Tracy Chobham

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Tracy Chobham
Tracy chobham.jpg
First mentioned Homecoming
In-story stats
Known ability Teleportation
Home Frostburg, MD

Tracy Chobham is an evolved human from Chandra's list.

Character History


By entering his sister Shanti's name as a password, Mohinder Suresh is able to unlock a list of evolved humans. Tracy's name is included on that list.


  • Tracy also appears on NBC's interactive map, which notes Tracy's power as "teleportation" and gives Tracy's location as "4 Pear Lane". It also includes the following genetic notation: "U/AUU + GUC/CCU = UGA/CCA"
  • There is no Pear Lane in Frostburg, MD.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Tracy Chobham for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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