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I made this because I strongly believe that Knox does not have enhanced strength. Other characters with enhanced strength that we have seen do not absorb fear.

Fear induced strength
Powers Knox wrestles Adam.jpg
Knox grabs Adam, as Arthur puts a frightening thought in his head.
Held by: Knox
Ability to: absorb one's fear, and turn it into one's own enhanced strength.

Feared induced strength is the ability to absorb one's fear, and turn it into your own enhanced strength.


  • Knox had this ability.


Any one in a close proximity, who is afraid, will enhance the strength of the user of this ability.


Knox has shown great control over the ability. He has killed many people with this and forcing others down holding them. He even has shown to knock someone out easily with a couple punches.


It is unknown if Peter absorbed this ability before Arthur stole all of his other abilities.

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