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Danko's Nanosuit

First mentioned: Ani-Toonspiracy
Owned by: Emile Danko

Danko's Nanosuit are Crynet Nanosuit 3.0(ignores retcons that turns all Nanosuits from Crysis franchise into Spiderman Symbiote's expy. it's basically Nanosuit 2.0 without any lifelike properties that's simply got enough upgrades to be considered Nanosuit 3.0) that's customized with technologies that's unique to Warhammer 40k Universe. it worn by Emile Danko to levels playing field between Regular Humans and Superhumans when he's exterminating everything that has superpowers


the Nanosuit are made by ACME Corporation(after bought Crynet systems) and personalized for Emile Danko to eradicates all sorts of Superpowered beings from the Omniverse for ACME Corporation and Lex Luthor


Utilizing certain technologies that can only found in Warhammer 40k universe(unless when it's complex enough to requires religious rituals to use), the Nanosuit aren't just more powerful than even vanilla Nanosuit 3.0, here's the capabilities of Danko's personal Nanosuit:

  • Mars-Grade(only because of 41st millennium standard) Adamantium plating over Nano-muscle layers(making the suit looks lot like Medieval Armor suit(with 200% more futuristic features of course) that's allows it to comfortably withstands even Tactical Nuke in ground zero(due to constantly regenerating suit energy))
  • Nano Muscle enhance user strength and speed to unknown Superhuman levels
  • Cloaking Device built into the suit
  • Retractable Grav-chutes built into Suit's back
  • Retractable Power Sword built into right wrist that can slice through any material
  • Recoil Dampener built into left arm section of the suit
  • Phase-iron built into the helmet protects it's user from Mental Manipulation
    • it also built to the rest of the Suit to protect the suit from Magical attacks
  • elaborate circuitry resistant to Hacking and Technopathy
  • can Recycles user's bodily wastes into fresh Food, Drink, and Air
  • heals user's injuries by actually healing it instead of filling it with Nanosuit material
  • Suit protects user from both Absolute Zero to even Star's Core


  • the Ideas of Emile Danko have Nanosuits from Crysis series for his power-up can be traced from here: [1]