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Nicknames Galvatron, Psycho, Skitz, Crazy , Addy (Or Addi, Addie, ect ect)
Powers Probability Control
Alias Matt Smith
Sex Male
Age 15
Date of birth 22/11/1993
Occupation None (Yet)
Favorite Heroes quote "All right, I killed him, okay? What is the big deal?!"
Favorite episode Its Coming/A Clear and Present Danger
Favorite graphic novel Walls part 2
Favorite character Elle
Least favorite character Danko
Favorite power Electric Manipulation
Favorite fruit None
Favorite sport None
Favorite magazine None

Hi. My name here is Lightningguy and I got into Heroes late last year. Thing is, when I get into something I really get into it, as such, I subsequently now have the entire of season 3 on my computer, and a lot of season 1 and 2. Thanks to this wiki I now know as much about Heroes as hardcore fans.

My obsessions don't end at Heroes. In fact, they are (In order)

  • 1. Transformers (Anything to do with it BUT the recent movie)
  • 2. Heroes
  • 3. Doctor Who
  • 4. War of the Worlds
  • 5. Star Wars

I'm a self confessed nerd and not particularly well liked by a lot of older students at my school, but I don't really give a $#!T what they think, its not my problem.

Although my contributions here a few (like, two or something) that's because this wiki is so thorough, I have no new info to put up. nevertheless I though I should have an account here just for the hell of it. I'll try to contribute more in the future.

If you wanna reach me you'll need to send me and Email (I think I included my address) or leave a note on my Talk Page.


10. Flint

9. Matt
8. Future Claire
7. Bob
6. Arthur
5. Hiro!
4. Peter
3. Tracy
2. Sylar
1. Elle