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The following fan theories are about Victoria Pratt.

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Theory Citations Notes
Victoria has weather control. One of the Company founders is suggested to have it. + Victoria likes gardening.
+ Victoria's garden has some plants that need very specific climates.

- A bolt of lightning is more powerful than a shotgun.

+ A shotgun is easier to control.
- Says who?

- To say that her ability is terrain control would be more plausible than saying that Victoria possesses the ability to control the climate.

Victoria has the power to manipulate biological entities. Victoria was a biological engineer at the Company. + Victoria likes gardening.

+ Victoria created Strain 138 of the Shanti Virus.
+ The Vault had items that corresponded to each of the "founders" possibly. What else better to place for a "bio-power" than the Shanti virus which she helped create.
+ It is unlikely that Victoria Pratt could create at least 138 strains of the Shanti Virus with the technology that exists in 1977. An ability that involves genetically manipulating viruses would be necessary to do this.
+ Victoria was able to tell that Peter was the son of Angela and Arthur even though she had never seen him before.

- Nathan recognized the name Pratt as a family friend, she may have known the Petrelli boys as children, seen photos or recognized a family resemblance.
Victoria has telescopic vision None + As a scientist and as someone wielding a shotgun, the ability to see far in the distance, or close in on an object would come in handy.
- That being the case, she would surely have shot-to-kill when she fired at Adam, knowing the only way to kill him was to blow his head off, rather than the blow to the chest she gave him.
- If she had telescopic vision she wouldn't use a shotgun due to its absolute inaccuracy. She would probably use a sniper rifle or rifle.
Victoria's power is enhanced strength, speed, and/or senses. None + The real-life actress Victoria Pratt played the character Shalimar Fox on the show Mutant X, who had similar abilities.

+ This theory is not without precedent. Claude Rains is named for the real-life actor who played the Invisible Man.

- However, Claude Rains is an alias, and therefore chosen by Claude himself because of the connection with his power. The same could, in all likelihood, not be said of Victoria Pratt.
Victoria was a lesbian. None + Victoria had no husband or children.

+ Angela was highly protective of Victoria's secrets. She thought Victoria's private life and whereabouts were none of Matt Parkman's business.
+ Victoria preferred solitude and distanced herself from the other founders. When the company was founded several decades ago homosexuality was far less accepted than it is now.

Victoria was romantically involved with Angela. None + Victoria had no husband or children.

+ Angela was highly protective of Victoria's secrets. She thought Victoria's private life and whereabouts were none of Matt Parkman's business, perhaps because she and Victoria were involved.

- Being protective of one's secrets doesn't automatically mean that they are an item.

+ Victoria preferred solitude and distanced herself from the other founders, yet Angela knew where to find her. Perhaps after Arthur, she sought companionship. It would explain how she knew about her children.
+ Angela had been involved with Kaito and possible Charles Devreaux as indicated in 1961, it is not inconceivable she was with Victoria.
- There is no proof, Angela is bisexual.

When Heidi was at the hospital in Four Months Ago..., Angela caressed her hair and appeared to be sexually threatening her.
That could also be interpreted as her trying to comfort Heidi and acting like a mother towards her.
Victoria's ability was plant growth. None + Her garden seems to contain some rare plants.
- An ability isn't necessary to have rare plants.
Victoria's role in the company was similar to Mohinder's. None + She was the one that created Strain 138.
Victoria Pratt's ability was genetic manipulation. None + It's strongly hinted that all founders have powers.

+ An ability of this extent could easily give her a position in the founders.
+ Someone controlling this ability could have create so many strains in few months.
+ That would explain why she was a bio engineer.
- If she had the ability to manipulate genetics, then why would they be manipulating a virus to eradicate abilities when they could just have her locate the source in a person's DNA and eradicate it herself?
+ It may have helped develop the formula.

Victoria Pratt's ability was rapid cell regeneration. None - If it was, Adam would have had known that she would regenerate after he shot her. His plan was to kill her.
+ He might not have known.
- Adam had an important role in the Company before being imprisoned, he would know her ability.

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