an assassin so he'd bring Sylar straight to the carnival. None + The assassin said, "The package has been delivered".

+ There's no logical reason for Millie to want Nathan to die.

- "Nathan" came to her and said that he's responsible for the death of her daugther, who she thought had ran away, leaving her to think she was a bad mother for years.
- She could want to get back at Angela for "cleaning up" after the event.
Millie has an ability. Most of Angela's old friends have or had abilities. + She is close friends with Angela and seems to know too much about her past. It would make sense that she has an ability of some kind just like most other people who are somehow related to Angela in one way or another.
- No involvement with the Company is implied, so it is unlikely she has an ability.

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