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The following fan theories are about waffles.

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Theory Citations Notes
Waffles are part of a conspiracy to take over the world. None + Waffles appear in quite a number of places.

+ Ads for waffles, waffle makers, and restaurants known for waffles have even been known to appear on this very page. See for yourself. Coincidence?
- McDonalds and Starbucks are everywhere, but they're not after world domination.

+ McDonald's doesn't serve waffles. As for Starbucks, opinion is divided as to their ultimate intentions for the world.

Kaito is opposed to them, and is also, possibly, opposed to Linderman's actions. Perhaps he said he would not like waffles because he knows that Linderman is somehow using them to influence the population.
- Waffles aren't evil.

+ However, experts have reached the consensus that waffles are corrupted by evil.
- Said experts have been exposed as operatives of the International House of Pancakes.

+ The deadly biological weapon Northrax smells like maple syrup.
Waffles taking over the world wouldn't be such a bad thing would it?

I'll say.

- Some people like pancakes so waffles have to get rid of pancakes first.

Waffles augment evolved humans' powers. Both Hiro and Claire eat waffles before using their power. (Hiros, Collision) + This might also explain why Charlie works at Burnt Toast Diner - she can get free waffles to strengthen her enhanced memory.
Her power got her killed.
She didn't know it was going to happen.

+ The power of waffles might be the reason Sylar takes the precaution of freezing James Walker before removing his brain. He could have mistakenly thought the latter was eating a waffle.

+ This is true as Sylar could smell waffles. Molly ate all the waffles for herself (leaving James with breakfast cereal) which augmented her power.

+ Nearly all manifestations, whether in present-time or hundreds of years ago, occurred right after an eclipse. And what shape is an eclipse... WAFFLE-shaped!

Possibly the eclipses haven't involved the moon at all. It could be a giant waffle getting between the sun and the earth, and thus using solar power to augment its own abilities. Thus it manages to magnify and awaken people's abilities all over the world, rather than just the people eating waffles at the time.
- Waffles are traditionally square in shape.
+ But round waffles are tastier.
Waffles are tasty. None + Hiro admits having eaten waffles, and likes them. His father has admitted to not eating waffles, and doesn't like them.

+ Everyone loves waffles.
This is a matter of opinion. There are some who feel waffles aren't tasty.

+ Yeah, ne'er-do-wells like Sylar, Arthur Petrelli, and Larry Storch.
Muffins suppress the augmentative effect of waffles. When Claire was removing freshly baked muffins from the oven in Better Halves, her power was weakened enough for her to feel pain. + Muffin backing within the Bennet household is likely part of Mr. Bennet's plan to conceal Claire from the Company.

- When West and Claire discuss their abilities, Claire says she still feels pain.
- When Claire reached down the sink to grab her ring and had her hand cut up, her face showed a very pained expression.
- HEY! Muffins are tasty! (Just like waffles!)
Not as tasty as waffles. Not even close.
Waffles augment powers and muffins weaken, therefore a giant waffle came across the sun for the eclipse the first time, whilst a giant muffin came across in The Eclipse parts 1&2.
+ When Hiro and Ando tried to rescue Muffin Man, Ando was unable to use his powers, and Hiro's malfunctioned.

Donuts are more powerful than waffles. After Matt Parkman ate a dozen donuts, his power begins to manifest. + The immediate apprehension of Eden shows the Company's concern over donut consumption.

- Donuts work for Matt, because he was a cop %D
- We don't know how waffles would have affected Parkman; perhaps he would have developed even greater powers.
- Waffles are the edible equivalent of Mr Muggles. They can never be defeated and are omnipotent.
- It took a dozen donuts to accomplish what one single waffle could do.

The reason we never see Hiro's waffles is that he is wholly unimpressed by them and is convinced that there must be truly incredible waffles out there. His search will lead him to Belgium ca. WWII where he will become the inspiration for the Flemish comic book character, Nero. None Everybody knows the best waffles are in Belgium, not America.

- Hiro's favorite is American-style chicken and waffles.
Those were Hiro's preferences when he was ten years old. It is possible, and even likely that his tastes matured over time to the point that such simple fare would no longer satisfy the Hunger (for waffles).

Waffles allow one to achieve a euphoria sensation. None + Hiro admits having eaten waffles and enjoys them.

A possible reason Isaac was able to stay clean of heroin was because he used waffles as a substitute.

- He might have put other drugs in the waffles.
Naughty Isaac.
Eden persuaded Hiro and Claire to like waffles. None Hiro's dad and Sylar could have been persuaded to not like waffles.

This may be why most people like waffles.
- Persuasion doesn't work on everyone (deaf people, people that can manipulate sound, etc.)

Is there a cite for this?
Tim Kring owns stock in the Waffle House chain. None Or maybe Mr. Muggles owns stock...
An important plot twist will occur on International Waffle Day. None International Waffle Day falls on March 25.
- March 25 is a Sunday. Heroes is shown on Mondays...
+ ...except in 2009, when it falls on a Monday, and after such a long time, the last episode could occur when everything comes together.
+ Which also agrees with the 9 theory, since it's 2009.
+ Also, the date is 03.25, 3 + 2 + 5 = 10, Monday is the first day of the week, 10 - 1 = 9
It's amazing how people can make crazy math.
They do it because they are waffles addicted.
- March 25, 2009 is a Wednesday.
Waffles have the same power as Eden and want people to eat them so they can manipulate people's minds. None + Hiro could have lost his powers struggling in a battle against waffles rather than losing them by causing a rift or not believing in himself.

- Waffles don't evolve.

+ That's what they want you to think.

+ There is no evidence pointing in the opposite direction.
- Waffles can't have powers for they are inanimate.

+ Arthur was inanimate but was still able to have a power.
Noah ran home because he smelled waffles. None + Waffles are tasty. Mmmmmmm...
The smell of waffles can alert people as to the location of evolved humans. None. + Sylar was able to locate and execute Charlie after Hiro ordered waffles. (Seven Minutes to Midnight)
- At Charlie's suggestion, Hiro ordered chilaquiles. (By serving chilaquiles, Charlie may have condemned herself to death.)
+ Hiro may have ordered waffles off-screen.
- Hiro may have ordered a deep-fried Volkswagen off-screen, but there's no proof that he did. (Did you see any waffles there?)
+ Deep-fried Volkswagens are not tasty; waffles are.
- There is no evidence that Hiro ordered either waffles or a Volkswagen.
+ He found Molly and her parents as they were eating waffles for breakfast. However, Molly ate all the waffles before Sylar could harness their power and this actually caused Molly to gain her power. (Don't Look Back)

+ Hiro's excess waffle consumption lead to his father locating him and attempting to stop his journey to save the world. (The Fix)
+ When Claire got a message from West saying he could smell waffles she was scared. This isn't because she thought Noah and West would meet, but because The Company could now find them. (Out of Time)
+ Noah Bennet rushed home smelling waffles. His obvious concern was that the Company would be able to locate them. Later the Company confirmed they had located Claire by sending Mohinder. (Out of Time)

Characters on Heroes who don't eat waffles are bad guys. None - Mr. Muggles likes eating waffles.
+ Mr. Muggles may not be a bad guy.
- Mr. Muggles may not not be a bad guy.

- Sylar probably cannot resist the temptation of waffles, and he is most certainly a bad guy.

+ Sylar is a good guy in the episode I Am Become Death where he also serves waffles to his son. Sylar is a good guy, he's just hungry.
+ The waffles probably redeemed him. Only waffles can sate his hunger...

- Waffles are not important to the show so it wouldn't matter whether or not someone ate waffles.


+ Claire and Hiro love waffles.
+ Kaito didn't like waffles.

- Kaito may not be a bad guy.
That is questionable.

- Samuel eats waffles.

Waffles have the power of being omnipotent. None + Waffles can never be defeated.
- But waffles can be eaten.
+ Waffles can be eaten if they choose to be eaten.
The formula is a recipe for power inducing waffles. None + Since waffles are so tasty, administering the formula this way would be easy.

+ No one would suspect anything.

Future Waffles survived the explosion at Costa Verde. None + Waffles are only vulnerable to being eaten. A mere nuclear explosion would not harm waffles.
- Noah Gray may have already eaten the waffles.
+ He couldn't eat the waffles, he died.
- Noah started eating when Gabriel and Peter left the kitchen. He probably finished eating before he died.
- Daphne may have eaten the waffles. With her super-speed, nobody would have noticed.
- EVERYONE knows that the only food that can survive a nuclear blast are TWINKIES!
+ Poppycock. The durability of Twinkies is exaggerated. And anyway, waffles would kick Twinkies' butt.

- Since so many people died in the explosion, Future Waffles must have been Future Chilaquiles in disguise.

+ Future Gabriel Gray made the waffles from scratch.
Waffles are in fact completely inanimate foodstuffs which, apart from often being eaten and referenced to as being yummy, have next to no storyline significance and do not "control all". Waffles do not seem to object to being destroyed (eaten) nor do they talk or control anyone. + Waffles are not alive.
- That's what they want you to think.

- Waffles may have a modified version of invisibility that hides who they are controlling.
- This is likely disinformation created by waffles to avoid exposure.
- Or it could be propaganda put forth by anti-waffle extremists.

Waffles are constantly at odds with peach pie, and they are nemeses. None + Sylar is shown to love peach pie. This may make waffles jealous.
+ HRG ordered Elle to bring Sylar peach pie instead of waffles to insure that Sylar would kill again.

+ Peach waffles (waffles with peach topping) might bring about another dark future.

- Then again, they might reach unfathomable heights of tastiness.
Arthur Petrelli will absorb the tastiness of waffles. Consequently, Mr. Muggles will eat Arthur, thus vanquishing him once and for all. None + Mr. Muggles loves waffles.

- Waffles are immune to Arthur Petrelli's powers.

+ Waffles may be plotting with Mr. Muggles to take Arthur down.
+ A single waffle is merely a manifestation of the entity Waffles. Its essential tastiness would remain intact.

Sylar killed Arthur. This is unlikely to change the attitudes of Waffles and Mr. Muggles re: Sylar. There will be a reckoning.
- Arthur is dead.

+ Arthur could come back from the dead again.
- Only if Waffles allows him to come back.
Waffles will help Hiro regain his lost memory. None + Hiro quickly recalled his space-time manipulation powers after eating waffles.

+ Arthur was unable to erase Hiro's memory of his love for waffles.

+ After Arthur erased most of his memories, Hiro's first thought was about waffles.

+ Hiro's mother healed his memory after Hiro served her waffles.

A waffle was Noah's biological father. None + It would explain why Noah's family loves waffles so much.
- Noah's family loves waffles for the same reason everyone else does: waffles are tasty.

- Noah has not exhibited the vast powers one would expect from the progeny of Waffles.
- Noah Bennet eating waffles would be tantamount to cannibalism.

+ Even waffle offspring must succumb to the tastiness of waffles.
The empty case in the vault contained invisible waffles. None + Normal waffles are already powerful. Imagine what would happen if invisible waffles started spreading. The Company would surely want to stop that happening.
- The case could have contained normal waffles that escaped.
Sylar has the hunger because he was betrayed by waffles. None - Waffles would have nothing to do with Sylar in the first place, and could annihilate him with a mere thought.
The writers were tired of pancakes being the only cooked food for breakfast on television. None. + Pancakes are not seen in Heroes.
That jerk Sylar probably prefers pancakes to waffles (unlike his non-jerky future self).

- Mrs. Comey makes pancakes for the Carnival folks in Season 4, probably at the direction of that other jerk Samuel.

Mr. Redwaffles is the ultimate in irrelevant theories None + It is a mix between everything irrelevantly linked to Heroes.
Waffles attract people who have abilities. None + West came to Claire's House when Sandra made waffles.

+ Many, if not all, carnival workers have abilities, and they eat waffles for breakfast.

Sylar became evil because his mother never made waffles for him. None She was probably too busy messing around with her stupid snow globes to learn proper waffle-making technique.
The catalyst is merely the "essence of waffle", built up by eating tens of thousands of waffles. None

+ The catalyst is the same color as a waffle.
+ Waffles are a favorite of many powerful characters, indicating they may help create powers.
+ Hiro may love waffles so much because they remind him of his mother.
+ Hiro's mother may have been sick from eating only waffles for years.

- Waffles are nutritious. If anything, they prolonged her life.

+ Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei only showed his powers after meeting Hiro, whose love of waffles is most likely unequaled.
+ Then the Company made it with another evolved human (or dog that we call Mr.Muggles) who can turn different kinds of one food (aka any flavor of waffles)) into soul of waffle,which contain power equal to that of ablity why the heck essence of it if they are living and have mighty powers.

Say what?
Waffles is Niki and Tracy's sister Barbara. None + The likeness to Ali Larter is uncanny.
Someone needs corrective lenses.

- Waffles have no gender.
- A person cannot have food for a sibling.

Unless the person is a cannibal, of course.
Or are waffles disguised as evolved humans.

+ They are all blonde.
+ Neither Niki nor Tracy, nor any of their relations, have been seen eating waffles, clearly in defiance of cannibalism.

Sylar has a deep craving for waffles, but he doesn't know how to express it. So he kills people instead. Sylar has never been seen eating a waffle.

+ When Sylar eats a waffle, the hunger will be satisfied.
+ Exposed Future Sylar seems to have discovered the awesomeness of waffles, and he doesn't kill anymore.

Danko is cranky and hates people with abilities because he hasn't experienced the taste of waffles. Danko is never seen eating waffles.

Maybe if Danko eats waffles, he will stop hunting people with abilities.

+ So will Sylar.
Waffles could have saved Daphne's life.

+ Waffles are very nutritious.
+ The healing power of waffles could easily have overcome Daphne's infection.
- Daphne was unconscious, and thus unable to eat solid food.

+ The doctors could have administered IV waffles.
If ability supercharging were to be used on waffles, world hunger could be ended. None

+ Matt Parkman was said to be able to hear the thoughts of everyone in town after touching Ando. Theoretically, Ando could feed an entire town with a single waffle.

+ New theory: Jesus had the same ability to feed a crowd with five pieces of bread and two fishes.
A giant waffle will cause an eclipse, taking away everyone's abilities until they please it with a sacrifice. None

+ This seems totally logical.

- Waffles are benevolent.
Perhaps waffles will only block the abilities of evil persons.
Sylar won't be able to conceive Noah Gray until he gets to love waffles. None + Future Gabriel loved waffles and fed his son with them.
Waffles can cure Shanti virus. None + It's so simple that nobody figured it out in the outbreak future. That's why the mankind almost became extinct.

+ Angela was alive in the outbreak future. Because of her ability she might have found the way to survive.
+ The invisible waffles are kept in the Company's vault because they are the antidote to the virus.

Waffles are the reason Charlie couldn't be saved. None + She works at a place that serves waffles. If waffles wanted to save her, she would have been saved.

- Waffles are benevolent.

+ That's what they want you to think.

If Hiro couldn't save her, it is because a greater force (rifts)(waffles) doesn't wanted her to be saved.
+ As waffles augments people's abilities, they augmented Charlie's memory until the point it was prejudicial and fatal.
- Waffles are good. It's rather the evil chilaquiles.
- Charlie has been saved, thanks to Hiro (a waffle connoisseur if there ever was one).

Waffles returned Tracy to life and gave her a new ability. None + Freezing isn't related to manipulating water, so water mimicry is Tracy's new power she couldn't manifest naturally.

+ Waffles can indeed revive dead.
- A shattered Tracy couldn't eat waffles.

+ Somebody put waffles onto her remains to resurrect her.
More likely, she was mixed into waffle batter.

- Only Mr. Muggles can revive the dead.

Waffles and Mr. Muggles are related and share the same powers.
Waffles can resurrect Nathan. None + If they revived Tracy, they can revive Nathan.
Should waffles team up with Mr. Muggles, they would be nigh unstoppable. Neither Waffles nor Muggles have been shown to lose a fight onscreen. Both are already unstoppable.
Heroes has subliminal messages about waffles so the writers can make money from their stake in Waffle House. None + All the waffles popping up.

- Waffles are controlling the writers, not vice-versa.

Alice Shaw is so childish and angry because she never ate waffles while in hiding. None + Everyone knows that waffles make children strong and clever. Alice is neither.
The future waffles Noah Gray ate were actually chilaquiles in disguise. None + There's no other explanation why Noah died despite eating waffles.
- Maybe his power was suicideikinesis.
- Maybe waffles knew that Noah would grow up to be like his father, so they killed him to prevent there from being two Sylars. They don't make the same mistake twice.

+ Chilaquiles are a death omen.
+ Mr. Muggles was killed too. T_T

Mr. Muggles laughs at nuclear explosions.

+ Chilaquiles may have acquired the power of illusion generation.
- Future Gabriel made the waffles from scratch.

Waffles were created hundreds of years ago by people with abilities to help evolution emerge. None + Waffles are seen around people as their powers emerge.
- Waffles predate the human race by millennia.
The Sullivan Bros. Carnival will lure the other Heroes with waffles. None

+ Waffles are tasty.
+ Waffle cones are commonly sold at carnivals.

- Since when have Waffles and waffle cones ever been the same thing?
+ They are both descended from the entity Waffles.

+ Perhaps Samuel will learn of the persuasive power of waffles from Hiro.
- Waffles don't stick with villains like Samuel or Edgar.

+ Waffles have their own priorities. The carnival could be a means to an end.
+ Who says Samuel is a villain? He certainly hasn't cut open anyone's head yet.
- Samuel created a sinkhole that killed a house full of people.
He was spoken to quite rudely.

+ One of the carnies apparently has the ability to make blueberry waffles.

Mrs. Comey has the power of wafflekinesis. + She is able to make waffles with her hands.
Waffles don't work for Samuel. None + He, a villain, eats them.

+ Waffles aren't enough to make him all-powerful, he lures evolved humans into his carnival.

The Carnival no longer serves waffles because Samuel fears their power. + The carnies served pancakes for breakfast while Claire was staying with them.
+ Only villains like Sylar like pancakes.
Pancakes are not evil, but not nearly as powerful as waffles; thus, they are easily dominated by evil-doers. Their powers are limited to syrup absorption and counteracting the negative effects of chilaquiles.

+ Samuel was afraid that waffles would thwart his plans and reveal his true nature to the world.
+ Evil characters do not like waffles, and vice-versa.

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