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Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Language(s) Spoken: Japanese
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Tokyo, Japan is the capital of and the largest prefecture in the nation, with a population of over twelve million. Although severely damaged during World War II, Tokyo has risen to become the technological, cultural, and economic center of modern Japanese society. It is the home of Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi.

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While at his job, Hiro stops time for a second. He and his friend Ando visit a karaoke bar and discuss the possibility of Hiro having a special power. Later, Hiro rides the subway, sees an advertisement for New York City, and and suddenly finds himself there.

Don't Look Back

As NYPD detectives questions Hiro, they call Ando in Tokyo, who says Hiro has been missing for five weeks.

After witnessing the explosion, Hiro teleports back to the Tokyo subway.

Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro teleports back into the Tokyo subway after the explosion. He visits his apartment, thinking about what he had witnessed and decides what he must do.

One Giant Leap

To convince Ando of his powers, Hiro shows him a prophetic comic book and saves a schoolgirl. This convinces Ando and they leave Tokyo.

Six Months Ago

Hiro, realizing he traveled too far back in time, calls Ando at Yamagato Industries, but Hiro from the past picks up instead.

Later, as Charlie and Hiro attempt to kiss, Hiro is teleported to the roof of the Yamagato Industries building where there is an calisthenics class going on.

The Fix

Kaito's assistant offers Hiro and Ando first-class airline tickets back to Tokyo, but they refuse.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

When Ando attempts to battle Sylar at Isaac's loft, Hiro rescues him by teleporting back to their office in Tokyo. After giving him the Kensei sword to ensure his return, Hiro returns to New York City.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

Ando and Kimiko work late into the night at Yamagato. As Ando walks Kimiko home, they are confronted by a threatening group of bikers.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Fumio Fukazawa and his biker gang chase Ando and Kimiko through the streets of Tokyo, but are scared off by the fearsome Kaito Nakamura.

Fight or Flight

Ando visits a curator at the Museum of Cultural History, and together they restore and examine Hiro's scrolls from 1671.

Cautionary Tales

In 1990, Kaito and Hiro see past versions of themselves at Ishi's funeral at Aoyama Cemetery.

In March 2007, Hiro eulogizes his father, Kaito Nakamura, at Aoyama Cemetery.


Hiro teleports Adam away from Odessa, Texas and afterwards, Adam is seen entombed at Aoyama Cemetery in a newly dug, unmarked grave, near the plots of Hiro's parents.

Graphic Novel:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

As Adam "dies" over and over again while buried alive, he remembers the ten wives he has had during the course of his more than 350 years. He believes that his newest bride will be coming to find him soon.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Kimiko Nakamura remembers her childhood, and later remembers her father's funeral. She succeeds to the presidency of Yamagato Fellowship and settles disputes as the new CEO of Yamagato Industries.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne Millbrook goes to Yamagato Industries to blackmail Yoji Hayata. She flees from Hayata's goons and escapes the building. Two weeks later, she learns of Kaito Nakamura's death, and leaves from Harajuko Station.

The Second Coming

Hiro is now the CEO of Yamagato Industries, and he receives a DVD from his family lawyer. The DVD has a message on it that Hiro's father recorded prior to his death, and on it Kaito says that it is Hiro's destiny to protect a formula that could destroy the world. Hiro becomes excited...until Kaito explains that it is Hiro's duty to never open the safe in his office. Hiro, however, opens the safe, despite his father's warning. In the safe is half of the formula. Unfortunately, the formula is stolen by Daphne. That night, Hiro and Ando walk through the streets of Tokyo, discussing the intensity of the situation. Hiro teleports himself into the future, and everyone is running frantically through the streets. Through the chaos, he notices on a stairwell above, a future version of his self and a future version of Ando are arguing over the formula. Future Hiro refuses to give Future Ando his half of the formula, and pulls out a sword. After this, Ando shocks Hiro with a red burst of lightning, apparently killing him. Future Ando takes the half of the formula and walks away. Hiro is stunned by this, and then is even more astounded as he watches to Tokyo skyline crumble, right in front of him. Quickly teleporting back to the present time, he tells Ando that they have to get the formula back.

The Butterfly Effect

After a team of private detectives find one of Daphne's finger prints at Yamagoto, Hiro and Ando teleport to Paris, France to try to find her.

It's Coming

Ando and Hiro teleport to a bowling alley in Tokyo, Japan. Hiro sees a chicken & waffles poster and follows a waiter to a nearby table. Hiro asks why Ando is so old, then looks at himself in a mirror and thinks he looks old as well. Ando asks him how old he thinks he is and Hiro says 10.

Hiro eats waffles as Ando tries to explain that Hiro’s 28. Hiro is happy to hear he doesn’t have to go to school any more and shoots spitballs at nearby girls. Ando tries to explain Hiro's power and tells him to try to use it. Hiro says it’s stupid, but concentrates, and time slows down momentarily. Hiro returns time to normal and is impressed, and tries again, totally freezing time. He aims the two girls shooting spitballs at each other the runs around the bowling alley playing pranks. Once he’s done, he restores time to normal and all of the pranks go off. Ando says they have a lot of work to do.

Ando tries to explain to Hiro how to teleport. Hiro teleports away and appears behind Ando, then does it again. Ando says now he needs to teleport both of them and suggest they go to Charles Deveaux's rooftop or Odessa, Texas. Instead Hiro teleports them to a comic book store and starts going through the racks.

A Clear And Present Danger

Hiro takes Ando to a fire station and explains that it's now their lair. He presents Ando with a new spandex costume and explains that superheroes must hide their identity. Ando figures that Hiro wants to live through him, and his power is worthless. Hiro disagrees and says it's his destiny to be a superhero. Ando disagrees and Hiro reveals the Ando-cycle, complete with a communications link to their "lair". Hiro can track his location with a GPS implant, and injects Ando with the implant. He explains he has a GPS as well, and the system is keyed to the password of someone he cares about. Ando insists he has had enough and rides away on the Ando-cycle.

Hiro tracks Ando and calls him, trying to apologize. Ando say that he's fighting crime but Hiro pinpoints his location on the computer and discovers he's at a strip club. Ando has no interest in helping people, but he hears the sounds of an attack at Hiro's end. He gets on his motorcycle and heads back to the lair, as men in black take an unconscious Hiro out.

Back at the lair, Ando tries to come up with Hiro's password, guessing "Kaito" and "Kensei", before finally entering his own name, successfully gaining access. Hiro's location is displayed at an airfield.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

Micah says that he found government operations in Tokyo working to round up "specials".


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Jump, Push, Fall

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Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

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Upon This Rock

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  • Scenes that take place in Tokyo are filmed primarily in Los Angeles's "Little Tokyo", around Astronaut Ellison South Onizuka Street and 1st Street.

Memorable Quotes

"We are not special! We are Japanese!"

- Ando Masahashi (to Hiro) (Genesis)

"Japanese people very lucky."

- Ando (to Ernie) (Better Halves)


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