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Ep. #: 101
Aired: May 1, 2011
The world you knew has changed. We aren’t Heroes anymore. Now we are hated, feared, and above all mistrusted. The only chance one of us has at a normal life is to serve. The government offers people like us “Voluntary” jobs with the SCS—Superhuman Combat Services. Those of us who refused to be chained, who demand equal protection are fighting back. For every one of us, there are dozens of Government agents after us. War is brewing. Why am I telling you all of this? Once I was just like you. Now I’m one of ‘them’. No one knows…you might be next.

Story Development

“ATTENTION!” roared the burly captain. “Senior officer on deck!” The cadets milling about instantly snapped to attention, sweating nervously under the glare of their instructor. Claire kept her face impassive as she scanned their ranks. There were almost forty recruits in this intake alone. Numbers were climbing for the SCS…but she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. She supported the fact that Super humans had to be regulated. The world needed to know about them. She had hid for four years. But now, years later, a part of her was wondering whether or not she had made the right choice. Her father had left right after she had jumped, and they had never spoken again. Peter had refused service, and when threatened, told the recruiter to bring as many men as he wanted to take him down. Peter was left alone. Matt served alongside her as a Field Commander. Mohinder worked in a research capacity. Claire felt a twist in her gut as she recalled her other friends. Hiro. The Haitian. Even Doyle or Meredith. They were hunted, their faces posted on a bulletin board next to the one that overshadowed them all. Sylar. Claire tried to ignore the way her heart fluttered at the thought of Sylar. She didn’t know how she felt about him. The last time she had seen him was at the Carnival. He had winked at her before slipping into the shadows with Peter. She looked out at the faces in front of her. She had chosen her path, and she would have to live with it for the rest of her life. Her long, long life

The black-hooded figure seemed to glide through the crowd. If you had seen his face, you wouldn’t have looked twice. He looked like any normal teenager, shaggy brown hair covering green eyes. He was tall, muscular, and moved with a certain grace. But he was far more than average. He slipped into an alleyway, leaving the lighted street behind. Two boys leaning against the wall grinned as they saw him. “Hey!” one of them called. “What you doin’ in this part of town, man?” “Yeah,” chuckled the other. “Wouldn’t want you to get hurt or nuthin.” The teen stopped. “I don’t want trouble,” he said quietly. “Leave now, and I won’t hurt you.” “You funny, son,” chuckled one of the hoodlums. “Too bad I don’t like funny.” A blade glinted in the dim light as he stabbed downward at the hooded figure. One of the teen’s hand’s came up, and a blast of silver light shot from it. The would-be-assaulter was flung back several yards. He landed, unconscious. His friend backed up, turned, and ran without a glance backwards. The mysterious Hero bent down and attached a small clip to the unconscious boy. A red light began blinking on it “I won’t leave the likes of you unchecked,” he whispered. On an impulse, he touched the figure before him, allowing the silver light to flow down his arm once again. He stood, and his feet left the ground. “Useful,” he chuckled. “I thank you.” He blasted into the night.

"How did you fake the test?" Matt demanded, slapping a hand onto the table. "How did you get past the screening? Your license checks out, so how did you slip by our testers?" The boy in front of them looked terrified. "I don't have an ability, man!" he yelled. "I woke up, and you government people were all over me! I already told you, there was this dude. He zapped me with some kind of light. Before I passed out, I almost felt," he hesitated. "Almost felt what?" Claire asked, leaning forward.