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Union Wells High School

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Union Wells High School
Students converse on the bleachers at Union Wells High School.
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Education

Union Wells High School is located in Odessa, TX. The school mascot is the Wildcat. The school color is red.

Notable Locations

  • The athletic center
  • The football field
  • Locker room
  • Physical education center

Notable Staff

Notable Students

Notable Visitors


Don't Look Back

The cheerleading squad of Union Wells is questioned by the police, who are looking for the girl who saved a man from a recent train wreck. Claire keeps silent as Jackie takes credit. Later, Claire and Zach walk across the football field. Zach tells Claire that her tape is missing. She is then tackled by Brody Mitchum, who breaks her neck. Before anyone (other than Zach) sees this, Claire realigns her neck, healing it instantly.

One Giant Leap

Mr. Bennet drops Claire off at the high school. Later, by the lockers, Zach asks Claire about the missing tape. Claire says she just wants to be normal. The school holds a bonfire, which Claire and Brody attend. They talk privately by the bleachers; Brody attempts to rape Claire, but instead knocks her over, lodging a branch in her brain.


The day after the bonfire, Zach suggests that Claire tell someone about Brody's rape attempt. Claire declines, saying there are no marks and no one would believe her. Later, Lori Tremmel comes up to Claire, asking what happened last night and saying she isn't the first girl Brody has exploited. The two girls watch Brody become aggressive with another girl. After school, Claire asks Brody for a ride home.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Claire meets Mr. Bennet at the paper factory, asking for large paper to make a banner for the school.


Although, according to Jackie, she crippled the school's star quarterback, Claire is named Homecoming Queen by the votes of the unpopular students and Zach's campaigning. Later, at her locker, Zach gives Claire a copy of Activating Evolution. When Jackie teases Zach about his sexuality, Claire decks her.

That night, Peter is looking at a trophy case that contains a newspaper clipping about Jackie's heroism. Claire runs into Peter and they have a conversation. Claire enters the locker room, where she meets Jackie and the others cheerleaders who are preparing for the Homecoming game. Jackie and Claire get into an argument, and the lights are suddenly turned off. Claire senses danger and tries to escape with Jackie, but Sylar finds them, throwing Claire against a wall. He starts to remove Jackie's brain. As Claire regenerates, Sylar realizes his mistake and leaves Jackie to die. Claire runs into Peter in the hallway, where he helps her escape. He ultimately falls with Sylar off the roof of the school, to his apparent death. At the stadium, a frantic Claire runs into Mr. Bennet. Peter is arrested by the police outside the school.

Six Months Ago

Jackie offers Claire a position on the Union Wells cheerleading squad.


Matt and Audrey investigate Jackie's murder scene. Later, Hiro and Ando visit the school and, upon seeing the scene, realize they didn't save the cheerleader. Later, Claire meets up with Zach at the football field and destroys her tape.


Angela Bromstad reports that Union Wells has reopened for the first time since the Homecoming Dance. There is a memorial to Jackie near the lockers. Claire attempts to befriend Zach again.

The Fix

Claire tells her father that she and Zach are working on a school project about manatees.


Claire and Zach convince Mrs. Bennet to let them skip school to visit an aquarium to research the manatee, a cover to meet Claire's birth mom.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Elle poses as a student at Union Wells so she can track Claire. The Company agent begrudgingly follows the cheerleader and watches her befriend the school's pariah.


Claire is recognized by a fellow freshmen as a survivor of the Union Wells Homecoming massacre, which has since become an urban legend of sorts.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Noah remarks to his wife that he feels bad about missing Claire's Homecoming game tomorrow. Later he visits Claire while she and the other cheerleaders participate in a pep rally to support their school for the game the following day. Meanwhile, Sylar plans to break into the school to attack the cheerleader.


Lynette, a waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner wears a pin on her apron with the Wildcat logo on it.


  • There is no school called "Union Wells High School" in Odessa.
  • The wildcat mascot of Union Wells may be related to the panther mascot of the very real Permian High School in Odessa, TX. Permian High School is the basis of the NBC show Friday Night Lights, which features a panther as its mascot, reminiscent of Union Wells's wildcat mascot.
  • Union Wells High is filmed at Golden Valley High School, in Santa Clarita, CA (Southern California)


  • In promotional images and in Genesis, Claire's cheerleading uniform bears a Trojans mascot, not the Wildcats mascot. In an interview, Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite mentioned the change was made to match the real-world mascot of the school which is used as the filming location for Union Wells. Tim Sale also said that he had to redo some of Isaac's paintings because of the change.
  • According to Zach's MySpace blog, Union Wells has a huge rivalry with a school whose mascots are the Bears.


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