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User:Imax99/Telempathic manipulation

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Telempathic manipulation
Empathic control.jpg
Held by: Villy Ackles
Ability to: Manipulate others emotions via thought

Telempathic manipulation is the ability to manipulate and control others emotions, feelings, desires with mind from any distance.


Villy Ackles

Villy is able to induce any emotion after just thinking about the target and the certain emotion. No limits to what emotions can be induced both positive and negative.She is also able to hear others thoughts if they include feelings/desires and of course manipulate them.When she induces a certain emotion her eyes change color as follows:

Villy inducing anger.
Color Emotion
Red Anger
Yellow Joy
Green Trust
Blue Surprise
Black Sadness
Gray Disgust
Orange Anticipation
White Fear
Pink Love

Each emotion has subemotions which are shown to be induced with a minor change of the main eye color:
Rage is induced when her eyes are dark red; Grief when her eyes are dark blue.

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