Tony Adler

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Tony Adler
Tony Adler.jpg
Also known as Anthony Adler
Title First Assistant Director
Date of birth 11 September 1958
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Tony Adler is a first assistant director for Heroes.


Tony Adler, along with being a first assistant director for Heroes, has also assisted in directing several television shows and movies. Those shows include Blonde, Quite Killer, Superfire and Winchell. Movies for which he has been a first assistant director include The Big Empty (2003), Prelude to a Kiss (1992), and The Salton Sea (2002).

Tony Adler has also been a second assistant director for television series including Double Take and Rage of Angels: The Story Continues along with being a second assistant director for films including Billy Bathgate (1991), Masquerade (1988), Next of Kin (1989), Parenthood (1989), and Stella (1990).

Other than directing, he has acted in the television mini-series The Stand and was a producer for Superfire.


  • Tony Adler's name appears on a shrine at the explosion memorial.
  • Tony won two DGA Awards, one for his work in American Beauty (1999) and another for his work in ABC Afterschool Specials: Wanted: The Perfect Guy (#15.2) (1986)

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